Natural Skin Tag Removal: 7 Home Remedies for Skin Tags

Bandaid Method
Posted by Beentheredonethat (Sudbury, Ontario Canada) on 12/18/2011

I have read your posts. The thing that is removing the skin tag is the bandaid itself. I know.. Sounds crazy but, I read online that when you cover a skin tag it dies. I tried this on my husband's skin tags (and they were large (6mm)). We just changed the bandaid daily. Within the first 48hrs, the tag became grey. Then slowly, it started to deteriorate and 'deflate' so to speak. It would leave a little blood on the bandaid each day more and more until finally one day it was hanging on by a little thread. We put an ice cube on the remaining piece and then snipped it off. Whithin 2 days you couldn't see anything anymore.

The second time we didn't even need to snip it... It stuck to the bandaid. So save yourself the trouble and burning. Don't put anything except maybe a tiny amount of antibiotic cream to keep from infection during the process. But trust me... No burning iodine etc needed!