Natural Skin Tag Removal: 7 Home Remedies for Skin Tags

Moxa Mini-Cones
Posted by Rob (Kentucky) on 03/08/2022

Moxa Mini-Cones (Korean) for Skin Tags

Back in the early-mid 1980's, I had a skin lesion that was not responding to conventional treatment. I showed it to my Aunt and she put this “mini cigarette looking thing with a sticky cushion on one side” (I later learned it was called a mini-moxa used in Chinese medicine). She stuck it over the lesion and lit the cigarette and it burned for about 5 minutes. Stung alittle bite at the end of the burn cycle then she removed it and it left a brownish stain on my skin. A few days later, the skin lesion was gone.

Fast forward 40 years to today, I bought some mini-moxa online. I am using them for flat warts(?) I think that they are not responding to any treatment. Mini-moxa sticks contain mugwort, wormwood and sage.

A friend of mine was complaining about the skin tags he had around his neck. I looked at them and determined that the mini-moxa sticks would fit over them.

Here are the results from just one 5 minute treatment:

Day 2: Tags turned a white color.

Day 3: Tags turned black and hard.

Day 6: Tags fell off!

Video: What is Moxa sticks & How to use it