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Treatment of scoliosis ranges from chiropractic treatments to exercise, orthotic inserts and nutritional supplements. The appropriate treatment is typically best identified by determining the cause of the condition. Nonetheless, many home remedies offer relief from misalignment of the spine caused by any number of factors.

What is Scoliosis?

Scoliosis is a condition defined as curvature of the spine. The condition typically develops at the time of the growth spurt right before puberty; however, it can occur at any point in an individual’s life.

Common symptoms of the condition include uneven shoulders, a more prominent should blade, an uneven waist, or one hip that is higher than the other. If the condition progresses, the spine may even rotate or twist. The condition is caused by a number of factors including genetics, neuromuscular conditions, birth defects and injury to the spine.

Home Remedies for Curvature of the Spine

A number of treatments have been found effective for treating curvature of the spine. Exercise is one of the most important factors associated with strengthening the spine. Additionally, orthotic inserts work to steadily realign the spine while nutritional supplements support the spinal development and regrowth of cells.


One factor that often contributes to scoliosis is weakness in the spine. Targeted exercise techniques can strengthen and straighten the spine naturally. Swimming, yoga and other stretching type exercises work to realign the spine safely and effectively.

Orthotic Inserts

Many individuals have positive results from lifts or orthotic inserts. Lifts are inserted into the shoe at a specific height so as to tilt the pelvis in the correct direction. With regular use, lifts naturally reposition the spine and correct a curvature.


Nutritional supplements can also help strengthen the spine. Bone broth and boron or borax supplements are effective nutritional treatment options. Scoliosis is often the result of a magnesium-calcium imbalance, and these supplements help to correct that imbalance.

Scoliosis can be defined as the sideways curvature of the spine. Many cases of the condition are mild; however, without treatment even mild cases progress to more serious curvatures. Home remedies offer effective treatment options that prevent the condition from worsening and often correct the curvature gradually.

Atlas Profilax

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Posted by Cateye (Melbourne, Vic., Australia) on 07/04/2011
5 out of 5 stars

I have had a 'bad back' for about twenty years, and was diagnosed with scoliosis (lateral, not s-curve) about ten years ago. The pain between my shoulders and down my spine has been relentless since about 1999. (It's mid-2011 now).

I started with massage as a means to cope with the pain, which led to swimming (almost obsessively some have said) to try and strengthen the spine, regulate my breathing and straighten out my twisted rib-cage.

I then found a Gonstead Chiropractor (should a chiro really be rewarded with capitals?) who was proficient enough to keep me hooked on the pain-lessening cracks and yanks and crunchings. The big deal for me was the atlas adjustment with this guy.

He was the only chiro (I'd been put RIGHT off chiros when my back first popped twenty years earlier) who'd tried it, and it meant I could go anywhere from one day to three months in a state of ... ? less pain to almost painlessness, until it popped back out of place.

I found this chap about four/five years ago. Recently- about one month ago- I'd had a great series of Chinese massage and acupuncture sessions with the new massage shop opening round the corner. I knew I had to go back to my chiro, lovely guy he is, but I wanted to tell him, 'Just adjust my atlas please, everything will plop in to place once that's done. ' It seemed to be okay when the atlas was in place. Just seemed to suck that it popped out with a wrong turn of my head or even a sudden lift of my arm...

He did the atlas and several more (unnecessary) adjustments and I left walking on air. Colours brighter, air smelled... Less toxic, etc. That appointment I had said, 'Look, all due respect but I've been coming here for years and my back is still as dodge as the first time I met you. I want it FIXED. ' He suggested I come in the following week to see how long the atlas held, and to get some more adjustments. I was willing to give him the benefit of my doubts and the following week I went in and oh ye gods, what an horrendous sensation. He recognised the atlas was still in place and the usual suspects were in place too, so he did some crunching on some irrelevant PAINLESS vertebrae which had me walking out as if both sides of my bodies energy had been cheese-grated in different directions.

AWful. I got really mad with the pain, his work and myself and went home and studied up on the atlas. Also known as the C1 joint- the first bone by the base of your skull and mine. I figured there was was WAS a solution and I was GOING TO FIND IT.

'Atlas Profilax' kept coming up and I ignored it because it sounded like some cheap scam. After two nights of reading various forums and chiro pages, pseudo-science and claptrap I decided to check it out and was surprised at how much sense it made. I looked into related forums, reviews, you-tube personal accounts of experiences, the official site, and finally a local practitioner.

I made the appointment, cancelled my next chiro apt. the same hour, waited impatiently for five days then had it done.

This was just over one month ago.

The result is outstanding so far. At the risk of boring the brains out of everyone, this is definitely something worth researching. My back pain is dissipated into insignificance. I'd like to say it has completely gone but the muscles are still a bit stiff down in the mid-back where they've historically twisted the most. They no longer ache. This is HUGE for me. I feel them there when I turn, not every other moment.

The neck/shoulder pain is *poof* GONE. I can cook for hours (literally up to four hours) without uttering a word of pain and misery/throwing down utensils and lying on the floor to rest the muscles, I can even pick my hefty two yr old boy, cuddle him and carry him across the room. Miracles...

: )

I'd say it has gone altogether already but my righthand shoulder is giving me a bit of jip right now- it's probably related. That plus my massage girl has gone awol and one ought to get a fair bit of body work done to start to unwind the years of twisting that got one in a scoliotic state in the first place. I had a huge detox reaction to a massage the second week- 20mins on my right shoulder, shortest massage ever. AMAZE-ing sensation. I was balanced. Really amazing.

My husband has classic s-curve and has agreed to have it done if I can go two months without grizzling about my back. One month down, one to go- I'll be in touch.

It also helps with emotional things, spiritual things- private things. Please investigate- from a pain point of view there is nothing like it. I'm so happy about this, it's great to have an 'interested party' to vent my joy!

Replied by Cateye
(Melbourne, Vic., Australia)

I wrote screeds and screeds earlier today with a specific treatment but realised it probably wouldn't be posted due to a specific product/service being named.

So all I can call it I suppose it 'genuine atlas installation'. Sounds weird but oh my giddy aunt does it work. I've has a scoliotic spine for about ?years, all my life probably but it only became apparent twenty years ago, then dreadfully painful in everyday life about ten years ago, aged about 27/28yrs or so.

I google-searched as much info on the C1 joint- the top of the spine, also called the atlas, and came up with some extremely interesting information.

I found the relevant practitioner, had the atlas installed permanently in less time than a chiropractic appointment and a LOT LESS TRAUMATICALLY! And my whole being has transformed. Emotional issues have floated away. I haven't complained about back pain in the month since I've had it done. My husband is incredulous that it was so quick and has affected so profound a change in my body but particularly my character.

I urge anyone with a bad back/scoliosis to research their options regarding their atlas or C1 vertebra- it's the best, most relaxed physical, spiritual, emotional state I've been in since I was seven years old. Beautiful.

Best health to you always! : )

Replied by Nia
(Melbourne, Australia)

Hi there, First of all I just want to say how happy I am for the both of you, it sounds amazing that you've found a cure and are feeling much better :)

Well I have been having problems with scoliosis for 4 years however my physio doesn't make it sound so bad, he tells me I don't need surgery or a back brace, he just told me to exercise. I don't feel much pain except for every now and then, I would say once a year and once I exercise I feel much better but I just started thinking about it and now I'm paranoid and can't sleep, I'm worried it might get worse and maybe it's more serious than I thought.

What is this Atlas Profilax? I looked it up for information but haven't found anything about how it helps scoliosis. And can I ask what clinic you went to since I also live in Melbourne. Thank you both so much for your information and for trying to help others take care.


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Posted by Mama To Many (Tennessee, Usa) on 09/16/2013
5 out of 5 stars

Exercise for Scoliosis:

One day I was reading the page on Scoliosis, with interest, and thought I should share my story. I was diagnosed with Scoliosis when I was 11 or 12. (In the late 70's. ) So the traditional treatment was tons of x-rays to see how "off" my spine was (well, I guess that isn't treatment! ) If, at some point, my spine was 20 degrees off, that mean "backbrace" - my worst nightmare. I got x-rays every 3-6 months, depending on how I was growing. (The concern was that when I hit a growth spurt, it could get a lot worse. ) At one point, I hit the dreaded 20 degrees. The doctor I saw sent me for some physical therapy. I went once time and was given exercises to do at home. I am not the "athletic" type, but did do my exercises 6 nights a week for 15-20 minutes. I don't remember what they were, exactly, just basic back stretches and back strengthening exercises. My chiropractor has since given me similar exercises to do. I am sure you could find lots of ideas on the web.

Anyway, I did them for a month and then went to my next appointment. Praise the Lord, my back had corrected to 18 degrees! Well, 2 degrees doesn't sound like much, but it spared me from the back brace. I continued the exercises for some time. They continued to monitor my scoliosis and it did improve more--at some point it was about 11 degrees and another point it was 14 degrees, but I can't recall which was first. When I quit growing, I didn't have to go back anymore.

So, now I am 46. My scoliosis bothers me some (it didn't when I was young.) Pregnancy hasn't been great for my back. I do have trouble with my hip and neck at headaches, some. If I go to my chiropractor monthly it helps a lot. And, if I walk regularly, it helps. If I am good about doing back stretches and exercises it helps a lot. (I should be better about this than I am.)

Anyway, that is my scoliosis story. Mine was mild in the scheme of things, but I think the exercising did help the muscles to be stronger to keep my spine from worsening. It makes sense. If the spine is supported by strong muscles, it won't be so likely to bend or twist or whatever it does. Oh, I think swimming may be one of the very best exercises for scoliosis, but I didn't always have access to a pool growing up. One summer as a young adult I lived near a pool and swam 5 days a week and felt great.

Hope that will be of help to some parent whose child is dealing with this!

~Mama to Many~

Replied by Kathi
(New Brunswick, Nj)
5 out of 5 stars

I want to second use of exercise to improve scoliosis. In my case, my scoliosis S-curve was first pointed out to me by an exercise instructor when I was in my late 30's, after I had my two daughters. So I can only guess but it seems the pregnancies and nursing ended up causing the skeletal issue. Since the degree of curvature is not severe, it is not something I have sought medical help for, but I do check every so often using mirrors. I am quite excited that in the past few months the curvature has visibly reduced. I credit cardio exercise classes I have been attending regularly (2-3x per week) for more than a year that have focused on strengthening "core" muscles. Squats, crunches, planks, etc. I also love gardening and the improved strength in my lower body has helped my gardening endurance.

General Feedback

Posted by Loraine (Orlando) on 07/07/2014

Hi everyone....I have a quick daughter who is 17 has scoliosis and someone recommended that I take her to the Clear Institute here in Orlando for treatment. Since these people do not take insurance, and I would be paying out of pocket, I was wondering if anyone has heard of these people and if so are they the real deal or a scam as some people seem to think. Please advice asap as I have an appointment with them this Wednesday. Thank you guys so much.....

Replied by Oscar
(Syracuse, New York)

Dear Loraine from Orlando, I also have scoliosis of my spine. I am assuming this is what you are talking about. My scoliosis resulted from a really bad gunshot wound that removed a large amount of muscle tissue that the bullet penetrated and destroyed. This caused an imbalance of muscle tissues in the area damaged along with scar tissues that pull in such a way as to cause this spinal curvature.

What helps me is appropriate exercises. If I do these exercises the pain is greatly reduced. If I do not I suffer bad pain in the injured area of my spine.

I know of NOTHING else that can help. There is NO pill you can take that will resolve this problem that I know of.

Said exercises include " cat stretches ". A person gets on hands and knees and pushes the back upwards and then pushes the belly downwards. This is done slowly for at least 10 times. There are twisting exercises that also help. Simply twist from side to side with hands behind the head with fingers locked together.

These simple exercises really do work. If pain occurs adjust or reduce the range of motion as necessary. With some small effort this problem can be worked through. Oh I know EVERYONE wants some pill to take to resolve any and all problems. But I do say: appropriate exercise is the best answer available for this problem....Oscar

Replied by Mmsg
(Somewhere, Europe)

Loraine, in Pete Egoscue's book: Pain Free, he maintains that some of his exercises/postures will help scoliosis over time, especially the one "laying on the floor with feet up on the couch".

Replied by Om
(Hope, Bc Canada)

Loraine from Orlando ---- IMO it would be better to find a good experienced yoga teacher and go from there. I have the same condition and yoga was the answer without falling for big business. A yoga teacher who has had personal health issues is to be preferred over one who has had a dance career before. After all it is a regimen to develop through life with best permanent results.

Namaste, Om

Replied by Betty
(Tn, Usa)

I have a friend that sees a Schroth practitioner once a week for her severe scoliosis. She says the exercises really help her. Might be worth looking into!

Replied by Loraine

Thank you everyone for your responses regarding possible solutions for my daughter's scolosis. I am so grateful for the people on guys are just the best. Thank you again everyone....

Replied by Anon Not Canada
(Not Canada)

I miss ❤ Oscar ❤

General Feedback
Posted by Bob (Makawao, Maui, Hi, Usa) on 09/21/2011

Aloha, my 31 yr., old daughter has a terrible case of Scoliosis and has heard that it may be related to a bacterial infection?? Any insight??

Replied by P
(Middle Of, Fl)

If bacteria is the case, then you might want to do a little research on rubbing lavender oil along the spinal cord, however earthclinic is filled with wonderful remedies, take some time out and read them through, they will spark other searches and gain some perspective on your situation! Lavender oil!

Replied by Jen
(Bozeman, Mt, Us)

I have also heard that it might possibly be a virus. It seems very possible. I have a very slight form of the disease and have thought about trying something called "Raindrop technique" someday. You should google it and look into it. I have lots of scoliosis in my family and have had one family member die from complications after surgery on her back. It is not worth the pain and suffering and I hope that this is a non invasive cure. Please let us know if you choose to try this for your daughter. I would love to hear how it works and if she feels any better. I will do the same if I get a chance to try it.


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Posted by John (Trang, Thailand) on 06/09/2011

cattlab2010(at)gmail(dot)com Scoliosis/Short left leg 2cm. I've put 5mm cardboard lifter in the left shoes & wondered why not put 1-2cm in. It will level the pelvis. Anyone see any problems?

Posted by Lisa (Vancouver, Wa) on 10/22/2010
5 out of 5 stars

My brother cured himself of scoliosis by putting lifts in his right shoe. His right leg was shorter than his left--you could see in the mirror that his right shoulder was lower than his left--It makes total sense.... His spine was being pulled to the right because of the pressure. Also, He had TRIPLE "E" wide feet.... They shrunk back to "E" width. Makes total sense... The pressure was relieved. He said he could feel the strain in his right ham string (he says this is necessary--Also, look in the mirror to make sure your shoulders are even--I'm using 3 lifts now)--He believes that the leg grew muscle hence lengthening his right leg to be even with his left leg. It took 2 years, but now he doesn't wear lifts anymore. He mentioned to me that I should try it, as my right shoulder is lower than my left... Well, Praise God, I Grew 1".... Actually, my spine just straightened out... Lol... Since I've been using the lifts for a few (maybe 2) months... I'm literally 1" taller! I made the nurse measure me twice at a recent doctor's appointment cuz she said I was 1" taller than I've been since high school... I'm in my mid-40s now. I have a way to go to get my leg lengthened... But I'm so Happy! Woo Hoo! We're supossed to shrink as we get older.... If that ain't "God using the foolish to confound the wise" then I don't know what is.

Replied by Connie
(Franklin, Ma)

Hi Lisa. My daughter is 15 with scoliosis~ please tell me more about the lifts! I loved your quote at the end and feel I am to reach out to you for help we need help with this- thanking you in advance and Praising God, Connie

Replied by Connie
(Franklin, Ma)

I can no longer find the post from Lisa submitted on Friday Oct 22 concerning lifts in shoes for scoliosis. I had written her back about more info as I need help for my 15 year old daughter, , , the post and my response are gone. Please help as I need to read this again and hope Lisa can give me more info. thank you, Connie

EC: Here's where you'll find it:

Replied by Lisa
(Vancouver, Wa)
5 out of 5 stars

Hi Connie, I'm so sorry.... I've been busy w/ life... What other info do you want. I use 1 S**** Feet, & 2 that I just bought at the store... So 3 on the right side & 2 one on the left side. I'm so pleased... It's only been about 3 months or so & my right shoulder is the same level as my left. 1 thing also that I find useful is sleeping w/ a pillow between my knees.. It seems to take pressure off my spine... Since its in a pliable state right now... I think that's important... Please list whatever ?s U have... I'll be happy 2 help :oD Glad You like the quote... Praise Be To God... 2nite, I was just thinking about how I had been praying for a creative miracle for God to just make my back & leg whole... But how he chose to use my brother as the miracle instead... Many Blessings 2 U! :oD

Replied by Connie
(Franklin, Ma Usa)

Sorry I took so long to respond... Maybe we can talk via email? my daughter has scoliosis (in the natural, not in God! ) what kind of lifts did you use and how did you buy them, , , ? we have poor health ins, and limited funds right now but I will do what I need to help her. She has a hump in on the right side of her back and her shoulderblades stick out. I am reaching out in God's Name for your assistance in how and what you used to change you situation, , , thank you so so much! Connie

Replied by Lisa
(Vancouver, Wa)

Hi Connie,
Well I don't have a hump & my shoulders don't stick out... So maybe its a mild scoliosis. As far as the lifts... The brand S**** F**t U can get at a sports store like T** S***** A********. The other ones (like the gel ones) I just got at T***** or W**-M***--They don't cost too much. I'm not sure how much it will help the hump, but its definately a start. 1st step, stand behind your daughter looking into a mirror & see which shoulder is lower... If its the right-side... Then put the lifts in that shoe... However many you need to get the shoulders even.... Hopefully you won't need to buy a larger shoe size for that size... I took the insoles that came w/my sneakers out & the used the other 3 lifts... U only need 1 lift to be the full size... The other 2 can just cover the heel area or 2/3rds of the foot. You can even use paper... If buying lifts is out of your budget... I don't cuz it rains a lot here & that would just be plain messy... God Bless You & Your family... I will pray that God gives You divine wisdom...

Replied by Carly
(Seattle, Wa - Usa)

Hi Connie.
If you do not have insurance, I suggest this:
Have your daughter stand on a flat surface in her stocking feet in fromt of you - Look at her shoulders. Is one higher than the other? Is it OBVIOUS? If so - you can make a lift for the shorter leg out of some substance like cardboard.... Put it in the shoe on the shorter leg. (The lower shoulder).

Start off with LESS tha you think you need. I started mine at 1/4". Go for a day or two to see if this helps. If it does not help, and does not bother her... Add another layer of cardboard. Keep doing this until her shoulders look level, and until it looks like her stance is correct.

Once you figure out the the thickness she needs, you can buy shoe inserts at the drugstore and either super glue them together, or duct tape them to the right thickness.

I have some $500.00 heel orthodics (from back when I had GOOD insurance)... And I STILL have cardboard built up under one of them! IT IS HELPING! I was diagnosed with scoliosis a couple of years ago - at the age of 48. My upper back has ALWAYS been an issue for me.

Also - You might want to look into buying an inversion table. Google "Inversion table and scoliosis" - they are not horribly expensive for the amount of good they do. One would make a wonderful Christmas present. Best of health to you and yours!

Replied by Connie
(Franklin, Ma)

Thank you lisa!! I will do as you say but everything was xed out as far as the name brands so I don't know which ones you used can I send you my email and you can email me privately? I would so much appreciate it as I believe you have wisdom in this area... And the prayers are greatly appreciated! Connie

Replied by Connie
(Franklin, Ma)

Carly... Thank you so much for your info! Earth clinic friends are the BEST! I am going to do as you and lisa have suggested and pray this is our answer, she clearly droops one shoulder and has a curvature that is visable to the eye.. Also a protrusion of shoulder blades and a slight hump. I have heard mixed things about inversion tables but I will look into it, , , thank you for your help! God Bless! Connie

Replied by Carly
(Seattle, Wa - Usa)

You are very welcome Connie! I hope it is just the ticket for making your daughter better. Being as old as I am (almost 50) I am sure that my bones and cartiledge is much more "set in its ways" than a young person like your daughters are. Getting to the issue while she is young is going to really be a great thing for her I think. :-) Please let us know how it is going when you have the time to update? I love hearing success stories.

RE the inversion table.... I have read a ton on it, and then I didn't even use mine for a year after getting it because of some of the negative things I read (I am a bit of a chicken, and am OLD mind you. Lol). Anyway.... Now that I have been using it for the past year I truly believe it is an amazing devise. I am a firm believer in it. I wish I had started using it a decade (or two) ago! Best to you and your daughter,
Carly :)

Replied by Lisa
(Vancouver, Wa)

Hi Connie & Carly,
Happy New Year! Connie I would love to email U, but don't know what Ur email is. I will still b praying 4 Ur daughter. Hey Carly, great idea on the inversion table... I got a outdoor camping chair (not sure exact name) it has a metal frame w/ mesh & I made a cushion for it--bought 1 1/2" thick foam at the fabric store & covered it in fabric... Much more comfortable that way. My dog lays underneath... Has a bed down there & uses it as her den. It does take a lot of pressure off the spine & helps relax the back. The outdoor recliner chairs are sold at sports stores for about $40... U usually see them in ads around summer time. Look at this link... Its the 2nd picture with the pillow at the top/grey mesh with wooden arms.. , mine has plastic arms:, 24472, 27147&sugexp=ldymls&xhr=t&q=camping recliner&cp=5&client=firefox-a&hs=C12&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official&um=1&ie=UTF-8&source=og&sa=N&tab=wi&biw=939&bih=849

As for the brand of the lifts... The FIRM expensive ones I got from the sporting goods store are Super Feet ($30-40) & the PLIABLE ones from a regular store are Dr. S.... Or whatever they have.... Doesn't really matter. Definitely let us know how its going... My shoulders r almost even... Started in Sept 2010... But need to add one more lift... My calves started hurting bad last week... Had to stretch them a lot... My brother said that was good, cuz it means I'm growing muscle. May God Richly Bless U All! :oD

Replied by Maureen
(Hamilton, Nj)

I have S curve scolosis and was told by a chiropractor about 10 years back that my left leg was short (you could visibly see it when I put my legs out straight). I wore a heal lift for 10 years. Suddenly developed sciatica and am again treating at (a different) chriopractor. He said my leg "shortness" was a "functional shortness" and with his adjustments my legs are now even.

Just be careful diagnosing yourself. My chiro said that it is unusual for someone to really have a short leg-- yours might be caused by misalignment like mine was. I thought my heal lift was a God-send too but really my new chiropractor is a God-send since he has my legs even now by correcting my back.

Replied by Cateye
(Melbourne, Vic., Australia)

Hi Connie and Carly; re lifts.

I used them for about four years aged about 26-30yrs. (I'm 38 now.)

They worked for a short while in alleviating pain, but the root cause was still very much there, and active. Please don't rest on lifts being a solution to back pain. I'm speaking from years of pain and experience (and experimentation too most importantly). Granted everyone is different, but it sounds like my story you're discussing. (In fact everyone's does on this subject.)

My hips were out of alignment, one leg was shorter than the other and the scoliosis kept worsening. It has been two months since the atlas installation treatment now and my ribcage has started to smoothen out/come straight after at least tens years of getting about with (lots of pain and) visible warping.

Please, for the health of your young women, look into permanent atlas alignment.

As far as scoliosis is concerned, this is most likely the permanent cure. At any rate it is a one-off, cost-effective and most importantly, SAFE system. One has nothing to lose but the cost of three or four dodgy chiro appointment's!

Best for the future, : )