Natural Remedies for Sjogren's Syndrome

| Modified: Jan 20, 2021
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Sjogren's Syndrome is an autoimmune disorder (much like arthritis or lupus) that characteristically attacks the mucous membranes and results in symptoms of  dry mouth and sore, dry eyes. Typically, Sjogren's (pronounced SHOW-grins) affects more women than men and emerges after the age of 40.

Natural remedies for Sjorgren's syndrome involve phytotherapy (aka medical herbalism), which is a medical practice supported by scientific research but applies a more traditional approach using medicinal herbs. Since Sjogren's causes dryness of the eyes and mouth, certain common foods and herbs like ginger, apples, chamomile, and cucumber contain elements that help produce fluids the body needs.

5 Natural Remedies for Sjorgen's

1. Apples

Apples are one of the most effective home remedies to alleviate Sjogren's symptoms. The vitamin C and anti-oxidant properties of apples boost the body's immunity, important to Sjogren's patients.  

This fruit's best-known benefit is aiding dental care, which explains why it is a recommended natural remedy for the disease.  Consuming an apple stimulates the secretion of saliva, an alkaline compound, triggering its antibacterial properties. The apple pulp, which contains fiber, cleanses the teeth and gums.

Sjogren's syndrome also affects the eyes and an apple's antioxidant phytonutrients and flavonoid compounds lowers the impact of free radicals in the eyes, which leads to the prevention of eye diseases and macular degeneration.

2. Chamomile

Chamomile, a medicinal herb, has components that boost immunity, which makes it on the list of Sjogren's syndrome's natural remedies. The tea's phenolic compounds can prevent infections and strengthen the immune system.

3. Cucumber

Cucumber has always been associated with helping with weight loss. But it also has qualities that can qualify it as one of the natural remedies for Sjogren's syndrome. The topical use of cucumber slices to help relieve puffy eyes is not just for aesthetic purposes. This regular habit can also help prevent dryness associated with Sjogren's Syndrome as a cucumber is not only hydrating but also extremely cooling to the eyes.

4. Ginger

Ginger is among the plants with the most medicinal benefits. It's been used as a hot drink to cure gingivitis, periodontitis, and even sore throats. Ginger's bioactive compound called gingerol has potent anti-inflammatory effects that can help ease the dryness of the mouth. Additionally, ginger can impede the development of many types of bacteria and bacteria is one of the causes of Sjogren's syndrome.

5. Green Tea

Green tea often comes out on top of the natural remedies for Sjorgren's syndrome. There have been known benefits of green tea such as aiding in losing weight and helps in the prevention of eye disease and protects the vision.  From the research conducted by the medical researchers of the Medical College of Georgia, the EGCG (Epigallocatechin Gallate) component of the plant helps prevent inflammation. They also found out that the group treated with green tea extract experienced less damage in the salivary glands than the group given with water treatment.

What Causes Sjogren's Syndrome?

The cause or causes of Sjogren's syndrome remains unknown in spite of the medical breakthroughs.

Sjogren's syndrome is an autoimmune disorder which means that the immune system mistakenly attacks your body's own cells and tissues. Some health professionals point to genetics as a risk factor for the disease. The disease is known to specifically target the glands that produce body fluids, such as tears and saliva.

Age is included as one of the significant risk factors for Sjogren's together with age. The incidence of the disease usually happens to women over the age of 40. However, professionals don't discount the possibility of suffering from it at any age.

Common Symptoms and signs of Sjogren's

Because Sjogren’s affects multiple organ systems, signs and symptoms besides dry mouth and dry eyes include:

Chronic Oral Yeast Infections
Vaginal Dryness
Kidney Problems
Thyroid disorder
Chronic Dry Cough 
Extreme Sensitivity to Cold
Dry Skin 
Digestive Problems 
Gluten Sensitivity
Kidney Problems
Brain Fog
Memory Problems
Numbness, tingling and burning pain in the feet and hands
Loss of Taste or Changes to Taste
Enlarged Parotid Glands

The disease was named after Dr. Henrik Sjögren, a Swedish ophthalmologist who identified it in 1933 after determining that a number of his female patients had dry mouth and eyes, two common symptoms of the disorder.

One of the most common complications of Sjogren's Syndrome is dental cavities because the salivary glands are unable to secrete saliva. Saliva helps protect against periodontal disease and decay. Teeth are continuously covered with a layer of saliva. Saliva has antimicrobial agents which help kill bacteria in the mouth.

Two more common symptoms of Sjogren's are corneal damage since the eyes can't produce tears, and yeast infections, either on the vagina or the mouth.

Even though Sjogren's is one of the three most common autoimmune disorders, it is often missed by doctors.  According to the Sjogren's Syndrome Foundation, it may take up to three years to get a correct diagnosis of this condition. Only through blood tests can the disease can be diagnosed appropriately. 1

Physicians diagnose Sjogren's syndrome through sialogram, an X-ray that will help show the amount of saliva is produced. The salivary scintigraphy is a nuclear medicine test that tracks how fast the injected radioactive stope can reach the salivary glands.

Even if it usually affects two organs of the body -- mouth and eyes -- Sjogren's affects the entire body. Initially, patients will experience mild discomfort but as it progresses, it can be debilitating and may change day-to-day life.

While genes are a risk factor, prevention and early detection could help in avoiding the some of the most severe effects of the disease. It can damage other parts of the body such as joints, kidneys, liver, lungs, nerves, skin, and thyroid.

Because the leading cause of Sjogren's remains unknown, holistic treatment is usually about relieving the symptoms.

Continue reading below to learn which natural remedies have helped Earth Clinic readers over the years!

Borage Oil

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Posted by Mary (Denver, Colorado) on 01/22/2013
5 out of 5 stars

In response to Angela's post:

09/26/2008: Angela from Broomfield, CO: "A couple times a year I have a painful swelling of one of the parotid glands (main salivary gland) on either side of my face due to Sjogren`s syndrome. I have had this many times before and have never been able to stop the pain and swelling which usually lasts for 2 weeks...until now. I tried the castor oil heat pack the first night, leaving it on over night and woke up with no pain! The gland is still sore to the touch, but I have never experience such relief without the use of corticosteroids. I will continue to use this method from now on. I am a believer!"

Warm pack of castor oil for relief is good to know. I also suffered from inflamation of the salvary and parrotid glands. These glands become sore and enlarged because they do not have the right nutrients to manufacture saliva. Because they are depleted and still trying to work they become larger and painful. It is important to relieve these glands.

In 1985 when I first had the symptoms of Sjogrens with a vengence and found only topical drops for tears, saliva etc, it was apparent to me I needed to find out what was causing this in my body (female, 43 yrs). By luck I found a report serendititously offered at a symposeum by a doctor who reported that while he was not looking for relief for dry eyes among the fishing population which were his test subjects, that was their unamous report to him. He had been giving them an oil extracted from borage. I found borage oil at a small speciality store for vitamins and supplements. Within a few weeks of taking the oil pretty liberally my painfully eyes were relieved and the glands in my face became soft and pain free.

If is the gamma linoleic acid in the tasteless oil which my body needed. Its clear that while the precursors may be in my body, I did not have the ability to convert them into gamma linoleic acid. Once this was supplied the endocrine glands which secrete saliva and tears as well as many other glands such as the liver and pancreas, sweat and mucus in the lining of the reproductive tract, as well as the mamary glands functioned well. One terrific happy result was that the painful fibrous tissue in the breast became soft and pain free.

That been my experience and if it can help someone else be pain free that would give me great pleasure.


Replied by Steenie

Another source of GLA, Evening Primrose Oil, I hapsed upon it as it said something about 'menstrual help', and I seriously got a regular pharmacy brand, and I began to notice my dry eyes going back to normal (I wasn't sure if I was nuts or it was true, so I stopped... )... I'm about to restart, I empty out these gel caps (couldn't find a veg formula at my store)... There's actually a pub med study, look up pub med sjogren's and evening primrose oil (EPO)...

Replied by Ally
(Simsbury Ct)

Oh my gosh, Mary. I got dry mouth in the worst way. I am basically 47 and entering perimenopause. It has been the most miserable experience... Something we all take for granted but when your mouth is dry, it affects everything and causes such anxiety. I have always been more of a dry person anyway tho my eyes only slightly-mostly my allergy-laden nose. But little did I know the difference the borage oil seems to make for me. I'm taking in conjunction with flax and fish oils I'm hoping it is for real and keeping my fingers crossed! Thanks for your post. Hope it will help other people suffering too.

Replied by Margaret

Ally, how is that regimen helping?

Replied by Nenae
(Tulsa, Ok)

I'm going to try the Borage Oil! I think it's going to help me too. I've been too long with dry mouth, and I believe it's going to help my other organs too. Thanks Mary from Denver.

Replied by Judy
(Tampa, Fl)

I use coconut oil, about a tablespoon just to hold in my mouth after brushing at night. I leave it in the length of taking my shower & then spit it out into the toilet. I started this months ago for general health of my mouth instead of chemical mouthwashes & the dentist says its doing well for my gums & I don't seem to be bothered by dry mouth much. Hope that helps.

Replied by Jayashrii
(Nelson, New Zealand)

Thank you Mary. I will try this.

Replied by Anna
(Norwood, Pa)

Swallow the coconut oil. It is a healthy fat source especially if you are a low fat diet. To combat dryness (eyes, mouth, vagina, skin), I have started drinking Goji juice (one ounce) twice a day. I am going to get Evening Primrose Oil and Borage Oil.

Replied by Grace

Oil pulling helped me. Oil pulling is where you swish an oil ( I use sesame oil or coconut oil) in your mouth for 15 minutes, then spit it out, and brush your teeth. I do it once a day.

Also, my salivary gland was enlarged maybe clogged, and putting a tea bag between cheek, and gum for few hours, seem to unclog it.

Replied by Kristen

Please do NOT swallow any oil that you've had in your mouth. It will be filled with bacteria, you want to spit it out, and rinse your mouth out. Just to clarify. Also, I tried oil pulling and it was very effective but my crown came loose, just fyi.

Replied by Nic
(Golden, Co)

Can you please tell me the brand of the Borage oil and the dosage you take? My eyes are so painful. Thank you

Replied by Jen
(Green Bay, Wi)

Does it matter what kind of tea bag? Do you put it in dry or steep it first?

Castor Oil

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Posted by Mary (Utica, New York) on 12/03/2020
5 out of 5 stars

I've used Castor oil in my eyes for years. At night I place Castor oil all around my eyes. I then with a dropper place the organic castor oil in my eyes. Then I place plastic wrap over my eyes. My eyes stay moist all night. The wrap stays on my face because of the oil on my face.

If your eyes feel bad enough you will do this, and be happy you did. 👍Trust me I've tried EVERYTHING, I know this works.

Castor Oil
Posted by Holly (New Hampshire ) on 05/06/2018
5 out of 5 stars

I have RA with painfully gritty dry eyes and mouth. I use castor oil for my eyes with great effect. Use a good grade caster oil cold pressed 100% solvent free, no hexane & paraben free. Before sleep apply thickly to upper & lower eyelids & rub into eye lashes. (The oil may blur your vision, but it will not harm your eyes) the thickness may take some time to get used to just keep it on all night. Apply a thin coat in the morning and whenever eyes are irritated.

I have used this for about 2 months or so and it relieves the dryness and lately have noticed a huge improvement in a lessening of grit which is more easily remover without scratching or tearing to my lower lids. I'm still working on the dry mouth I'm increasing my fluids to 12-14 cups daily, small amounts of coconut oil for dryness as needed and xylimelts. I'm just starting borage oil, as directed on bottle.

Replied by Frances
(Cabarlah, Qld.)

Holly, I was diagnosed with RA over 50 years ago and am not disfigured but have had all the joint pains, etc. Only recently whilst at hospital for another problem I was told I didn't have RA but Sjogren's disease. This would explain the dry eyes, nose, mouth, vagina, etc.

Replied by Charity
(Faithville , Us)

Not sure what your weight is but I believe it's an ounce of water for every pound divided by two and then add a good mineral salt(salt holds water in place) as the water would flush out your minerals . 150 pound person would consume 75 ounces of water, including what you consume in soups, ect and add a bit more if they drink coffee or diuretics. Always increase water and mineral salt a bit a day until desired levels to prevent swelling . Watercure by Dr. Batmanghelidj helped a lot of sick people regain their health. Also hot tubs pools baths pull water out of the body and the skin on fingers shrivels. I learned it the hard way.

Histamine is a dehydration signal from the body to alert us there is an imbalance . Most drugs have anti histamine in them and most people who go to hospital get a saline IV and it greatly improves their health.

Blessings, Charity

Replied by Nora
5 out of 5 stars

Yes castor oil helps me too - dry eye sufferer.

Castor Oil
Posted by Angela (Broomfield, CO) on 09/26/2008
5 out of 5 stars

A couple times a year I have a painful swelling of one of the parotid glands (main salivary gland) on either side of my face due to Sjogren`s syndrome. I have had this many times before and have never been able to stop the pain and swelling which usually lasts for 2 weeks...until now. I tried the castor oil heat pack the first night, leaving it on over night and woke up with no pain! The gland is still sore to the touch, but I have never experience such relief without the use of corticosteroids. I will continue to use this method from now on. I am a believer!

Collagen and Keratin Capsules

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Posted by Janine (Wellington , NZ) on 08/11/2008
5 out of 5 stars

I have been taking Collagen/Keratin capsules for 2 weeks. I started taking these as a possible cure for neck pain which i have suffered from for years. I developed Sjogrens syndrome 2 years ago as a result of a nasty virus I had. I have had the dry mouth which has affected the linings of my mouth and caused bad breath. In the last year I also had dry gritty eyes, and dry vagina. After two weeks on the collagen/keratin
capsules I now have saliva in my mouth! My eyes and vagina are improving with moisture too. And yes my Neck pain has practically dissappeared. Hope someone else might find this cure works for them too!!

Replied by Deb
(Sherrard, Il)

how many mg do you take and how may tablets is that. how long did it take before you had results? I was diganoised with sjogren's syndrome and would like to try a natural approach before using meds.

Replied by Jacquie
(Wellington, New Zealand)

Hi Janine, I'm a 46 year old Wellingtonian with exactly the same symptons as yourself. I also take Collagen for my neck problems and have the dry eye and mouth issue which causes bad breath and drives me crazy!! Could you tell me what collagen keratin capsules you take and if its still working for you 4 years later??

Replied by Denise
(Mishawaka, In)

I'm seeing a rheumatologist on Novemeber 5th and believe I could have sjogrens syndrome. I have the dry mouth symptoms exactly as you have stated and want to try a natural approach. I was wondering the same thing on how much you use and if it's daily? Please let us know how to take these so I can prevent taking prescription meds. Thanks :)

Replied by Andrew
(Minneapolis, Mn)

Hi my name is Andrew, how bad were your symptoms before the pills and how well have they worked? what dosage did you take?

Replied by Jayashrii
(Nelson New Zealand)

Thank you. From Jayashrii in Nelson NZ

Replied by Kathy
(Rowville, Victoria)

hi, I suspect I might have sjogrens, my tongue is the worst symptom, it generally feels numb and scalded. My eyes are very dry also. Can you get the keratin/collegen tablets over the counter? Help!!!

EC: Hi Kathy, You can find these supplements at your local health food store or online (Amazon, iHerb, Swanson's, etc).

Replied by Connie
(Wayne, Pa)

Just diagnosed with primary Sjogrens Syndrome. Have the gritty dry eyes (had silicone plugs put in, expensive, but they work), neck pain, and some joint pain. I do have Reynauds too. I am 58 and do walk almost three miles a day. Busy life with work and caring for my mother every other weekend. hard to know if I'm fatigued from all I do or the syndrome! Can you share the quantity of collagen and keratin, borage oil, fish oil and Buckhorn oil that would be needed for 155 lb person (a friend! )?

Replied by April
(Melbourne Beach, Fl)

How did you hear about collagen/keratin? I have tried everything for my dry eyes (from Sjogrens.) Willing to try yet another but I would love more information about it. Anything you can tell me will help. Thanks, April

Dietary Changes

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4 star (1) 

Posted by Peggy (Saskatchewan) on 02/07/2020
4 out of 5 stars

I found that eating wheat caused my saliva glands to dry up. When I don't eat wheat I have almost normal saliva. Perhaps it would work for others with Sjogrens.

Dietary Changes
Posted by Gokhals (Ca, US) on 12/29/2014 36 posts
5 out of 5 stars

Raw milk. A high fat (high quality Ghee, butter, lard, tallow) diet. Digestives such as kraut, kvass, acv, enzymes to enable you to digest proteins. Pesticide free food.

My Sjorgens Syndrome was cured from some combination of these.

Replied by Danielle
(Oceanside, Ca)

I was hoping for a more detailed description of diet changes. I am trying to help my mom with this.

Replied by Mohan Kumar Nair
(Navi, Mumbai)

Can you please suggest us the treatment for this, as my wife diagnoses with this and under depression, your kind advise on better treatment and dietary are appreciable.

Replied by Edith

So, I've been drinking soy milk for about 2 years and first it was mouth, so dry that my mouth would stick together, and then about 8 months later my eyes are doing the same same thing?

Replied by Charlie

Soy however, is not good to eat for long periods of time. Little is better. Check it out on the web.

Fish Oil

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4 star (1) 

Posted by Gwen (Cleveland, Ohio) on 09/28/2014
5 out of 5 stars

Everyone's comments have been incredibly helpful!

I'm a very active, lean, 56-year-old who was experiencing several Sjogren's symptoms for months and they were significantly debilitating -- dry mouth, dry eyes, lung soreness plus heart palpitations. I refuse to seek out the help of traditional doctors because of their reliance on chemical cures. I did, however, engage a Sports Nutritionist that came highly recommended by an active, lean colleague of mine, who is 57 years old. I'm mentioning my age and my colleague's age so women who are of the same "vintage" realize that there is post menopause hope as one's body changes. When I shared my symptoms with the Sports Nutritionalist he said "Have you been tested for Sjogren's?" He also said, "At a minimum, you should be consuming 3000 mg of high grade fish oil per day." I was consuming 1000 mg per day. Interesting.

I next went online, read your comments, and did the following: increased my fish oil soft gels consumption to 3000 mg per day (Carlson Norwegian Salmon Oil), started taking 2 Solgar Flaxseed Oil 1250 mg soft gels per day and started taking 2 Solgar Super GLA Borage Oil 300 mg soft gels per day. The next day, my dry eyes and dry mouth significantly improved! The day after, my eyes and mouth felt normal again. I am still experiencing lung soreness plus heart palpitations, but I have noticed slight improvement there as well. My thought is that it may take longer for the rest of my body to get "fully lubricated" once again. I truly believe that I'm on the right path, so I wanted to share my experiences in case it may help others. As a side note, my Sports Nutritionalist also told me to switch multi-vitamins -- moving from a tablet to soft gels because they are absorbed into your system whereas tablets can pass right through you. One of his clients was being x-rayed for some type of condition, and the doctor saw the multi-vitamin in the gentlemen's intestinal tract, e.g., it hadn't been absorbed into his system. I am going to make this change as well.

I would recommend that if you increase your oil intake, you make sure that you're not over-doing it by eating fatty foods. Too much fat could cause other problems. Eat healthy!

Replied by Prioris
(Fl, US)

You missed one of the most important oils for dryness problems. Look into Palmatoleic Acid or Omega 7. Primeval has 50% in their brand.

Replied by Gwen
(Cleveland, Oh)

For Prioris...thank you for your comment. I actually started taking Omega 7 Palmitoleic Acid 4'ish weeks ago, as recommended by my local health food store. I experienced no improvement -- no dry eye, dry mouth, sore lung and heart palpitation relief at all. We're all built differently, so while fish oil, flaxseed oil and borage oil worked perfectly for me, maybe Omega 7 might benefit others.

Replied by Prioris
(Fl, US)

Omega 7 is relatively new so appreciate hearing your feed back. It helps understanding its limitations. What dosage did you try per day and I assume you took it with fats for absorption.

Here is something on Sjogren's Syndrome. Sea Buckthorn HANDOUT.pdf

They used 3 grams of Sea Buckthorn Oil

It seems to help some people with that syndrome

Replied by Pj

Is the fish oil, etc.. still helping your Sjogren's symptoms? I've been taking fish oil, evening primrose oil, alternating vitamin E and Flaxseed Oil, Ginger and tumeric for 4 weeks now. Some improvement but still significant dry mouth, mucus in throat and dry eyes (but eyes not as bad). How long did it take before you reversed the Sjogren's? Also been on a gluten free diet for 3 weeks still no reversal. Impatient I suspect. Desperate people do desperate things and there is so much out there about Diet, Immune System, etc.. Paleo is so restrictive and I'm losing too much weight as it is already. Just wanted an update on how your Sjogren's dryness symptoms were responding to your supplement regiment .

Replied by Rsw
(Uniontown, Oh)

Hi PJ,

I was recently diagnosed with Sjogren's Syndrome, but because of the dry eyes and mouth from previous Sicca diagnosis, had been taking many of the same oils you mention. I don't think they were helping me. Then, as I was looking at some of Ted's comments (which I can't seem to find right now), he said the body can't handle all these oils, and even fish oil should be taken about twice a week only. He only uses coconut oil. I have stopped using the oils but remain confused by all this. Does anyone have a better understanding from Ted of what oils may not be good to take, which may be all of them except coconut oil? I think he advises Borax for Sjogren's. I also have high iron and had hoped the oil would stop my blood from sticking together. (Had Hep A, can't donate blood, and doc will only authorize phlebotomy if iron exceeds 100) Thanks everyone.

Replied by Candy
(Clarkston, Wa)

We found these natural supplements very helpful. You can find them on E-bay or Google where to get them. 1) CoQ10 (get the Ubiquinol form). 100 mg 2-3 times per day. Helps with dryness and heart palpatations. 2) Xylimelts (little mints that help your body create saliva). Put one on the roof of your mouth at bedtime. Flat side on the roof of your mouth and let dissolve. 3)Sugar-Free lemon drops. Helps moisten your mouth. 4) Krill Oil (it's not stinky like fish oil and does the same thing). Whatever amount you take divide the dose to 4 times per day.

Replied by Judy

I was wondering why you can't donate blood and how you know your blood is sticking together??

Replied by Rsw

Hi Judy,

I got severe Hep A in the 80's, most likely from eating contaminated food at a restaurant. Which one, I don't know for sure because it took about six weeks to show up. I will never be able to donate blood or organs because of this. High iron can lead to sticky blood and also damage organs, so if it gets too high, my doctor writes a prescription for a phlebotomy and I can give blood at a donation center, and it is is disposed. Some doctors think high iron is implicated in heart attacks so I try to watch my levels.

Sandy A.
(Albuquerque NM, USA)

Please have further testing done. My sister was told she had too much iron in her blood but when her husband insisted on more testing, they found she had cirrhosis of the liver. It was nearly too late and she almost died.

Replied by Joyce
(Oceanside, Ca.)

A temporary ‘assist' with dry mouth....believe it or not....chew gum!

I also have Sjogren's and am happy to read the relief which can cure it. Cod liver oil is horrid...rather than pills, are any other oils helpful? It gags me...but I could increase my take of Olive Oil...any comments? I also use coconut oil, but would have a tough time taking it as a spoonful. I get especially dry after a pain pill.

Replied by Dorothy

I am finding all of this interesting. Just found out I have Sjogren's. Had my cataracts out in Fed 2016 and my eyes are so dry. Told my eye doctor and he tested for Sjogren's was positive. Its not to bad my mouth gets dry at nite. My eyes forget it. I am useing Restates.twice a day. It helps a little. But! I am going to dry all of these things. I am 75 young healthy can't believe this is happen. I also have a thyroid condition. Goiter. On pills and off. Thank's.

Replied by Karen
(New Jersey)


I've got auto immune disorders--Sjogren's, RA, Hypothyroidism. My current problem is extreme skin dryness/burning pain with cracks/splits in my skin above my mouth. I'm looking for a Rheumatologist in the NY/NJ area.

This condition is both painful and unsightly.

Anyone else have this condition? I've tried so many moisturizers, oils, they help a little. I watch my diet-organic, free range, no dairy, supplements and lots of water.

Any other suggestions? Much appreciated

Replied by Brandy
0 out of 5 stars

I did the same thing too. And ended up with fluid around my heart, not being able to breathe and had to have two blood transfusions. A healthy mix of both natural and science is behind more of an intelligent choice.

Fish Oil
Posted by Suza (Sydney, NSW, Australia) on 04/20/2009
4 out of 5 stars

I have Sjogrens syndrome, a mild version, but what has really helped me is taking a lot of EPA & vitamin E fishoil as well as Nodic Cod liver oil, I can feel the difference when I don't take it, as my symptoms worsen.

I also feel that getting a neck massage helps my symptoms, I have a feeling that the neck seems to be linked to the sjogrens somehow , I have always had a sore neck too, but have been doing stretches that help. anyway give the fish oil pills a go- I take 12 a day + 3 nordic cod liver oil pills. I have been doing that for years and it seems to keep it under control.

Liver Flushes

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Posted by Erica (Benton, Ky) on 09/13/2015
5 out of 5 stars

I was diagnosed in 2008 with sjogrens. After 9 liver flushes (Andrea Moritz style) I did 6 in 08 and 3 here in 2015.) I had blood redrawn last month and my blood work came back NEGATIVE. The DR said he "could not medically explain this". I tried to explain the liver flushes... but just got a blank stare.

Fyi, I was also able to go off of my meds for hashimotos and am hoping one day to also rid my body of scleraderma morphea. I do not do any speacial diet or supplements, I go gluten free temporaraly if it starts bothering my stomach. But no other restrictions.

I have also done a parasite detox through hummaworm.


Replied by Hina
(Houston Taxes)

How you did liver flush? Can you tell me the method I am having miserable life because of Sjogren's and rheumatoid arthritis. Please help me. May God bless you.

Replied by Robert Henry
(Ten Mile, Tn.)

HI U HINA, , , , , , , ,

For your liver flush, google coffee enema and follow the directions.

Wish you well. =====ORH======

Replied by Christian
(Mt. Juliet, Tn)

Hello. I am very encouraged by your post re: liver flushes and Sjogrens. Did you only do the flushes in 2008 and not again until 2015? How did you determine how many to do? Thank you for your help!

Replied by Joycealaina
(Oceanside, Ca.)

I am from Northern California where we are quite serious about using everything natural. So was I when autoimmune diseases began...unfortunately they got out of control and I had excruciating pain. I did not get it under control...a doctor did when I moved to southern California. Pain pills I hadn't taken helped...if they work...take them. I was also put on methotrexate...and it worked for a while. All I know is the medicines helped in my darkest hours, days, years when I suffered so trying to do it myself.

Now that I am better, not cured, but much better...I can look for natural ways of healing.

With dry mouth my throat gets so crackled I cannot be understood...I chew gum. It gets my juices going again rather quickly.

A few thoughts from one use has the gamitte and keeps on trying....but doesn't refuse medical assistance.

Replied by Amy
(Sarasota, Florida)

Hello and thank you for your post on this site. Can you tell me something more about the liver flush that helped you please. Did you use a clinic or buy a formula? I would appreciate the details. Perhaps it can be a help. Has this been a permanent help to you? I am having a great deal of difficulty and need a solution. Many thanks. Amy

Replied by Janet
(Madison, Wi)

Erica, this is amazing! Thank you for sharing. I have had sjogren's symptoms for several years I now realize, gradually getting worse. Recent skin problems including rashes, cracks, and spontaneous hives, now around my eyes, have no explanation, and no apparent medical treatment besides steroids. I also have Hashimoto's hypothyroidism for which I take T4 and T3 supplements, and have eliminated most gluten with much improvement in TPO & anti-thyroid antibodies. Izabella Wentz' book Hashimoto's Thyroiditis, Finding and Treating the Root Cause has inspired me to believe that I can eventually be my healthy self and body again. I'll be having new antibody tests for Sjogren's soon. Do you know which tests you had? I am now planning to do the liver and gall bladder flush recommended by Andreas Moritz, I have ordered his book. Your story is energizing and full of promise. It was a year ago, how are you feeling now? Any other suggestions you may have are welcome. Thank you again ...

Replied by Robert Henry
(Ten Mile, Tn)

HI U JANET,,,,,,,,, ERICA's method is not original with the Andreus Moritz video. This procedure we got from Dr Hulda Clark's book many years ago. She says the procedure has been done for thousands of years. We do this yearly and now only get what is called gravel. What the video adds is to drink many glasses of apple juice a day for a week.

This protocol will also work for kidney stones, but the apple juice is far more important .

Let me tell you a story that just happened to a church friend of ours. She had a very large kidney stone and used the standard allopathic procedure of busting up the stone. The fragments went all through out her body and they were full of toxins. She was on life support and unconscious for about 4 days. The decision was to remove the life support and see what God had in store for her. She had turned totally black, but awoke a day or so later. Her left arm had to be removed and her left foot. Our little country church prayed long and hard for her during this time. She is at peace to lose her arm and foot.

We visited her a few days ago and could not believe her attitude. She was totally positive and thanking God for sparing her. The doctors said she was a miracle . I told her that she would have more stones if she did not supplement with magnesium and if this occurred again, then to do Dr Hulda Clarks procedure instead of what she just went through.

I also posted on this thread about coffee enema's that will flush toxins from your liver. We also do this procedure. As all know my admission to posters is to read and study until they are worn out and then do more. Knowledge is what will solve your health problems. Pity..... that most want a quick fix, which will not happen.

OUT OF SPIT. =======ORH======

Replied by Jan

Can you kindly provide your liver flush programme as there are different ones online? I'd hugely appreciate it since no one else says anything worked for this syndrome.

Replied by Steve

Google Hulda Clark liver flush and you will find tons of good info there.

Replied by Christine

Hi ~ good to hear you made yourself better. What kind of things did you do to make your self better? Flushes, foods, water, vitamins?

Thank YOu

Replied by Christine

HI Ericka ~ So great to hear your better now!

Will you please share your experience on the LIVER CLEANSE .... what kind of preparation before the actual cleanse and what to expect during the process.
Thank YOU!

Replied by Ruhi

How can I do liver flushes. I have RA and sjogren.

Replied by Luly Salazar
(Denver City Tx)

How do you do your liver flushes?

Replied by Steve

I use the Hulda Clark liver flush recipe but instead of epsom salts I use magnesium citrate powder as it's easier on the kidneys.

Replied by Vanessa

Will the liver flush help with lupus and Sjogren syndrome?

Mineral Water for Fatigue

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Posted by Diane (California, US) on 01/19/2015
5 out of 5 stars

Has anyone has any success healing Sjogren's doing liver flushes? I have been hearing about this remedy from youtube vidoes from Andreas Moritz.

For fatigue, mine went almost completely away when I switched to drinking ONLY mineral water (not the sparkling kind). I get it delivered now. It's expensive, but I no longer have the horrible fatigue where I couldn't even stand to wash dishes or make it up the hill to where I park my car. After only 2 days of drinking only mineral water, it was all gone. My hip, shoulder, and foot pain also have no reappeared. it's been over 7 months now.

Replied by Mary
(Los Angeles)

Where do I buy this mineral water? Got a brand name? I have a very sick child that needs this. Thank you.

Replied by Jayashrii
(Nelson, New Zealand)
5 out of 5 stars

Great news. I bought a distiller & put my water through that. Fatigue has vastly improved but I hadn't connected the two. Thank you.

Replied by Karen

You should use distilled water for your son....Go on you tube and post distilled water and you will get all the information you need...I've never felt better in my life since drinking it and I was pretty sick and run down...All the best to you and your son...I believe you can buy distilled water from the supermarkets etc where you are.

Replied by Honey
(Columbia, Sc)
3 posts

Are you still drinking the mineral water you have delivered?

Replied by Carolyn
(Hamilton, On Canada)

No one should drink distilled water it has no minerals in it, it is "dead" water and very acidic. I drank it for several years and got very tired, naturopath told me Alkaline water is the best, it has the minerals still in it. Our body needs minerals.

Replied by Ben

Distilled water is the cleanest and best testing water there is. If you are worried about minerals just add a few drops of trace minerals to it.

Replied by Timh
2105 posts

Distilled Water is simply purified water and yes, no benefits for consumption. It is recommended to add a sprinkle of powdered or a few drops of Ionic Major & Trace Minerals to correct this problem. Maybe not as good an option but a sprinkle of Sea Salt or Himalayan Pink Salk would suffice.

For yrs I carbon filtered my tap water and found it insufficient as my metabolism seemed affected by fluoride. And sure enough this was the case because I started Ozonating 1 gal filtered water for 15-30 secs and my energy, as well as my kitties, went up.

I get my minerals elsewhere but I do add a few drops of Iodine to a gal of drinking water.

Replied by Robert Henry
(Ten Mile , Tn)

HI U Timh,,,,,,,,,,, you a better man than I. You went around the May Pole to tell folks that distilled water has no value. It does not have any value what so ever, except it does not contain any garbage.

Folks are told to drink spring water because it contains lots of minerals. Distilled water has none. Distilled water has an affinity for calcium so it will remove that from your bones. Drink it long enough and you will end up with osteoporosis.

Won't say what I want to tell the advocates of distilled water except they have never studied chemistry.


Replied by Diane

I"m sorry it took me so long to find the questions on the mineral water. I'm able to get mine delivered in glass 2.5 gallon containers which I put in a water crock. The brand I buy is Mountain Valley Spring -- from a spring in Arkansas. But I found that any good mineral water does the same, and they have some in Trader Joe's now. And Whole Foods has some.

Replied by Diane

I'm sorry this took so long. I had no way to know people were asking a question. Yes, I am still getting the mineral water delivered in 2.5 gallon glass bottles. I buy Mountain Valley Spring water. Whole Foods also has a brand of Italian Still Mineral water that is also in glass and much cheaper, and that was the first one I used so I know it's just as good as Mountain Valley in alkalinizing my body. Been on it for over 2 years now and it's been such a Godsend.

Replied by Janet L.

Thank you for the information.

Replied by Yvone
(Auckland, New Zealand)

As I follow Ayurvedic principles I am aware that any bottled water, be it in glass or plastic is dead water. Very easily fixed. Buy blue bottles, dark blue or cyan blue, from the Warehouse. $2 each. Buy some corks. DO NOT USE METAL CAPS. Fill your bottle with tap or filtered water and leave outside for a few hours. It does not have to be in direct sunlight, just where the rays reach. This restructures the water. Very simple to do and the water tastes completely different. Normally I cannot tolerate water, but have no problem drinking 6-8 glasses of restructured water a day. AND BEST OF ALL IT DOES NOT COST A FORTUNE. Add one cupful to your kettle, cooking water, any other water. I splash it on my dry eyes as well while holding a mouthful of water. Very helpful. I use it in my espresso machine. Coffee tastes completely different. I know, I know, but I only drink one cappucino a day. I brought back from Germany mineral salts called Meinebase and add a cupful to the footspa. These salts regulate the pH balance of my body and much better than bicarb of soda. This help a lot. It will take one year but I will rebalance my immune system and wave goodbye to Sjogrens. Best of luck everyone, hope this helps.

Multiple Remedies

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Posted by Claudia (Conifer, Co) on 02/10/2015
4 out of 5 stars

Hello Everyone! Thank you all for your comments, they are helpful and encouraging. I am a 61 YY female, and was diagnosed with Sjogrens last year after many years of suffering from fatigue and dryness in the eyes and mouth. But with this diagnoses I was at least pleased to know that these symptoms are related, and REAL (and not something in my head to be demised by doctors).

Anyway, I would like to share some of the things that I am doing that have given me some relief. I have been taking (daily) fish oil, potassium, and vitamins C and D.

I have also been drinking organic unfiltered apple cider vinegar mixed with raw unfiltered local honey (about a tablespoon of each mixed with 12 oz of water). I have noticed a difference in my energy level, as well as some relief from my dry mouth. (And, I am no longer on high blood pressure medication. But that's for another post.)

For the past 2 months I have used something that my ophthalmologist recommended: serum tears. These have been a real blessing. I had started off using OTC replacement tears, with dismal results - no relief. Nothing seemed to provide lubrication in my eyes, and each time I applied the artificial tears, my eyes were left burned and painful; I tried every brand on the shelves; nothing helped. (On a scale of 1-10, my tear production was tested to be a "1", so... hmm, my eyes are very dry).

Anyway, serum tears could be a natural alternative for someone with severe dry eyes. They are made from your own blood, so they are unique to each person. Several units of your blood are drawn, and the red blood cells are separated out, and then the clear (white) cells are mixed with a saline solution, and put into small eye droppers. The solution must be kept frozen until ready to use, and then when thawed it lasts only 30 days under refrigeration. But, I can honestly say, these have given me my life back. I still have dry eyes, but the serum tears give soothing relief, where nothing else did. The serum puts back MY OWN cells in to my eyes, where they are needed. Serum tears are not offered by every eye doctor... you may have to check around. They can be expensive - and they are not always covered by insurance (mine aren't). The science behind these drops is a couple decades old, but it may help some of you who have severe dry eyes as I do.

At night, I am use a simple, pure, organic coconut oil. This has been far better for me than any chemical gel or ointment for night relief. I scoop (with a sterile knife) a small amount of solid oil, and put it in to an empty dropper. Before bed, I run the base of the dropper under hot water for a minute, and then put a couple drops of the barely warmed oil directly into my eyes. Bliss. Coconut oil is naturally antibacterial and anti fungal, which seems more safe than some synthetic chemical based gels or ointments.

Blessing to you all - I hope that that my experience helps someone. There is hope out there.

Replied by Karen

You can buy distilled drinking water online and magnesium and bicarb water online ...Look on ebay too or google for a supplier near your area...Only use distilled drinking water..You can buy an inexpensive distiller on ebay and make your own...Both these waters will change your life and repair most ailments.

Replied by Erica
(Benton, Ky)

I have cured my sjogrens after doing a series of liver flushes (Andrea Moritz style). In 2008 I was diagnosed with sjogrens and a month ago I asked for the tests to be retaken. All results came back negative. Dr said he "can't medically explain it".

I hope this finds you well and brings you hope. sjogrens IS CURABLE! ( I have no other dietary restrictions or supplements )

See my post under Liver Flushes.

Replied by Kag
(San Francisco)

For dry eyes, an ophthalmologist can insert eye duct plugs to prevent tears from draining, and it's painless. You can also get an RX for Lacriserts. They retail for about $300/month, but is covered under insurance. I cut the little things in half so I get twice as many and since I rarely need the full ones. They are tiny, little foil-wrap clear sticks that expand in your lower lid to produce tears for HOURS! Thought I was going to have to give up snow skiing, cycling, motorcycle/scooter riding, scuba diving until doc told me about these! These will CHANGE YOUR LIFE! Still trying to deal with the dry mouth, though. Physical therapy has taken away my joint pain, so I'm almost cured!

Replied by Mario
(Dallas, Texas)

For dry eyes, I am using Castor oil under the eye lashes before bed for years, very good results

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Steenie (Florida) on 09/03/2013
4 out of 5 stars

One time, I did put my Sjogren's into "remission" for 6 years, actually... I started going back to the things which got me "into the mess" to begin w/...

First of all, mine came from having a toxemia as a child as well as a genetic predisposition... I had been food combining and vegan for years but I didn't find help until I got OFF the Prednisone eye drops I'd been doing for years for my Uveitis (I guess, I should tell others to work caution and check w/ a Naturpoath, uveitis is a serious condion, as well)... I actually tapered off of them as well as (diluted w/ distilled water and more over a period of a month), I had found the ultimately, Eyebright in the eye (would recommend, now, checking Weleda or a homeopath as the way I did it caused infection), but infection or not, the body was then able to heal... Also, around that time, I did a liver cleanse using only milk thistle tea with a juice fast over a period of time. I would also recommend that anyone with Sjogren's take out any nightshades from their diet or regime, sincerely, my uveitis would flare and I also didn't realize that tomatoes were a culprit, I knew I reacted to all other nightshades... I know that I have been successful w/ potatoes, but don't remember doing them around the time I got rid of it.

I got in a less clean environment and the Uveitis crept in some and began use in the eye of the Pred drops again (should've stuck w/ the eyebright, really)... But, thought I was "normal"... Many eye surgeries later, more Pred and not keeping up w/ the natural diet, doing more man made things (it's hard, you need the right nutrients when you have both these conditions, if vegan, you really need to supplement w/ a quality D3 and B12 supplement as well as having a great source of calcium)... and the Sjogren's came back... I'm going to try my former regimine and see how it goes, if that doesn't work, I'm moving where the air is cleaner. Hope this helps someone else! :)

Replied by Donna
(Ontario, Canada)

What is eyebright? I haven't been diagnosed yet, but I'm pretty sure I have Sjogren's Syndrome. I'm a Dental Hygienist, an I see patients with SS often enough, and dreaded that it would ever happen to me. I'm going on my second week straight of this agonizing dry eye and mouth issue. I'm going out of my mind. Still awaiting RA blood tests. I'm finding that chewing icecubes helps me stay hydrated but doesn't deplete the saliva from my mouth like water. What is night shade foods? I've doubled up on my omega 3's. This all started the night (of the day) that I started my liver cleanse that she put me on with other things( paricide, curcumin, probiotics, b12 with folic acid) I also had acupuncture done as well that day to increase my fertility, and I fell like all of that triggered this reaction. I'm desperate to get rid of it.

Replied by Steenie

Eyebright is an herb that can be bought bulk or in tea bags, I buy it bulk and am back to using the tea in my eyes (don't recommend for some time after eye surgery) and it helps w/ my uveitis triggered by Sjogren's, specifically the posterior kind, it took this to relieve my body of the burden of the corticosteroids (it's anti inflammatory, the eyebright, nothing else I'd tried did this).

Nightshades are highly advised against w/ all arthritis/autoimmune diseases and you can test by removing and then adding them back in to see the difference (huge difference for me, even once Sjogren's was better, I still couldn't do nightshades): tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, potatoes (don't bother me as much, the others I can't eat at all), and a number of herbs. In fact, eyebright is, funny that I can't take it internally but I'm able to tolerate it w/o uveitis in my eyes.

In order to clean my liver and then the Sjogren's was knocked out which leads me to believe that medicine, in and of itself can prevent the healing of the Sjogren's as well as the uveitis (depends on the cause of the uveitis, but best to go as natural as possible).

Replied by Eileen

Nightshade is also a toxic weed (has small lavender flowers) that grows on fence lines throughout many states and in cities. It will even kill cattle (except cattle are smart enough that they won't go near it unless there is no other food source). Nightshade is so toxic that it can be absorbed through the skin. When I moved to Columbus, OH, I pulled this climbing weed along my chainlink fence and acquired an "unidentifiable" conjuntivitis that also caused my pupils to fully dialate. Even OSU medical hospital didn't know what caused my conjunctivitis. I read everything and discovered the truth about all plants in the nightshade family.

In Italy, nightshade tea was given to young girls to cause "Bella Donna" or large pupils that were considered a beauty attribute. In addition to the general toxicity of nightshade, enlarged pupils can lead to the destruction of vision. I had to wear sunglasses inside to protect my eyes. I believe that my encounter with the nightshade may have triggered my Sjogren's primary (I had the lip biopsy) and perhaps triggered all of my mixed connective tissue disease and many autoimmune diseases, including my MS (because my first signs of MS began a couple of years after my encounter with nightshade).

Don't every touch or consume a plant or its fruit without knowing what side effects are associated with it.

Sjogren's Disease and FUT2

Posted by Bill J. (United States) on 06/05/2019

I'm grateful for these posts where people can look at possible solutions. The Auto-Immune disorders don't have to be a Life Sentence! I am being tested for Sjogren's. I have minimal dry eye, dry mouth only at night, but I am a mouth breather due to congested nose.

The thing that made me consider all the moisture issues is that I almost have never sweated except for peri-menopause that was severe sweating most of day/night and lasted for about 5-7 years ending in 2004. Could some people just not be "Sweaters" or are "Low Secreters" due to a single FUT 2 defect and don't have Sjogren's? One with 2 defects would be a total "Non-Secreter" and have serious lack of mucous if the gene expressed. Could they be connected? Or FUT2 may be the cause for someone without Sjogrens who still has moisture issues. Regarding Detoxing. If one can't open up the channels of the Lymphatic System, it seems dangerous to attempt detox. Maybe Liver or Colon Cleanses might be safe, but some other Detoxing seems risky.

Any thoughts? Is there a connection of Mercury to lack of sweating? If it gets released and doesn't exit, it can really wreck havoc.

Replied by Peggy

Rebounding helps the lymphatic system to work properly.

Replied by Shaon
(Independence, La, Usa)

I was reading about David who has Sjogrens I too have Sjogren. I was diagnosed with Sjogren's Syndrome in 2010 but I'm sure I've had it since 2005. The doctors have run test but no one diagnosed it until I when in the hospital in 2010. The heart doctor said I had a sticking value which we found out was cause from the sjogren, I've lost teeth because of the dry mouth, I can't go in the sun because it hurts my eyes, I've lost my taste, my ears hurt and now theres joint problems.

But that's not why I really need help I have allergies from nuts to purfumes. In 1999 I had a reaction to tea-tree oil residue left in the bath tub I was taken to the hospital where they but umna boots on me that only made matters worse and I carry the scars to proof it. There is this one spot on my left leg that never heals, I have had it for 13 years it was never any big than a quarter until 2010 when it decide to get bigger after beening hit.

Then at the end of 2011 I hit the other leg on a box and a new hole formed, the doctors at wound care have tried about ten differance medicine on me but nothing has worked. They have put the medication on than wrap my legs but the wrap cause pain and itching. Now I itch all the time and the itching is driving me up the wall, when any thing touches my lower legs I see stars that's how bad they hurt and I don't mean where the sores are I mean any where on my lower legs and then these water like blisters form and new holes start. Most of the time the smaller ones are just skin deep and heal but some are a little deeper and take there time healing but not the bigger ones there just will not heal. I've tried epsom salt baths and bag balm at home but nothing works and I have constant drainage from the minute my feet hit the floor. I hope you can help me, please

Replied by Anne
(Newport Beach, Ca)

Shaon, ask your doctors about packing the wounds with manuka honey.

Replied by Candyk
(Rural, Ohio)

Sharon from NY - I also have sjorgrens and I use the alkalizing lemon/bakingsoda everyday. It has helped me tremendously. I also take a vit. B complex. I eat coconut and and use coconut oil since I have other auto disease too. But I have stayed off all the RX drugs and I think its due to this regimen. NOTE: I drink 8 to 10 glasses of water/day.

Replied by Gingermeggs

Sharon, I had the fluid cysts on my first knuckles. That's what led me to the dr to find out I had sjogrens. One would open up every few weeks and drain. For years. Seems to have healed after taking nattokinase and serrapeptase for a few months. Only 2 of each, now back to one. Kinda hard on the stomach.

Replied by Ritu
(Columbus, Oh)

Hi! This message is for Candyk from Rural, Ohio.

My mother (age 67 yrs) has severe Sjogrens Syndrome.
I read about your remedy of baking soda and lemon.
Could you please elaborate on the quantity of each and in how much water? Also if the water should be warm or at room temperature? How many times a day you take this?
How helpful it has been.

I will really appreciate your response as I am desperate for help.

Thanks a ton! Ritu from Columbus, Ohio.

Replied by Su
(London, UK)

Hi Ritu

Plz let me know how much of baking soda lemon juice and water one has to use.

Replied by Candyk
(Rural, Oh)

Update, I wanted to add to my 2013 post. I use ACV for inflammation at least 1x a day now. I take and squeeze 1 lemon and add 1/4 to 1/2 t of baking soda to the juice. (Best to use organic lemons or limes) Let it bubble and fizz. When its completely flat add to 1 cup of water and drink. This helps to alkalize the body. I have sjogrens, Sclero, raynauds, . This seems to help with all. I also follow a supplemental regimen If anyone with AI is interested. : Vit. A, B's. K2, D3, Boron, E, fish oil, turmeric (product called curamin) and I make my own kefir from raw milk (this has trillions of probiotics to help heal the digestive tract). I also just added a product that combines, aloe, glutamine, and DGL. This helps with the digestive tract also. I like Colostrum for healing also. Can do a lot for the body.

When we are nutrient deficient the body cannot heal. Its important to follow a healthy diet and try to get the best quality of food we can obtain. I don't need to tell everyone that most of our food is dead. It contributes little. We are eating more and getting less basically. Of course growing your own it s the best source but when you can't find that buy local from farmers who sell produce and eggs. Free range eggs are the best. (the most nutritional eggs have an orange/dk yellow yolk.) Organic mean is also recommended for anyone who has AI. I know that a vegan diet is good however, the stomach lining needs "threonine" to regenerate every 3 days. So a good protein source is really important whether it be from animal or vegetable. I always tell people start out with minimal supplementation and work your way up in case something doesn't agree with the body bc we are all different and effected in a variety of ways. The body IS made to heal itself if you give it the right fuel and nutrients.