Natural Sleep Apnea Remedies for Better Rest

Multiple Remedies
Posted by John (Trang, Thailand) on 03/25/2012

Hi EC/Ted, John from Thailand. After 65 years of chronic rhinitis, infections plus 45 years sleep apnea I have got rid of the itchy, running nose, infections & maybe sleep apnea. Hooray! ... I think. A very small pinch of borax [no, not boron nor boric acid] in every litre of Thai water, Lugols Iodine 6 drops [2ds x 3 drinks], ACV bi carb water, and drinking more water daily. Not forgetting vegy diet, no dairy, meat or supermarket rubbish. This Is Thailand so I think it's Lugols that I bought from the local hospital. If it isn't Lugols what would I be feeling after drinking iodine for external application? Can't find Lugols here so if you know where to get it, let's know. The apnea I must wait for the next full moon. Don't laugh, I've kept a record and a majority of apnea seem to occur then, and no, I haven't noticed my face getting hairier or teeth getting longer. John.