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Posted by Karen (Freeport, FLORIDA, USA) on 02/08/2009

Looking for throat scar remedy: Hi. Five years ago I had emergency thyroid surgery to remove half the thyroid, which was eaten up by lymphoma. I went immediately into chemo and then a month of radiation. I ended up with a scar on my throat (I think it's a scar) that prevents food from going down. It doesn't hurt anymore but something as simple as bread can stick in my throat, choking me. My husband has done the heimlich many times on me but even more frightening is when I am alone and something sticks. I also get a bad cough from many things - sugary or spicy foods, wine, etc. I saw the cures for a sore throat but I don't think this is an infection, I think it's scar tissue. I asked at the Mayo where I was treated but the doc just looked at me. Is there any way to make this scar tissue (if that's what it is) go away? I tried ACV/honey for a short time but worried that the vinegar was irritating it, is that possible? Thanks so much. I send your site to people all the time. So great to have this access to natural cures.

Replied by Diane
Lisbon, IA

To: Karen from Freeport Re: Scarring from surgery. You may wish to try Serrapeptase. It is an enzyme that dissolves fibrinic tissue. Do not expect a miracle over night, but it is worth taking long term and seeing if it helps. Good Luck! Hope it helps.

Replied by Diane
Lisbon, IA

Look at the castor oil pack page on this site. The section about abdominal scar tissue and internal adhesions is very interesting and could be directly applicable to your situation. Warm castor oil packs would cetainly be worth trying on the scar on your neck. He mentions one hour per day for two months, although I would try to do longer than the one hour.

Good luck,


Replied by Allyson
Colorado Springs

Karen-I know your post is from 2009, did you get your throats scar tissue resolved? Serrapeptase will definitely help you with pain, inflammation, and scar tissue, take 120,000 spu to 240,000 spu.I took one with 240,00 spu and it was the only thing that saved me from the horrible strangling in my throat from spine surgery while fibroblasts were setting up shop making scar tissue, was just awful.

If you are still having issues, they do an inflatable balloon ENT doctors insert in your throat while you are knocked out. Sometimes a CO2 laser is used but if you make a lot of scar tissue as I do, arm yourself with every remedy on internet and stock up on the ones that interest you, eat lots of apple cider vinegar, bromelain, enzymes, by time we are 30, we do not make enzymes including digestion kind so you MUST take digestion enzymes and other enzymes like the serrapeptase. I want to go all natural on almost everything else but I think the scar tissue in the throat, no time to waste so you can breath and swallow! I feel like I am grasping for air even though blood oxygen is 94, most horrible thing I have ever gone thru. The darker your olive skin is, the more scar tissue you make compared to a blonde light skinned person. Allyson

Honey, Tea Tree Oil  

Posted by Vanessa (Los Angeles, Ca) on 11/08/2013

Hi I'm recently in the processes of removing a mole on my bottom with ACV! I can't believe this but it does work!! It shrunk my mole and now I just have a scar I keep picking at it even though I know that's bad but I'm so impaticent it's going to be 2 weeks since I've started this remedy! So I was doing some research to cure wounds & prevent scars and I came across honey & tea tree oil! So I went to my local natural supplements shop and purchased the tea tree oil and wildflower honey does this work or should I try something else??( My mole was about 2inches big so I do not want a huge scar:( )

Keloid Scar Remedies  

Posted by Katy (Salisbury, Md) on 07/09/2014

I have a medium sized keloid on my chest, as well as several on my shoulders that range in size. Has anyone had any luck using at home remedies such as Apple Cider Vinegar, Tea Tree Oil, Vitamin E Oil, Honey or Lemon Juice?

EC: HI Katy, Please visit Earth Clinic's Keloid Scar page:

Magnet Therapy for Regeneration of Scar Tissue  

Posted by Helena (Portugal) on 05/30/2014

Dear Sirs, Good evening. Could you please - if possible - inform if magnet therapy can help in the regeneration of scar tissue of rectovaginal fistula. Thanks for your attention and best regards, Helena

Replied by Timh

Helena: Magnet therapy can be very useful for any issues which involve healing because Magnets reduce the pathogens, acid and inflammation at the wound site. This pathogen, acid, and inflammation prevent healing or normal cell regeneration with the resulting presence of scar tissue.

Other therapy may also be needed. The herb Kotu Kola is very much recommended in fibrosis condition. Nattozimes or Serrazymes eat scar tissue directly. Combining these therapies should produce some positive results, as opposed to only one.

Replied by Jordan
Seattle, WA

Hi. I would love to try magnet therapy for internal scar tissue in my nose. What type of magnets do I get and where. Any recommendations would be very helpful.

Replied by Timh

@Jordan: I have used the Serenity 2000 for some time now and is a good starter as it has waist belt mag plus knee or elbow mags. For something a little stronger I use a mag from a broken or unused music speaker (will need to wrap with soft cloth).

Nutmeg and Honey  

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Posted by Pran (Hillsborough, NJ) on 07/02/2008
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Replied by Travis
Chicago, IL

Csn you use any old ordinary nutmeg and honey and how long do you leave it on?

Replied by Mike
Peoria, IL

Does anyone know how to get rid of those hole in your face associated with acne?

Replied by Cindy
Illinois, Usa
89 posts

Acne scars are more like "darning" across a hole than mending and stitching edges together. Much like severe burns - the skin is just gone, either picked off by the individual or eaten away by the infection. I don't actually have any to experiment on but I've been thinking about Neosporin which seems to have the quality of "regrowing" skin and wonder if massaging that into an acne scar might not only break up the collagen, but also finish off the bacteria and encourage the edges of the hole to spawn new growth to close the gap...I don't know. It's just something I've been thinking about.

Oil Massage  

Posted by Cindy (Illinois, Usa) on 08/13/2016 89 posts

Scars are not Evil

Scar tissue is like a mend that is lovingly applied to a favorite sweater. Mending involves additional materials and "stitching" that is different than the weave of the fabric to bind the edges to one another. In other words, it serves a purpose. To reduce a scar only requires the massage associated with the various oils and other substances that are used. Generally, unless one is applying a substance, one isn't rubbing a scar which makes just about anything you are rubbing onto your skin appear to help flatten scar tissue because it's actually the rubbing that is breaking it down. The problem is that breaking up scar tissue also weakens the mend.

The thickness of scar tissue can also create functional problems, some of which can be remedied by "moving" the scar which involves grafting to provide a more natural thickness at a specific, problematic site but which creates scars around the graft. The benefit is that it can be designed to move the scar tissue to areas where the additional thickness doesn't cause any problems.

Scars are GOOD things. If you don't like how they look, give them some love. Touch them - give them some hugs and a little massage with your very best oil. They deserve it.

Povidone Iodine  

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Posted by Patricia (Laguna Niguel) on 12/19/2007
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I love this website! Lots of wonderful home remedies. I read about Iodine and went on ebay- I bought Povidone- Iodine first to try, and painted myself with it over every problem area of my skin- the colors were disappearing in 15 minutes or so. The bottle says for external use only and do not apply it over large areas of the skin. Well, I have not tried take it internally yet, but as I understand it, Povidone is used for prep surgeries, which means it is in contact with blood and internal organs. After my first application on small areas, I noticed that the morning after I could see significant improvement on my skin where there used to be acne-like pumps that I had for several years- some shrank and some went away. I then started using it on all scars and it seems to make them more smooth and heal better. Upon seeing that, I asked my husband to paint me all over my back- dry, flaky skin with red irritable spots- and over night, they became more smooth. So I started to use it more and more, sometimes it stains my clothes, but my skin seemed to be healing. Don't know if that is also indication of my iodine deficiency. I wonder if it works any differently from Lugol's. I do have signs of low thyroid function, like cold intolerance, poor circulation. Can you tell me if I can take the Povidone internally? How is it different from Lugol's?

Replied by Adriana
Van Nuys, California
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Do not ingest providone iodine, yes it is used in surgeries but only for prepping. It does not come in contact with the organs.

Replied by Rick
Dayton, Oh

Iodine defficiency is common, because most of what we eat is grown in mineral-depleated soil. It makes sense that iodine would clear up skin conditions, since that point was made many times by Cayce in his health readings. The concept is to give each cell what it needs, usually iodine (defficient) and it will restore circulation that is lacking / messed up, then clear out blockages, like redness, bumps, moles, warts, scars-- all results of poor circulation (superfiicial/ surface-level).

No, one should NEVER ingest Povidone-- it is not made for that, neither are iodine sanitizer tablets (that's why they taste horrible & you will immediately spit it out! ). But since most of us don't live near seawater, the source of iodine salt (it can be a liquid or salt dissolved in water, and evaporates when heated like anby salt will), and lack access to safe seafood and fresh kelp or any sea plats would be great (but taste awful dried), then either 1. ) eat sushi, as it is wrapped in Nori, a dried kelp (favorite snack of Japanese-- they eat it like jerky), or 2. ) have some miso soup -- it comes with Nori or some other kelp pieces in it, or 3. ) purchase Atomidine, is 14. 00 a reg. Sized dropper bottle which will last you forever nearly. Directions for its use, also called tri-chloric iodine (tastes like pool water -- take alone in pure water an hour after morning meal -- as it's a slight stimulant, like ginseng is-- or take 1/2 hour before breakfast), directions are readily available on many websites: like any thyroid-related remedy, one should not take it constantly (though doctors advise T4 replacement thyroxine to be taken daily & regularly for life, this syntheti drug has a LOT of side-effects that may be worse than a low thyroid function; I recommend everyone try iodine supplement only in this orally-designed supplement before going onto thyroxin permanently, to see if you can allow your thyroid to fix itself first.)

It was originally patented by Dow Chem. Co. (one of the actually good things they come up with) in 1931 or 1932 (there is also a Dr. Who/ chemist who came up with the bascially identical tri-chloric iodine, besides Dow's Atomidine, around the same time), and the patent for the latter was transferred to Cayce's Foundation via its Heritage Store (from Dow, I think is how it went). It is purported to also protect from polio (a virus) and some other stuff like malaria (a mosquito parasite they carry in their blood of the female ones).

It is said that making sure you enough iodone (the recommended RDA of the FDA) is the most crucial mineral or viatamin because Cayce asserted that it is the thyroid (! ) that is the ''master gland'' (! ) and not some part or gland of the brain (the hypothalamus controls the thyroid via a feedback loop, so that it is mutual control, but modern belief calls the pituitary the ''master gland, '' which controls growth, even though the pituitary is controlled by the thyroid-- so go figure), as is erroneously believed today. (While self-hypnotised, the ghost of an ancient learned surgeon, an advanced doctor--from a time when medicine was even more advanced than today, spoke though Cayce, allowing him to cure thousands or tens of thousands of supposedly incurable cases with various maladies, including using OMT/Osteopathic spinal manipulation that a D. O. Does, which is vagely similar to Chiropractic adjustment, and all done from his couch-- he would float there he said, and could see the person, from accross the country, inside & out, and immediately know their ailments & how to cure them, but remembered nothing on waking, so someone was there to write it all down. He was also studies by the AMA, and told a person to perform the first modern bone mending successfully with a nail).

Directions/ Doage: findable on numerous websites, the treatment regimen for the dietary supplement includes varying dosage and not continuously: 1 drop in 1/2 cup purest water 1st day, then 2 drops in water 2nd day, then then 3 drops the 3rd day, then 4 drops the 4th day, then leave off & stop taking it for like 4 days. Other direcrtions say a drop each day for 2 days, 2 drops for days 3 & 4, and then 3 drops for day 5 & 6, then 4 drops the 4th day & then quit & stop for a whole week, but then resume the following week. If you seem to hyper or flush or anxious, then only do it for 1 week out of the month. You should see much more energy and sleep better and feel less tired. This is suupposed to help just about any condition (especially hair & nails, but that also calls for calcios bone marow paste, or sardines, daily on a cracker too, with lemon flavor).

Some people even claim thay had been diagnosed with terminal unreatable cancer, moved to the seaside to die, had someone tell them to eat tons of kelp with iodine and then made a full recovery. SO goes the stories in published books about his life work & people who stumbled on his remedies. By the way, the FDA says it is safe to eat seafood that grows close to the coeastlines, like oysters, crab, some lobster, scallops?, especiialy bottom-feeding carp and catfish, and small or canned tuna (not deepwater tuna like endangered bluefin or plentiful small ocean skipjack) once per week and not more than twice (maybe 3 times) because you never know where it was caught and metal levels there in the water and the danger of heaby metal toxins accumulating faster than you can eliminate them, like mercury and lead or cadmium from batteries, etc. Dumped in the oceans, usually near coastlines where those things grow and eat from. Once or twice per week, I believe is what the FDA says. But you can always eat plenty of kelp or take pills of it, since it grows mainly in deepwater clean areas. (Yikes! , no Japanese-waters-caught kelp for a while, so no glowing in the dark, though, ok?)

Replied by Rick
Dayton, Oh

Oh, I forgot to mention a warning (though I did say to abide by FDA dietary recommendations in my other post): not only is THIS (Povidone iodine) form of iodine designed only for topical use and should never be drank, it is also very easy to poinson yourself when taking even an approved iodine dietary supplement, and extreme caution taken not to exceded recommended dose daily. I believe the FDA says something like one and a half to 2 thousand MICROgrams, 2 I think. And I believe anything over 6mcg can be dangerous (according to several thyroid problem websites). SO no, don't ever drink this stuff, but do look for a natural supplement that adheres to strict manufacturing control guidelines or eat a lot of seafood , mainly fish & others that are NOT bottom feeders (except once or twice per week for those) and a lot of kelp or any other sea vegetables (they do a lot in Scotland at foorball games like we do hotdogs). Sunomono is the Japanese word for seaweed salad-- very tastey, as it is flavored with sesame oil. Or buy the dropper bottle of tri-chloric iodine & have a dop in 1/2 cup of water every other day or something. Testing your T4 level will tell you if youmay not be getting anough iodine from produce / vegetables, etc. Grown in good, mineral-rich soil (containing salts and alluvian soil from the sea). This is also one reason it is usually better to buy locally-grown produce.

Scar Remedies  

Posted by Soph (Los Angeles, Ca) on 10/13/2010

After facial surgery on my nose I had scar tissue build up and the doctor did a number of steroid shots. However I still had scar tissue build-up so I did some research and came up with this process. I decided when I take my evening shower I would remove my make up and very carefully put castor oil on my nose and let the steam from the shower to help the oil penetrate deeper into my skin tissue, and I just leave the oil on my nose overnight. When I awake I take my morning shower and I put on surgical glove and very carefully apply 50% tea tree oil and 50 % lavender oil on my nose and slowly massage it in, while I'm still in the warm steamy shower and I allow my face to drip dry once I'm out of the shower. Please be very careful not to let this mixture ever get in your eyes. I have been super duper careful... Zero problems Anyhow, I'm seeing dramatic results in three months the scar tissue has dissolved a lot truly amazing and I'm seeing a finer definition to the area. I hope this information helps someone else!

Replied by Jhon
Sacramento, CA

Do you find that you break out from putting the castor oil on your nose? I seem to. I hope thus works for me. Im desperate! Any other suggestions?

Posted by Tan Koon Peng (Singapore) on 06/25/2008

Ingredients: pure honey
Instructions: The best remedy for scars is honey. It works very well. You rub it on the scar many times during the day for some days, and you'll see. It leaves no mark.


Linda used 100% Pure Olive Oil on her scar from having a C-Section and it worked great! It's almost as if it wasn't ever there. Just rub it on your scar 2-3 times a day. Works great!

Peanut oil is effective on scar. It is especially useful for scar suffered by diabetes patients.

Edgar Cayce formula for removal of severe burn scars.
Camphorated oil, 2 ounces
Lanolin, dissolved, 1/2 teaspoon
Peanut oil, 1 ounce

Olive oil and coconut oil are effective for stretch marks.

Replied by Marea
Dallas, Texas

This message is for TAN KONG PENG. from SINGAPORE:
Dear Tan Kong Peng, I appreciate the time you spend writing. I have been enjoying your emails on nutritional treatment and prevention for various ailments. While supplementation might be needed in severe cases of diseases caused by vitamin/mineral deficiencies, your approach to treating illness with natural foods that nourish the body with their natural vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals,etc, is very much appreciated. Since I am very natural-oriented, I would much rather eat the foods (preferably raw, or minimally processed and organic) than spend money on twenty different supplements! For those of us who are interested in natural foods and healing herbs, please keep the emails coming.

Would you or anyone in our beautiful family of Earthclinic members know of a good recipe for a natural food based electrolyte drink? My son is an athlete who perspires profusely during games. I would like to use things like Apple Cider Vinegar, and bananas for potassium, lemon for its rich mineral content, honey for its natural hydrogen peroxide oxygenating property and energy boosting, blackstrap molasses, sea salt, and/or any other food sources of minerals. How can any of above be used in a good mix (and how much of each) to prepare a perfectly balanced energy drink with all necesarry electrolytes? I don't want to buy commercial sports drinks full of sugar, so I would greatly appreciate anyone's input. Thank you much! Marea

EC: This is a great question for Ted. We will forward it to him!

Replied by Marea
Dallas, Texas

Thank you, EARTHCLINIC! I will be looking forward to a response. Thank you also for this wonderful website, and your dedicated staff - I appreciate the great job you are doing. Marea

Replied by Tami
Greenville, S.C.

In response to Marea, who asks about a sports energy drink for her son

06/26/2008: Marea from Dallas, Texas writes: "...Would you or anyone in our beautiful family of Earthclinic members know of a good recipe for a natural food based electrolyte drink? My son is an athlete who perspires profusely during games. I would like to use things like Apple Cider Vinegar, and bananas for potassium, lemon for its rich mineral content, honey for its natural hydrogen peroxide oxygenating property and energy boosting, blackstrap molasses, sea salt, and/or any other food sources of minerals. How can any of above be used in a good mix (and how much of each) to prepare a perfectly balanced energy drink with all necesarry electrolytes? I don't want to buy commercial sports drinks full of sugar, so I would greatly appreciate anyone's input. Thank you much! Marea"

I have this suggestion. Coconut water. This is a natural, highly nutritive substance which I feel will meet your son's needs quite nicely. It is, quite possibly, the perfect after sports beverage. It is easy to come by providing you can secure a coconut, hammer, and screwdriver. Enjoy.

Replied by Toya
Bronx, NY

I have a dark scar on my lower leg from a bad MRSA skin infection in November. It's a large purplish circle with a darker, indented one inside (where the MRSA had made a bullet-wound sized hole). It's pretty ugly. Any ideas on how to fade it?

Replied by Dorothy
Oz, KS

MSM is supposed to help heal scars and many other ailments. you have to start out with low dosages and work your way up to higher dosages. Good news, it is inexpensive!

wishing you well!

Replied by Jessiie
Chicago, Il

What is pure honey?You mean raw honey because all honeyis labeled pure honey.

Replied by Tiffstock
Danville, Ca


Scar Tissue Remedies  

Posted by Rose (Hannibal, Ny) on 05/21/2013

I went to my rhuematologist and he said I have arthritis scar tissue in my left hand. I had thought it was lipoma as it was a lump in my palm. Any suggestions on how to shrink it??

Replied by Trudyg
Xxx, Yyy

You could try serrapeptase--it's an enzyme that digests tissue such as scars.


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Posted by Mark (California, US) on 09/09/2014
5 out of 5 stars

Sounds kind of odd and gross, but if you use your pee (urine) on wounds that have scabbed over, it will eventually fade until you can't see that you ever had a wound in the first place! In 2013, I gashed my forehead pretty good with a stick. It was about an inch long and looked like a Nike symbol. A friend of mine told me to pee on the tip of my finger and put it on the scab every morning (fresh pee in the morning is the best). I did this and now, you can't even see that there was ever a scar. Pretty amazing!

Vitamin E  

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Posted by Denise (Soperton, Georgia) on 04/03/2009
5 out of 5 stars

To help fade the scars try Vitamin E Oil. I had very bad scars on the tops of my feet from an accident. After three years the scars were still very red, tender, and itched. I would cover the tops of my feet with the oil every night after I had washed them. After covering my feet with the oil I would put a large band aid on top of my feet to keep the oil from making a mess and keep it on my feet. I did this a couple of months and the scars faded, and was no longer tender or red. The scares are 80 to 90% better. My scars were very deep. Third degree burns. Yes, you can still see a little bit of the scar on my left foot, which was the worst. But the right foot you would never know that I had had a very bad scar there.

Replied by Stacy
Atl, Ga

Is there any particular type of Vitamin E oil that you used? I have bad scarring on my stomach from ezcema and I'm looking for any type (of natural) relief. Thx!

Replied by Erika
Oakland, Ca
5 out of 5 stars

Vitamin E is wonderful for scars! I had a bike accident and got road rash on my right arm, above the elbow. I went to urgent care to get it cleaned properly, and followed their directions for wound healing, but as SOON as it was all new skin (nothing open) I began applying Vitamin E oil. I found it in a small bottle at the expensive grocery store in the vitamin section.

I rubbed it on the new skin three to four time a day, especially after a shower or bath, and at bedtime. It's been one month since the crash and you can hardly see where the road rash was. I think it's helping with the lumpy painful bone bruise, too.

I also took a LOT of Vit C (4000-5000 mg/day) and I think that helped too.

Posted by Ezra (El Centro, California) on 08/09/2008
5 out of 5 stars

I just recently removed two moles that were on my chest area which have now turned a dark purplish color. I heard that vitamin E oil works well on them. I have been putting on the oil and rubbing it in at least 3 times a day for a week now and it seems to be working well on the scars. Has anyone used this method before and is this what how i should be applying it?

Replied by Tonya
Gary, IN

I was wondering if anyone knows how to lighten the skin on the inner thighs caused by thighs rubbing together?

Replied by Sammie
Ventura, Ca
5 out of 5 stars

Vitamin E Works! I remember when I was a kid my mom had fallen on her face (she slipped on loose dirt) and scraped her face -the right cheek bone area. It looked horrible almost like a 'rug burn'. It was about the size of a quarter & dark in color (my mom was fair). Someone told her to apply liquid Vitamin E on it daily and it will fade or go away. She did this numerous times a day for about one year and it was very successful! The scar eventually faded away completly!! I as a child was amazed and never forgot that remedy for scars!

Replied by Bonnie
Morristown, Tennessee
5 out of 5 stars

Absolutely LOVE this site - I read this thread and thought I would add my 2 cents worth - When I was in my 20s I fell off a small boat which had a piece of metal that caught the back of my calf - not a deep cut, but a nice slice right up the middle. It healed but left a terrible scar - after about a year I did a bit of research (prior to any computers! ) and decided to try Vitamin E on the scar - I simply opened up a capsule (brand does not matter) and applied it to the scar twice a day - messy and gooey stuff, but it does absorb after an hour or so - after doing this for two weeks the scar disappeared. To this day you can't see a thing - this was 30 years ago and still my calf looks flawless! Easy to do and no side effects. Hope this helps!

Replied by Francisca
Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France

Hi Bonnie, what a coincidence that I just saw your post as I was going to post one of my own. I have been reading a lot about Vit. E and C for scars. In my youth, over 40 years ago I was silly enough to play with a flame under something that melted and fell on my hand. It made a big hole that took time to heal and of course left a bad scar, like a bean. It never bothered me but I used to say that I couldn't rob banks without gloves otherwise it would be easy to recognize my hand. Lately I have been taking up to 5g of Vit. C and 400 to 600 IU of Vit. E and suddenly saw that although my scar hasn't disappeared it had got very flat.

I didn't try the oil on the scar itself only because to be honest I don't even think about this scar anymore but I have been trying it under my eyes, unfortunately without much luck. Many years ago I had little fat things (sorry, forget the name) and the skin doctor used laser on them with the result that I was left with a lot of little scars like warts. I had hoped that those would get better with the Vitamin E oil but that hasn't happened although I applied it twice a day for quite a while. I can't apply it at night anymore because the oil would run into my eyes and I would wake up with swollen eyes so I will maybe go on only during the day. Maybe I should persevere seeing that your scar disappeared completely.....

Replied by Max
Calabasas, Ca, United States

E Vitamin is a widespread particular vitamin that others are able to employ. Anybody who chooses to apply Vitamin E Antioxidant in the eating routine needs to analyze a few things dependent upon the food products that could include that vitamin. They are foods and nutrients which could be seen in totally different types. The following are some of the most typically used ingredients on this planet in terms of receiving the human body's correct amount of Vitamin E Antioxidant.

The typical food products which can provide Vitamin E Antioxidant are cereals. It's often seen in whole wheat germ oils. Nonetheless, the levels of cereals that have E Vitamin are usually more diversified than that. E Vitamin can be seen in numerous totally different ingredients within your grains family. It usually is highlighted in plant seeds and various nuts of all kinds.

The benefit from vitamin E which may be seen in plant seeds or various nuts will vary using the kinds of seed or nut products which are being used. In spite of this, it'll be simple to have E Vitamin off from these food products. The fact these could be generated throughout the world helps make this a useful concern for the wellness.

Greens also offer Vitamin E Antioxidant. All of these veggies can incorporate kale and cabbage. Some other greens will even offer E Vitamin. Nevertheless, the degrees of Vitamin E Antioxidant in veggies such as these aren't going to be as powerful as they possibly be around veggies.