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Swimming in the Ocean

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Posted by J-dub (Ca) on 03/02/2016
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The Ocean is by far the best remedy we have used! We were using coconut oil which was working but slowly, then we went in the ocean and WOW......HUGE improvements! It is my daughter who has ring worm on her leg. It is a pretty big one too because we ignored it for about 3 months thinking it was just a dry skin condition. When we go to the ocean, she is too little to go in but we stand there and let the waves wet her leg as they come on shore. It doesn't take much, maybe her leg getting wet 10 times as she stands on the shore and the results are amazing! Luckily we live about 10 minutes from the beach. We don't have time to go every day but we have been going about every 3 days and putting coconut oil on it in between visits, but the ocean is definitely helping greatly. I cannot emphasize how much it helps. It's magic.

Swimming in the Ocean
Posted by Alex (Orange County) on 04/09/2015
5 out of 5 stars

I had a bout of ringworm on my leg a few years ago and after using straight tea tree oil, it seemed to get angry and infected. Coincidentally, I had a trip booked to Cancun and when I arrived, my lower leg was very swollen from the infection, including a good size sore that was also oozing pus. I used calamine lotion to deal with the itching in the meantime. Call it instinct, but I felt that spending as much time in the ocean would help heal and eliminate the problem. Not only was it enjoyable to be wading in warm, clear, salty water, but like magic, my leg started to heal. After a few days, it was completely gone. After 3 years, I developed another bout and I'm treating it with peroxide, iodine, oregano oil, and ACV. I initially used Tea tree oil and it got angry and red, (infection). It's been slow going but the combination of the above seems to be working. I sure wish I was in Cancun now! I may try the local beach if I can find the time.

Tea Tree Oil

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Posted by Cormac (Perth, Australia) on 04/15/2023
5 out of 5 stars

I rubbed tea tree oil into a ringworm infection on my chest which was growing rapidly. The oil stopped it in its tracks. It got a bit blistered after 1 week. I covered with a plaster but still applied the oil daily. It's practically gone now and all left behind is clear skin.

Replied by JimKo

I would strongly suggest COLLOIDAL SILVER for any of this, I make it and use it for years... Magical!

Tea Tree Oil
Posted by Zsuzsi (Ireland) on 07/22/2017
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Tea tree oil, applied only twice a day not only made the itch go away instantly, but the ringworm went too, in about a couple of weeks. (this was skin ringworm, a proper little circle on my tummy). Same place, same thing for my daughter, tea tree worked again).

I wish my son's scalp healed from it too,, but it's more complicated this time I'm afraid.

Tea Tree Oil
Posted by E. Morgan (Spokane, Washington, USA) on 01/29/2012
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I noticed I had a red circle on my outer thigh but just thought it was dry skin, until about 2 weeks later when I researched it and found out it was ringworm. I don't know how I got it, but I bought some Lotrimin to put on twice a day (It's hard to wear jeans with it on because it will rub off, so I have to wear pajamas so the ringworm can breathe). I also have been putting on Melaleuca's tea tree oil on it as well (2-3 times a day). It's been one full week and the ringworm is already looking much lighter. I figure about a week or two more and it will be all the way gone, but the Lotrimin says to keep using it for 4 weeks.

Tea Tree Oil
Posted by Drama-queen (Corpus Christi, Texas) on 07/05/2011
5 out of 5 stars

I used Tea Tree Oil on my 13 yr old and wash everything in his room in hot water, I have no idea where he got it; it was on his forearm and was bothersome to him, after a few days he finally let me know. I'm glad that I found out before we had a family outbrake!

Tea Tree Oil
Posted by CAZZA (GLASGOW, Lanarkshire, Scotland) on 11/17/2008
5 out of 5 stars

My son was driving himself (and me) mad with his itchy skin patches, for which the doctor prescribed Cannestan, which is used for treating fungal infections, but has a steroid in it so can thin the skin. I wasn't very happy about it, but I would have done anything to stop my son's irritation. However, it wasn't working very quickly and I could see his itchy area spreading and going on for weeks and weeks. It was at this point of desperation that I found this web site and was astonished at the variety of natural remedies. I had some tea tree oil (diluted) in my medicine cabinet to treat spots, so I put it on my son and within days it was gone. I just put the tea tree on a cotton bud and spread it over the affected area, which was quite large. I have now gone out and bought a new bottle of tea trea oil for any future breakouts. I would try this again and would also try garlic and the apple cider vinegar.

Tea Tree Oil
Posted by Krenee (Oregon) on 11/24/2006
5 out of 5 stars

I had a very bad case of ringworm that I got from a friend's cat. I tried everything to get rid of it, baking soda, calamine lotion, ++ nothing worked and it got worse. I went to the emergency room of the hospital, because it had spread down my leg and looked terrible and the itch was driving me crazy. . They prescribed me a ointment and after spending close to $300 it did not work. I told a friend about it and she went online for me and found that pure tea tree oil extract is a homeopathic alternative. I would have tried anything to get rid of it. I ran to the store and bought the purest little bottle I could find. I rubbed a small amount of the oil on my infected skin reapplied every so often, and I kid you not, in two day it was pretty much all cleared up! It stopped the speeding and caused what was there to dry up and my skin was healing. I was hooked. I heard it is used for acne and helps mosquito bites dry up fast without drying out your skin. I now carry it when ever I travel. Please try this. It really works! I good bottle cost about $8 and will last a very long time.

Thieves Oil and Castor Oil

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Posted by Tg (Central Florida) on 04/25/2016
5 out of 5 stars

Firstly, thank you for this site!! I wanted to pass on an alternative to Apple Cider Vinegar for ringworm that works for me.

As soon as you feel it spreading (for me that is it starts to itch), treat the spot with full strength Thieves essential oil. I keep rubbing in until the itch stops. May burn slightly but you can tell this is a good burn:) Then I cover the area with castor oil. It seems to prevent the spores from coming back immediately.

Repeat as necessary but for me a few applications even for the largest new spots seemed to work.

Tinea Capitis

Posted by Ex-rapunzel (Cape Town, South Africa) on 09/13/2012

My thick, lustrous hair has been getting thinner and thinner over the past two years, so much so I have had to cut most of it off. Docs have ruled out pretty much everything so I went for a complete body scan. The 'computer' picked up Microsporum Canis - a fungus that causes Tinea Capitis, or scalp ringworm. Anyone can contract it. Funny thing is that I don't have any of the other symptoms except thinning hair and occasional itching. What would you recommend? Borax? Or the AVC with Peroxide? Or the tea tree oil with lavender oil? I've heard that Tinea Capitis is very hard to get rid of. Please also include exact measurements and how many times per day/week.

Replied by Jay
(Toronto, Ont, Canada)

To Ex-rapunzel from Cape Town, South Africa: organic extra virgin coconut oil is antifungal, antiviral, antiparasitic, antibacterial, and antiseptic. Massage into your hair and scalp before bed and shampoo out in the morning. Do this each night and you should see improvement within a few days. I suggest you coninue nightly until you see the results you desire and then reduce frequency to a couple of times a week. There are no negative side effects and coconut oil is very good for hair, scalp and skin.

Replied by Tg
(Central Florida)

Try shampooing an anti-fungal soap with essential oils.I would use it every day it is very gentle and do a whole body wash. Leave it on your scalp and body for 5 minutes each use for max benefit before rinsing.

Rinse you hair with 1 part apple cider vinegar to 3 parts water.

If your hair comes out anything less than fabulous this is because you have been using shampoos or treatments or coloring with sulfates. It is important to eliminate those. I never put anything on my skin that I couldn't eat.

It may take a half dozen washes but once the sulfates are out you will be thrilled.

When not fighting fungus I use organic castle soap. You will love the ACV rinse so alkalizing and healthy!! Consider switching to henna for color but know you can''t switch back again to commercial coloring.

I am in my late 50s and without sulfates and with henna my hair is thicker and more lustrous than when I was in my 20s!!!

Turmeric, Bicarb Soda, Coconut Oil Paste

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Posted by Shine (Gabs, Botswana) on 05/10/2009
5 out of 5 stars

My 5 year old niece had ringworms on her knee (she had this one for a while, it just kept scabbing and growing) and thighs( this one was new) and I first rubbed both with lemon slice and then proceeded to rub with a mixture of tumeric, bicarbonate of soda and coconut oil (just form a paste no need for exact measurements). I left the paste on for about 10 min (please be careful with clothing, the paste will stain) washed it off and then applied castor oil on it. 2 days later the old one is gone just scar left and the new one is slightly visible but not itching. Am going to continue till all gone.

Replied by Alex
(Latin America)
1 out of 5 stars

Sadly this didn't work for me. Maybe because I've had it for a very long time.

I'm currently using a turmeric pomade (it has sandalwood and I bought it for something else) and it seems to be working when mixed with Derman fungus cream.


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Posted by Jeremiah (St. Petersburg, Fl) on 07/15/2018
5 out of 5 stars

I peed on my little ringworms and they ran away right quick. My parents told me to do it in the shower but I did it in my bed. Much more efficient.

Posted by Remedy (Somewhere, Undertherainbow) on 12/02/2012
5 out of 5 stars

I recently caught the ringworm. Unfortunately, it spread to other places on my skin because I did not treat it immediately. A friend recommended that I put my own urine on the ringworm. I used a plastic cup to pee in. I dipped tissue in the cup and put it on my skin. I rinsed it off with warm water and then I took my hands and scrubbed some hand soap on it. I let it air dry. I saw results less than a hr. The fungus was killed but the patch was still there. The urine will kill the ringworm but the patch may still be noticeable on your skin so continue to use your urine until the patch is no longer visible. I used urine on my skin twice a day for 3 days and it is GONE. I put the urine on my skin when I woke up in the morning and at night. I am sure if you apply urine to your skin more throughout the day the patch will disappear quicker. Make sure you keep the ringworm covered with a Band-Aid or it will spread on your skin if you make a mistake and rub other parts of your skin on the infected area.

I did not use any cream only my own urine.

This is my first time creating a post on this site. I wanted to create this post because when I googled how to heal a ringworm people talked about how they used CREAM for a few wks to get rid of their ringworm. I needed a quick remedy because ringworms are a nuisance and I am thankful that my own urine worked. Urine is free so I wanted to share this home remedy with everybody. I also heard that you could use urine on your feet to cure athlete's feet.

I hope this post has helped you.

Replied by Mr. Ree

Yes your own urine does in fact get rid of "Athletes foot" at no cost and a limitless supply... It will get rid of it in less than a week...

Replied by Sharon
(Dothan, Alabama)

Urine cures lots of ailments... Its natures golden medicine... Its free.

Posted by Dave (Houston, TX) on 08/19/2008
5 out of 5 stars

Urine is the best for ring worm all you gotta do is pee on it. and the ringworm will crawl away cause no one wants to be peed on.

Replied by Michelle
(Mansfield, OH)
5 out of 5 stars

I haven't actually tried this myself but am quite sure it works, due to the fact that the fungus that causes ringworm is the same as athlete's foot. My reason for this conclusion is that my husband who was in the Marine corp from 94-98 was taught that if ever he was to get athlete's foot and could not get medical treatment to urinate on it. and he says it did work.

Vicks + Oregano Oil

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Posted by Nina (Philippines) on 01/31/2020
5 out of 5 stars

Hi everyone!

After close to 3 years, all ringworm has gone! What worked with me was vicks vaporub mixed wd 1-2 drops of pure oregano oil. applied on the affected area 2-3x a day. Start wd just one drop of oregano oil coz its very strong, and build it up as your skin can tolerate it. At first, my skin got very red and extremely itchy, I had to stop adding oregano oil, just vicks. But during the time I started applying it on my skin, I mixed 4-5 drops of oregano oil in coconut oil and drank it ( 2-3x a day) Please be advised, oregano oil is very strong,, not for the faint of heart! If you can't tolerate it, just lower the dose or add more coconut oil. Anyway, on the 3rd day of treatment, the itching was gone. So I just stuck to applying vicks but continued wd the drink. On the 5th day, I noticed the lesions on my skin have dried out n died. Will continue this for I guess one month and keep you updated.

Replied by Pam
4 out of 5 stars

Nina, how is the ringworm? I have struggled for month after month. Let me know how you are doing. Thanks, Pam