Natural Cures for Skin Tags

Greater Celandine Tincture
Posted by Anne (Australia) on 12/26/2021
5 out of 5 stars

I noticed a skin tag near my private area a few months ago. Came onto earthclinic and followed some advice offered. I started with tea tree - neat on the skin, a few drops on the palm and then transferred direct and neat onto the skin tag. Did it twice a day, once in the morning and again at night. I kept at it for about two weeks and much as I would like believe otherwise, it didn't shrink. I gave up with tea tree and left it as is I then tried iodine. I have Lugol's iodine 2%, again, onto my palm and then neat onto the skin tag. Did it on and off every few days but I noticed it got bigger. It seemed to have swelled up and got bigger. I gave up with iodine. I left it as is and figured, at some point in time, I'll head off to the doctor's clinic and get them to nitrogen it. Didn't do anything else for a few more weeks but it definitely got bigger.

By chance I found a bottle of greater celandine tincture in my drawer. I knew it was warts and stuff but not sure about skin tag and keloids. It was a 15 year old bottle of tincture and I figured there was nothing effective about it but before I threw the bottle out, why not do something with it. I applied again, a few drops to the palm and transferred to the skin tag. Some days later, I checked it and it was shrivelling. The 'plumbness' that it felt was shrivelling. I applied it again. Left it for another two days. it shrivelled more. I applied it twice more, a few days apart each and yesterday, having forgotten about it over the festive season, I could barely find it. It was the size of a raisin previously and it was definitely less than 1/5th of the original. I will apply it again and I am quite confident I can rid of it.