Natural Skin Tag Removal: 7 Home Remedies for Skin Tags

| Modified on Mar 31, 2024
Apple Cider Vinegar

Skin tags are common yet often overlooked skin issues that can mar the smooth texture we all yearn for. These benign and harmless skin growths can emerge in various body parts, such as the neck, eyelids, or more sensitive regions. This guide will introduce you to a range of effective home remedies for skin tags, offering solutions regardless of where these unsightly bumps might appear.

What Are Skin Tags?

Understanding skin tags is crucial before diving into home-based skin tag removal options. Also known as acrochordons, skin tags are tiny, soft protrusions sprouting from your skin. They are usually skin-colored or a tad darker and remain connected to the skin via a thin stalk. Skin tag causes typically involve skin friction against skin or clothing, making them prevalent in areas like the neck, armpits, groin, and on sensitive skin near the anus.

Effective Home Remedies for Skin Tags

If you prefer a natural skin tag treatment before considering medical procedures, these efficacious home remedies can be your go-to:


Iodine is the most popular remedy on Earth Clinic in the natural skin tag treatment toolbox. Iodine, an element essential for our health, is also a versatile solution for skin conditions, including skin tags.

To use iodine for skin tag removal, you must first protect the surrounding skin, as iodine can be harsh. You can apply a little coconut oil or petroleum jelly around the skin tag. Once the surrounding skin is protected, apply a drop or two of liquid iodine onto the skin tag using a Q-tip. After applying, cover the area with a bandage.

The iodine breaks down the skin cells and causes the skin tag to fall off safely over time. This process typically must be repeated daily until the skin tag falls off, which can take a few days or weeks.

Remember to test a small amount of iodine on your skin before applying it to the skin tag, as some people may be allergic to iodine. Also, it's important to note that while iodine is a potent natural skin tag treatment, it should never be ingested or used on skin tags near the eyes. Always consult a healthcare professional if you're uncertain or the skin tag does not improve with home treatment.

Apple Cider Vinegar

ACV is a naturally acidic liquid. The acid in apple cider vinegar breaks down the excess cells in the skin tag and naturally removes them. Apply a small dab of vinegar to your skin tag with a cotton swab. Apply the vinegar daily for two to four weeks to eliminate the tags.

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is an active ingredient in several skin treatments. It helps naturally dry and tighten the skin. Begin by cleansing your skin with water, then add three drops of tea tree oil to a water-soaked cotton ball. Apply the oil to your tag in a circular motion. Apply the oil 1-2 times a day for a week to 10 days, and you should be tag free.

Vitamin E 

A powerful antioxidant, vitamin E oil can contribute to skin health and be an effective natural skin tag treatment. Directly apply the oil to the skin tag and cover it with a bandage.

Using a String 

Another effective and popular home remedy on Earth Clinic for skin tags involves tying a string or dental floss around the base of the skin tag. This method, also known as ligation, cuts off the blood supply to the skin tag.

You will need a clean string or dental floss to do this. Tie it tightly around the base of the skin tag, as close to the skin as possible. Leave the string in place, and the skin tag should darken and eventually fall off on its own after a few days due to a lack of blood supply.

This method is often effective but may cause discomfort, especially if the skin tag is sensitive. It's also important to monitor the skin tag and the skin around it for any signs of infection. If you notice redness, swelling, or pus, it's essential to seek medical attention.


An age-old home remedy for various conditions due to its antimicrobial properties. To use garlic for skin tag removal, crush a clove, extract its juice, apply it to the skin tag, and cover it with a bandage overnight.

Banana Peel

An unconventional but effective remedy for reducing skin tags. Place a small piece of the peel on the tag and secure it with a bandage overnight.


While these treatments are effective, they aren’t immediate. Be persistent with your treatment, and you’ll eliminate pesky skin tags quickly.

Continue reading below to find out what worked best for our readers, and let us know which remedy worked for you!

A String Tied Around the Skin Tag

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Posted by Janis (Mn) on 02/08/2018

I realized I had a white skin tag on the front of my tongue. I had read that using a tied string wouldn't work because of the skin tag being on the tongue, but I thought "What do I have to lose?" It took a little patience because the string (dental floss) wanted to slip right off. But I got it on and kept it on for about an hour, giving the ends of the floss a little tug occasionally to keep the knot tight. I didn't think it had helped, but the next day, the skin tag looked a little bit different. So I repeated the dental floss knot and after about an hour, the whole thing fell right off!

A String Tied Around the Skin Tag
Posted by Cb (Ny, US) on 06/08/2014

I had a skin tag on a...uh...shall we say private area...and it made me feel incredibly self conscious. Originally tried the nail clipper method but it hurt way to much when I tried to clip it off fast. I saw the idea to tie a piece of string or floss around it and the tag would simply fall off with no pain in a few days so I gave it a try. I used a piece of thread, tied it securely around the tag, and left it there overnight and by the next afternoon around 3pm (after tightening the string in the morning) it had turned brown and just fell off - just like that gone! No blood, no pain, no marks. Awesome! It works!

A String Tied Around the Skin Tag
Posted by Lilli (Kenmore, Wa) on 06/13/2013

I had to write and thank everyone on the site for yet another great remedy.

I have several skin tags. Most are flat, but a few were raised and itchy. I have to say that I put off dealing with them for quite awhile, but finally got up the nerve to try the string method.

I cleaned the three tags with alcohol. Then, I used plain white sewing thread to form a loop around each and tightened it as much as I could stand. After a few days I repeated the string because the tags shrink and you want to continue cutting off the blood supply. On the fourth day, one had almost fallen off so I clipped it with sterilized scissors. It bled a tiny bit so I swabbed it with alcohol, dabbed on some anti-bac cream and covered it with a bandaid. I was more patient with the other two and they just fell off with no bleeding.

What a simple solution to an annoying problem.

I would appreciate input on flat skin tags that cannot be tied with string. thanks.

A String Tied Around the Skin Tag
Posted by Karen (Channel Islands, Uk) on 05/06/2010

skin tag cures

For me, the most successful was the cotton-tying method. Tried the iodine and tea tree oil without success. The cotton method worked well, and within just a few days the tags had discoloured, dried and fallen off-amazing! You have to take the time to tie the cotton just right, and I left quite long strings, so that I could pull it a little tighter, after a while. You can tell within a few hours if you have tied it correctly, as it starts to discolour, and 'picks' a bit. If not, take it off and tie again-it's worth the small effort. I had about 10 fairly prominent tags around my neck which have gone, and no scarring! An excellent remedy-thank you!

Replied by Windndown
(Kitty Ville, Ca)

I read on livingstrong asprin works well. Make a paste and use it on the tag. Also, wart, corn remover patches cut the patch a little bit bigger than the tag and put it on, may take a few days no pain either!! GOOD LUCK

Replied by Km
(Sacramento, Ca)

I have also done this with a mole. The most effective way to do this is to tie it at the base-where the mole meets your skin... Tie it as tight as you can bear... The mole will eventually die (turn black/hard) and fall off... I did not the entire mole.... It reduced it.. and, it never grew back.

Replied by Robert
(Eugene, Oregon)

I had a sprouting skin tag (looked weird!) between my eyebrow and my eye. I used diluted grapefuit seed extract, using a q-tip (carefully! ). It helped a little bit. After reading this site, I got the nerve to tie a piece of dental floss around it and pulled tight. I didn't use a double knot because I wanted to get it off in the morning. It reduced the size and got got darker. I kept using the GSE, but took a night off before using the string again. This time I pulled really tight. The sharp pain I felt the first time didn't happen this time. In the morning I pulled again, but it wouldn't come off, so I used a razor blade and cut it off, because this time I couldn't get the string off, and didn't want to have a string over my eye all day. No bleeding, no scarring, just a small bump left. My wife was quite impressed.

A String Tied Around the Skin Tag
Posted by Mikex (Sacramento, Califonia) on 12/08/2009

Skin Tag Removal..2 methods

I used to have skin tags on an off from my teen years thru my 30's. But I discovered 2 good solutions on my own.

The first; I used to tie off the base or root of the tag with sewing thread. You can do this by yourself. Make a "loop" in a long piece of sewing thread. Then you put it over the tag. Pull the tag away from your body with tweezers and then pull the string real tight. At this point you can make a second loop and double it around he base of the tag, making a knot. It cut off the circulation of nutrients/blood to the skin that the tag was made of. They turned black and drop off in 3-4 days.

The second, fast method; Hold the tag away from your body with tweezers. Heat an exacto blade over a candle flame until it is red hot. Slice off the tag at the root. It's a small area and pretty painless. The red hot exacto blade cauterizes the cut. This works great. You can get rid of them all very quickly with not much inconvenience and no waiting .

I never had any marks or scarring from either method.

Replied by Vicki
(Nashville, Tennessee, Usa)

I have used this method with sewing thread or even a long hair from your head. It works. It takes several days but it cuts the blood supply and eventually it "dies" and falls off. It will begin looking dried, hard and black and then fall off. Once it starts looking "dead", as described, you could (if urgency is needed) help it along by clipping it off but I prefer to wait until it does it naturally. The problem of course are the ones that don't stick out enough to get thread or hair around the base of it.

A String Tied Around the Skin Tag
Posted by Anonymous (San Francisco, CA) on 06/28/2009

OK - I tried the string and iodine - it did help the tag turn dark but it would not remove. So, I mustered enough courage to do it one day right near the armpit. I wanted to remove this one because I could not wear tank tops, etc. I agree with the others - use alcohol and keep everything clean. You do feel a pinch but it is not that bad (I will use ice next time). I placed a band aid over it and the next morning it is fine. Thanks again.

Replied by Cynthia
(Jacksonville, Alabama)

I had a skin tag that eventually grew to about the size of a lentil behind my ear on my neck. I tried a lot of things of what ppl have put on here, including putting aspirin paste and a bandaid, acv, and even calcium mixed with lemon juice which normally works very well for blemishes. I tried tying a piece of thread on it tighter and tighter every few days for 2 weeks. It just got bigger and bigger and looked like a giant swollen tick. Finally I bit the bone and did what some have said on here and had my husband cut it off with a razor blade after I put some ice on it to numb it a little. He was scared to do and and wouldn't at first, but after 3 more days, I forced him. It took a micro second and hurt less than anything you can imagine. Just a tiny scratch and boy what a relief. The thread had made the connection of it to my neck extremely small, but my hubby couldn't tell that until he cut it off. Boy was that a relief to have that annoying thing gone, and have a flat smooth neck again. It didn't even bleed hardly a speck . Believe me, that was an experience. Thanks to this site and everyone with their sharing. Next time, I'll probably just cut them off, it's not worth all the trouble. I'd been living with that for years, it was SO nice to have it finally gone! Bless you all~

Replied by Caryn
(Schaumburg, Il)

OMG.. I tried the nail clipper route on a couple of skin tages... Man that hurt and it didnt get down to the skin without cutting my neck.. They are still there and now sore.. Not a good idea... Trying tea tree oil on one but not liking that much either.. Smells sooooo strong.. Will try the ACV though... See if that works.. Thanks all for the info.

A String Tied Around the Skin Tag
Posted by Alexandra (Ottawa, Canada) on 05/11/2009

I just wanted to re-affirm the fact that a string tied around a skin tag does work! I used dental floss around a skin tag under my arm that I had for years. I left it on for three days and on the fourth day it turned black and just fell off. It did not even leave a mark. I wish I knew about this earlier. It was not painful at all and worked great! I would recommend tying a string around a skin tag to remove it any day. Thanks Earth Clinic! No more skin tags!!!

A String Tied Around the Skin Tag
Posted by Cynthia (Atlanta, GA) on 01/24/2009

I have skin tags on my neck, armpits, stomach and face. I have tried tying the skin tags with string , which has worked for me 100% of the time. Usually the skin tag will fall off after 4 or 5 days, does not leave a scar. But I would like to know what can I use on my face for skin tags, I obviously could not walk around with a string tied to my face. I have read other remedies for skin tags, but not sure which method is best for the face.

Replied by Whitney

What I do is put a small bandaid over the tag. No one can see either the tag or the string, so they don't know what I'm up to. Hope that helps.

A String Tied Around the Skin Tag
Posted by Elizabeth (Baltimore, USA) on 04/15/2008

ailment: skin tag, specially-anal tag or sentinel tag

remedy: string method

i have tried so many things... i tried wart remover for many months and although it would peel some of the skin it would not make much of a difference and it was really painful. i also tried sally hansen hard as nails which supposedly if u put on twice a day will rid u of your problem and although it did shrink a bit it still did not go away. my tag was about 1/4 of an inch so maybe it was too long for that??? i also tried just applying tea tree oil. so finally i had HAD it...

first of all i have to say that it is really important to apply hydrogen peroxide a few times a day to the tag, KEEP IT CLEAN while you use this method. who knows what could happen if you do not KEEP IT CLEAN. it is in the anal area after all. it is utterly important to especially clean the tag after every bowel movement. also u will need a good sized hand mirror. i would hold it between my knees to see the tag or place it somewhere at a good angle to see the tag. you will also need a distinctive colored string like red and some cuticle scissors to cut the string. so this is what i did...

after applying some wart remover for a few days my tag seemed to be long and swollen enough to tie a string around it. i had tried this before with no luck but the drying action of the wart remover helped the string to stay tied. i tried floss but it slipped off, sewing string is the best bet. the first couple days the string slipped off, especially u know... while going to the bathroom... but i kept applying wart remover just to help the tag stay dry and the string to stay on. finally i had no problem with it slipping after a few days. the tag started to swell and turn blistered and black on the underside but the whole tag never turned black, so i was worried because from what i had read i thought it would and that maybe it wouldn't work. i also started to notice after a few days if the string fell off there was a definite indentation of where the string used to be which made tieing the string that much easier. each day i would take a bath to soften the tag and examine it. after getting out of the bath i would tie another string around it as tight as i could without removing the previous string i applied. sometimes the strings would come off during the day but i would just tie a new string around it and apply wart remover again to help the string stay on. usually i would tie two string just to make sure it was tight enough. the tighter the better. anyways after about 3 days the tag started to hurt a bit, it wasn't that bad or anything i just took like 3 advil and i was fine and could sleep. i didn't even care honestly because i could tell it was working, i definitely was noticing seperation from the skin. so i tied a new string and continued with the process. it took just ten days for my tag to fall off. if you can manage to keep the string on it will fall off in less time. but i promise it works and after 4 months of trying to get rid of this damn thing it finally came off today. the last couple days i noticed the skin dying off and i started trying to twist it a bit. i noticed today that when i pinched it i felt no sensation, just at the base. so i started to twist it and i twisted it right off with no pain at all! it's probably best if u don't mess with it and just leave the thing alone but i just couldn't help it. i wanted it OFF.

even though i'm aware that this is definitely TMI i really hope this helps someone. all the other posts i could find had no detail and i was really looking for someone to post something this specific. good luck and remember that even if u get rid of a tag it is the symptom of a greater problem. i suspect that i might have had a fissure or a hemmie that went unnoticed. i already eat healthy and get a lot of fiber in my diet but i plan on taking metamucil every night from now on and taking beano with meals that bother my stomach. i also plan on being extra gentle down there with the toilet paper and buying some witchhazel pads and also applying prep h for a while. it's important to be good to your body because u never know when another tag just might pop up again!!!

Replied by Ouch!!
(Baltimore, Md)

Did it hurt for the first few days? I tried this method today for the same "area" and it is quite painful for the first several hours. I am wondering if I will be able to function (gym, going out) or if I should just go see a specialist?

Replied by Helga
(Birkirkara, Malta)

Thank you so much for your post Elizabeth! Its exactly what I needed! I went into the hospital hoping that they would say that they are hemeroids and that they would remove them for me.... However I found out that its a fissure and that bit of skin was just a skin tag... I want it off so badly that I was so disappointed! Your post gave me hope that I will soon be rid of this thing and so simply right from home! I will try the string thing now... Thanks again!

Replied by Moon
(Miami, Fl)

I'm dealing with this problem right now. Yours are the details that I need. I have tried duct tape. That was just bothersome and never stayed on. Wart removing medicine, that just irritated the area. I've tried the dental floss string and it kept falling off the next day and was quite painful. Maybe mine is too big? I have courage to try the string again. I hate this thing!! It affects my life a lot! I shut the lights off when I'm intimate with my husband and hope his hands don't wander too far down to notice. It's all I think.... How can I rid myself of this without causing damage to my privates!? Freezing it off is my next step but the warnings on the package scare me that it will cause problems if it's not done correctly. Please please let this string thing work!

Replied by Lawrence
(Richmond, Va)

Has anyone tried using a Boric Acid Solution? I am thinking about trying it. I ordered a bottle of boriac acid from amazon. I know it is a mild acid used for the eyes for pink eye when I was a child.

A String Tied Around the Skin Tag
Posted by Joyyce (Joelton, Tn.) on 11/10/2007

To the lady with skin tag on 10 yr. old dog: I recently removed large black, mushroom shaped mole off edge of upper eyelid of a little older dog with some old folks surgery, and it should work on a skin tag. Have someone the dog knows and trust to pull it gently away from the attached area while you tie a short piece of sewing thread tightly around the base of it. This cuts off its circu-lation & it drops off 3-4 days later. Our little doggie sure looked better and happier without that ugly thing that looked like a big blood-filled tick hanging down over her eye and interfering with her vision.

A String Tied Around the Skin Tag
Posted by Renee (El Dorado, Kansas) on 05/28/2007

I've had two skin tags in which I treated them myself. I twisted them as much as I could stand and then tied them off with thread, tightening once or twice. The tag turned a dead grayish color and no longer had feeling... (no blood circulating through it) then I sliced them off. They have not returned - one gone for years and the other for over 6 months already.

A String Tied Around the Skin Tag
Posted by Silvia (Wiltshire, England) on 04/01/2007

I had a skin tag on my underarm, i tied a bit of white cotton round it tightly, left it a few days then tied another bit of cotton and left it for a few more days, it started to get red and go darker, i put some antiseptic cream to soothe it, a few days later it got darker and fell off, it worked with my sister too, very effective.

A String Tied Around the Skin Tag
Posted by Christine (Tulsa, OK) on 09/26/2006

My friend had a skin tag on her neck. A mutual friend tied a string tightly around the tag and in less than 3 days it fell off. No blood or scar. He said it only works on skin tags.

Aloe and DMSO

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Posted by Donna (Michigan) on 02/14/2021

Every morning after my shower, I put aloe vera and 2 drops of DMSO liquid on the bottom of each foot. One day I decided to also put some of what was on my hands on my skin tag that was on my bra line. In 2 weeks, I found a hole in the skin tag and pulled it off. No scar, no regrowth. And seeing it is constantly being rubbed by my bra especially when I exercise daily....I am so happy I decided to try it.

Replied by susan

what brand of dmso did you order? thanks

Aloe, Lemon and Tea Tree Oils

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Posted by Rob (Kentucky) on 08/29/2023

Lemon Oil and Tea Tree Oil and Aloe Gel for Armpit Skin Tags

I've been using myself as a guinea pig to see if this technique worked. I've had clusters of tiny skin tags pop-up all over both armpits for some odd reason. Since it was a skin sensative area and I'm to lazy to apply any ointment several times daily so that's not an option.

I read over on EarthClinic HPV treatment page using lemon oil to treat HPV warts. So I'm thinking to myself there has to be an easy way to apply this so here is what I came up with.


- one teaspoon Aloe Vera Gel placed into a small bowl (I use fruit of the earth brand)

- two drops of Lemon essential oil

- two drops of Tea Tree oil


Squirt about a teaspoon of aloe gel into a small bowl.

Add essential oils on top of gel.

Use your finger to mix til uniformed.

Apply this mixture equally to each armpit. Do this after morning shower and before bed time (2x daily).


It has now been 7 days since I started doing this and most of the tiny hard bumps in my armpit are all gone. Only 3 are left but much smaller in size. I will continue this for another week.


This technique does work and with little effort. Also, I noticed this works great as a deodorant.