Scoliosis Remedies

Intensive Therapy for Scoliosis
Posted by Mama to Many (TN) on 03/06/2023

Dear all,

I just got back from Florida where I went to receive two weeks of intensive treatment for scoliosis.

There are a few of these treatment centers in the states. (

I went to Florida because Dr. Tony Nalda has a lot of experience and has treated many older patients. I learned of him from my daughter-in-law, who has been going to him for years.

It is not cheap therapy, it is intense, and most insurances do not cover it (thought it would behoove them to, as it is much cheaper than surgery! )

My scoliosis was diagnosed when I was a child. I had it monitored all through my teens. 20 degrees off was the magic number for a brace. Once I did get to 20 degrees off but after a month of physical therapy, it improved to 18 degrees and I never wore a brace. I was released from care when I was 17 or so because I had stopped growing and they were no longer concerned.

Either they did not know, or did not mention, or I was not listening, but scoliosis tends to begin to worsen again when you hit middle age. Sometimes the curve worsens a degree or two a year.

Back in September, I went to the orthopedist with bad hip pain. I had to stop taking walks. He did an xray and said it was my scoliois. He recommended PT.

My daughter in law suggested her doctor. I agreed that getting therapy tailored to my situation would be better.

I was at the clinic for 2 weeks. (Some will be there for just 1, others as much as 3 weeks.) All day, every day, I was on different types of machines, given chiropractic adjustments, and given specific weights and exercises specific to the curvatures in my spine.

In 2 weeks, my kyphosis was reduced from 85 degrees to 70 degrees (a curve of 30-50 degrees is a normal curve for my age.)

In 2 weeks the worst side to side curve went from 27 degrees to twelve (normal being 0 degrees.)

I was fitted for a custom brace to wear for 18 hours a day for the next year and have about 90 minutes of home therapy to do daily.

It is all a big commitment, but I think will be better for my health in the long run than surgery.

My hip pain, TMJ pain, posture, and digestion have all improved since going there.

It is not the easy route. The brace is not comfortable, but I am getting used to it. Just like a retainer after braces on teeth, the brace is meant to hold the correction and may even improve my numbers further.

My 19 year old daughter also had mild scoliosis and some back pain. She went with me for one week of treatment. She is young and flexible. She had a 50% reduction in the curves in her back. She has 90 minutes of home therapy a day but no brace.

Years ago, someone asked here on EC about this treatment, concerned it was a scam. I understand that concern! It is a lot of money. But after seeing and experiencing it, I can say it is not a scam. Everyone has a custom treatment plan, and it is scientifically based.

I will keep you posted on my long term results but wanted to put this out there in case someone needs to know about this sooner!

~Mama to Many~