Natural Skin Tag Removal: 7 Home Remedies for Skin Tags

Posted by Ed157 (Los Angeles, Ca, Us) on 10/17/2010

Yep, I burnt the top layer of skin off of my face. Be careful. I now have a large rectangular wound on my face the size and shape of the bandage part of the band aid, I guess the skin around the eyes is thin, I hope it doesn't leave a scar. I would not advise doing the soaked bandaid with iodine tip on the face.

Posted by Karmala (Templeton, Ca) on 08/20/2010

Just wanted to pass along my experience with tincture of iodine. I purchased some locally to use on skin tags as I had read it is instrumental in safely removing them. I put some on a bandaid and then applied the bandaid to a skin tag on my neck. Within a few minutes, it really started burning. When I removed the bandaid, I had what appeared to be a chemical burn in the shape of the cotton section of the bandaid. I don't know if I used too much, or am just very sensitive to iodine, but wanted to share my experience so people might be cautious.