Skin Condition Remedies

Sodium Hydroxide
Posted by Chad (Anchorage, Alaska) on 02/22/2011
5 out of 5 stars

I am not sure of where to post this, if at all, because it seems that most people panic at the mention of Lye/NaOH. but I always keep a bottle containing 30cc H2O mixed with 5cc NaOH (volume of granular Lye beads).

Dabbing this solution on any closed skin condition is almost sure to kill/fix it in 1 day without injury, including pimples/boils/etc, possibly warts or other skin growths/conditions, rough skin and infected follicles on elbows/knees, etc, merely by dabbing a bit on a Q-Tip, and rubbing it in for 5-10 seconds, and then leaving it to dry. I have also eliminated varicose veins and little scars by allowing the solution to soak on a wet paper towel cut to the size of the area required, but this will result in blistering and very slight scarring which will take a few weeks to heal. it is certainly not something to use on large areas, but is excellent on areas 1cm or less. I find it important to share because it works on almost any condition without failure (I have never seen it fail on any closed skin condition), and works when nothing else in the world works (conditions where 50 other remedies were tried).

There is several modes of possible action: a) it dramatically changes the pH of the tissue environment, which healthy body cells can more easily deal with than other types of cells, b) it turns oils/fats into soap, which may critically interfere with the function of infective agents, c) it creates protein hydroxyls and many other chemistries that greatly disturb the environment of many pathogenic conditions, leaving the body free to clean-up and re-create a healthy environment.

It would be dangerous if put into an eye or used internally, and I would not use it on an open wound. And it is important to wash hands after using it.

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