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Posted by Gina (Martins Creek, Nsw, Australia) on 12/29/2011
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from childhood I have always used iodine tincture for ringworm. I have never known it fail.

Replied by Mike
(Nyc, US)

I have suffered a terrible bout with ring worm I have tried many many things such as tea tree, wormwood, coconut oil, act. it is on my back and my arms; nothing worked until I ground to a paste garlic and ginger and a dab of water. Put it on for about one hour and removed it. Kicked the life out of it in one session but I now am continuing it. But it is definitely under controll. Two words of caution: only put it on affected area as it will make skin freakish red. And it is not comfortable for about 15 minutes

Posted by Cori (New Brunswick, Canada) on 05/12/2007
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My mom's friend is a nurse..my son has one spot of ringworm on his arm. She suggested iodine..I applied it twice today so I'll see how it looks tomorrow. I didn't know about the Tea Tree oil though and I have a bottle of it. If the iodine doesn't help I'll try that.


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Posted by Amy (Florida) on 03/09/2015
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Just so that everyone knows, ringworm is a viral skin infection and not an actual worm. L-Lysine is helpful as well for anti-viral and skin health. You can take a large dosage the first day - I take a few thousand mg, then one or two tabs a day after that.

Replied by Dee

Amy, ringworm is NOT a viral infection...it's a fungal infection, and you need antifungal medications, either over the counter or prescription, to kill it.

Light Bulb Cure for Ringworm

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Posted by Mel (New York, New York) on 07/15/2008
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Ok, this is my second visit to your site, first one was when i was desperately searching for a cure.

I tried almost everything.
1. clotrimazole.
2. tolnaftate cream and spray.
3. Apple cider Vinegar.
4. Witch Hazel.
5. Rubbing Alcohol.
6. Bleech.
7. Hydrogen Peroxide.
8. Tooth paste.
9. Salicylic acid.
10. Vicks.
11. Mouth wash.
12. Hand-sanitizer(alcohol)
13. Anti-bacterial liquid soap.
14. Icy hot

I tried all the above mentioned items, plus a combination of some of them together as a foot soaking agent.

The moment when i completely lost it, came when I saw a second ringworm right next to the original one. ARRRRRR

I poured a little less then half a cup of bleech, half cup of rubbing alcohol, half a cup of witch hazel, half cup of ACV, and then as soon as i poured half a cup of hydrogen peroxide I heard a whooshing sound and saw bubbles and some somke :-) grin, I thought to myself this would kill the fungus once for all. I then poured cold water, just enough so that I could soak my foot fully into the small plastic bucket. I then rubbed the two ringworms with my fingers under the solution, and kept my foot under water for atleast 10 minutes. The skin peeled off from the ringworms, and the itching stopped. I went to class, and then after few hours, Itching came back. I came home, and I was furious, at the drug agencies and the FDA for creating creams that only stop the growth of the ringworm instead of killing it. (thats how you make money).

I then took a small night lamp in my room, with .10 WATT bulb, and turned it on. Once the bulb got hot, I started cooking :-) It hurt really bad when I started to roll the bulb on the ringworms, but the feeling of killing that nasty bugger overcame my own pain. I really burned the suckers good, the skin turned red, and the bulb was covered in some sort of mildue. Ringworms started flaking, and I kept going, until I knew that the ringworms were dead and were now burning in hell. The itching had stopped. It has been 3 or more hours since this experiment, and the itching had not returned.

The skin of course was red due to minor skin burns, and may even leave a mark, but I will accept it open heartedly because it is just on my foot, and it will be just another battle scar to my body collection.

Arrrrrrggghhh 142nd Pirates for life.

(Do not tell me that it cannot be killed; if it is living, then I will find a way)

Replied by Elexar
(Chicago, Il)

Ringworm is not caused by a worm or bug, its caused by a fungus. A contagious fungus. To keep it from recurring, you have to wash everything the spot came in contact with. For example, if you have ringworm of the scalp, you'll have to wash you bed linens (or at least the pillowcase) as you're treating it you don't reinfect yourself. I don't know how effective this is, but i spray things that cannot be washed (like the sofa) with lysol spray or the like.

Replied by Lg
(Springfield, VA)

Good gravy!!! Ringworm is a FUNGUS, not a WORM!!


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Posted by Shakerah (Chicago, Il) on 09/07/2012
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Lime!!! Lime!!!

I have worked with kids for a long time and I have a younger brother of my own who constantly gets them from playing with other children. So when he gets then either he stays away from me or I get them. And so I have. The best way I have ever gotten rid of them is cutting open a lime and squeezing the juice on it. Do that few times a day and it should be gone in about 2 day. Believe me I know this works!

Liquid Bandage, Garlic

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Posted by marybeth (volcano, hi) on 12/12/2007
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I've had ringworm a few times in the last 4 months. I keep getting just one spot at a time. I find that garlic and liquid bandage works best for me. I slice a piece of garlic and put the "wet" side on the fungus for a couple of minutes. Don't do it too long or it will burn. Then I let it dry a bit and put the liquid bandage on-it's found in the bandage aisle the kind I buy is New Skin. It's like nail polish. The garlic kills the fungus and the LB smothers it and I think it keeps it from spreading. I also use neem and tea tree oils and then cover witht the LB.

Liquid Bandaid With Tea Tree Oil

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Posted by Kelly (PawPaw, MI) on 03/23/2009
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I I had a small spot of ringworm on my wrist that I tried treating with iodine and antifungal cream while keeping it bandaged. Neither worked, and in fact the ringworm spot just got bigger. So, I got a no sting, liquid bandage spray at the pharmacy. This spray also has tea tree in it, but I added about 2 cc's to the .61 fl oz spray bottle. I sprayed the ringworm 2-3 times a day, adding a second coat when the first was dry, and made sure I sprayed a large area around the spot as well. I then covered the entire spot with a regular, non-stick bandage. After 3 weeks of other treatments that only made it spread, I saw a major improvement in just 2 days. In a week the spot had faded to nothing, but I kept treating it for an additional 2 weeks, and it's never been back!


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Posted by Trina (Casa Grande, Arizona) on 03/17/2009
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for a ring worm listerine mouthwash works wonders. you will notice immediate change just thought you might want to know.

Replied by Mike
(Hartford, Ct)
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I have been using Listerine for several weeks now... It has worked on some of the areas where the skin is thinner. But on areas where the skin is thicker or more constantly moist, not so well. I'll be off trying bleach next as I have already tried all of the Over the Counter stuff with no success.

Replied by Jeff
(Nashville, Tn)

Be careful with the bleach!! I tried it, and the "rings" cracked open and slightly bled. I was an obvious chemical burn that I feel set me back (and really hurt). Still trying Ab Jr and have almost given up on over the counter creams. After my burn scabs go away maybe it will be better. GOOD LUCK!

Replied by Toni
(Pa, US)

You should see a doctor if you have had this for this long & have had little relief. I have dermatitis on my hands. You can get it many places on your body & have it not spread to other areas. It can easily be controled, but it is not a fungus. They gave me steroid cream for my hands.. & without it I don't know what I would do! Nothing else will take it away! Please see a doctor.. & good luck!

Replied by Sp
(Wb, NJ)

Please don't use topical steroids for more than one week.


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Posted by kelley (cleveland, ohio) on 11/27/2007
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Re: ringworm, some friends and I had gotten it from a concert back in highschool. The OTC stuff didn't do a thing it only got worse. My boss at that time told me to use Lysol, because it kills everything. She even had one of her sons go get me a bottle of the concentrated liquid form of Lysol. I poured it on my arms, let it sit for a minute and wiped off the drips but didn't wash it off, the ring worm dryed up and was gone really quickly, you could see and feel the results right away.

Replied by Kristina
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Yes, concentrated Lysol (brown) kills everything. If used correctly, it'll kill the bacteria. Me, my husband, and brother in law all suffered from a ringworm. We began treating ourselves topically with lysol and it killed the fungus. It's been at least 5 years, and it has not come back.

Magnesium Oil

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Posted by Dave Of Canada (Victoria, Bc) on 07/05/2016 15 posts
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I want to report a method I used that worked on ringworm - magnesium 'oil' - which is actually magnesium chloride salt in water- or brine - but they call it oil because magnesium chloride attracts water so strongly that it never evaporates as you rub it into the skin, so it feels like oil. I have apple cider vinegar, but didn't find this site until later, so I didn't know about it. I had that magnesium oil (not the expensive one) and it cleared it up after one or two applications. (I didn't pay attention) I just used like 5-6 sprays of the stuff, enough to coat the chest. I wish I had payed more attention, as it was so easy and quick!

Replied by Canadianguy
(Victoria, Bc)
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Well it kept returning! I also used a doctor prescribed cream after this, which seemed to work better (way slower, but with a longer effect) but it came back then too. I thought maybe reinfection wasn't external, so I got some pills that have been keeping it away - I think by improving immunity. They are beta-glucans with larch arabinogalactans. They are kinda cheap too, as I only take 1 daily despite instructions.

Menthol and Wormwood Oil

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Posted by Candy (Fort Madison, Iowa) on 03/04/2013

was wondering why I don't see any more posts about using absorbine jr. for ringworm.

EC: Hi Candy, Yes we've moved all of those posts to a MENTHOL AND WORMWOOD OIL heading. We love how well this ringworm treatment seems to work, but EC would like to focus on the natural ingredients rather than the specific brand!

Menthol and Wormwood Oil
Posted by Aries Gyal (Hartford, Ct) on 02/24/2013
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For about a month and a half I had a rash that started mysteriously around Xmas, and I wasn't sure what it was or how I got it. At first it started as bumps then the bumps turned into rings... And then I knew it was ringworm. And it covered my arms, torso, and legs. Pretty much I was devestated. The first rememdy of coconut oil and lavendar oil didn't do too much. It seemed to dry out the parts of the rash which wasn't but didn't do too much to help kill it. I then went on to use Lotrimin which was fine, but something told me to search for more. I then found this site and saw the information on Menthol and Wormwood Oil ... Needless to say its been a day and I'm already seeing results as well as using tea tree oil on the affected areas. I'm amazed this is working so well, plus it seems to help with the itching which has been a huge bane. THANK YOU For this information. Ringworm on this level is very harsh to deal with and effects self esteem... I'm very certain this method will kill this issue. :)

Menthol and Wormwood Oil
Posted by Su (Shreveport, Louisiana) on 09/25/2012
5 out of 5 stars

Hi- I have to share this -because my ringworm was horrible! For over 6 months I thought I had eczema on my knee and little finger. I bought every over the counter treatment for eczema. It kept getting worse! It was weepy & creepy & UGLY

I have no insurance - so no Doctor... I figured why spend $$$$ to cure what is probably a simple problem.. After the months rolled by I was scared and it was worse- the patch on my little finger now wrapped around it and was near the nail.. The patch on the side of my knee was about the size of a tangerine... I actually thought about going to a Doc. But instead I went and asked a pharmacist.. "it's an ugly fungus" buy Lamisil isle 24.. I bought it and NOTHING!!! After a week I was panicking!

Desperate I found this website- I used a combination of Absorbine Jr and Tinactin DRY jock itch spray (friend suggestion). I was helping with a construction job this summer so between the sweat, dirt, and sawdust I always stayed wet- so wrapping my finger was out of the question. And my skin just hurt.

I began to treat myself 2 to 4 times a day--I really enjoyed the Absorbine Jr burn- I pressed cotton balls of it on my ringworm. (I did not contaminate the bottle)- I would let it dry and spray on a thick cool layer of Tinactin- at night I would use fresh guaze... so my bed would not be contaminated, and washed my sheets every other day.

It is about 6 weeks since I began and I have a tiny patch on the web between my fingers- My leg is discolored where it was but no longer burns...

I have gone through 3 bottles of Absorbine and 2 Tinactin. I am going to continue it for at least another bottle and can of each.... Because I never want to go through that again! Thanks!

Menthol and Wormwood Oil
Posted by Todd (Raymond, Il) on 09/23/2012
5 out of 5 stars

My son had been suffering from ringworm for about a month and it seemed anything that we tried didn't make a dent. With him being right in the middle of football season we were afraid it might cost him a good part of the season. After doctor visits and prescriptions not working we were losing hope. I then stumbled over this website talking about Absorbine Jr. curing ringworm. After reading other testimonials I thought it worth a try. Let me tell you it is amazing! Why doctors don't recommend this is beyond me. In about a weeks time he is a thousand times better. Be warned it does burn like a mother when it is applied but it works! Don't waste time with other treatments, this is it!

Menthol and Wormwood Oil
Posted by Marie (Madison, Mi) on 08/13/2012
5 out of 5 stars

I have had ringworm for over six months, I have tried glycolic acid lotion, pine tar soap, Retin A cream, apple cider vinegar, coconut oil, Miconozole Nitrate, tea tree oil, pimple cream with salicylic acid, calamine lotion, cortisone cream. All of these either didn't work or made it more inflamed and itchier. Then I tried Absorbine Jr. Hallelujah, it has done more in 12 hours to dried it up and take the redness away than anything I have tried. If you have ringworm, go to a drugstore immediately and buy this. It is literally a miracle cure. I wish I had known about Absorbine Jr. earlier. Thank you Earth Clinic.

Replied by Pj
(Pasco, Wa)
5 out of 5 stars

One vicious ringworm infection, three months & three trips to the doctor, including one emergency room visit; a near break-up from my fiance because I was convinced his dirty bathroom gave me the fungus to begin with so I gave him a serious dressing-down. Two-thousand-dollars worth of useless doctors & their useless medicine and the infection was spreading to over one-third of my body. It was a gram positive Ringworm fungal infection that simply wouldn't die. ALL forms of treatment, including tea-tree, bleach, alcohol, OTC creams, cortisone and a host of prescriptions did not work. And to think the ringworm started as little dime-sized circles! I was ready to dip my body in nuclear acid if it would help. Then one day, I was crying about it and skulking around on the web for natural solutions. God smiled on me that day. I stumbled across Earth Clinic and the Absorbine cure. Of course I ran out an bought some right away. It burned like a #@! And I thought the pain would kill me. But low and behold... Within 4 hours... Yes... 4 hours... The angry red infection subsided at least 50%. The next day, it was even better. This is day 2 and ALL of the infection is responding nicely. It is putting up a fight, but it's losing. OMG!! Thanks to everyone who posted the Absorbine cure info!!! Words can't express how grateful I am. When I see clear skin, I shall weep with joy!! (p. S. My fiance and I made up. And he cleans his bathroom much better now)

Replied by Angie
(Guttenberg, Nj, Usa)

I can relate to all the people in this thread that give God the praise for leading them to this information. Over the last few weeks, what I thought was a bad pimple on my front torso quickly developed into the scaly, round rash enclosed in an inflammed, raised doughnut-shape, typical of ringworm. However, there are other symptoms as well, and if anyone has experienced this or knows anything about it, please respond! Around the lesion, all over my torso and arms I have very, very tiny bumps, very hard to see except under certain lighting or in a magnified mirror. But when I run my hands over these areas, it feels like brail! They are very present. There is also very mild, low level itching all over my body. Is this typical with ringworm, or is this a sign of something else? I will be seeing a dermatologist this week, but I wanted to ask in the forum here because there is no guarantee that the doctor won't mis-diagnose me, and if anyone has had a similar experience, I want to hear from you!

Yesterday I went and bought a bottle of Absorbine, Jr. from CVS. I disinfected the lesion with HO, then held a sterile cotton ball with the solution to the sore until the pain and tingling stopped. It burned a lot more than the HO, very strongly, but I was prepared for the pain and that helped to endure it. It stopped the itching and felt very soothed after that. The doughnut-ring began scabbing over, the center darkened to a dark yellowish-brown color (my complexion is naturally tan).

My second application of the Absorbine, Jr. Didn't go as well, because I felt the sore was itchier AFTER I applied it than before. After an hour or so I followed up with white vinegar instead - this REALLY helped stop the itching, and I felt it working more deeply under the skin. The lesion has not itched me since that white vinegar application yesterday, but I still have the "itchies" here and there, and the tiny brail-like bumps. (I chose white vinegar because it made sense to me - in the past I've sprayed vinegar on the bathroom tiles to discourage mold, as it is a mold-inhibitor.)

I will be alternating the Absorbine, Jr. (max 4x per day) with the white vinegar (as often as desired) after disinfecting with either HO or rubbing alcohol. I will also be washing EVERYTHING in the laundry (clothes, sheets, pillows, carpets, cloth shower curtain) with detergent, oxygen bleach and tea-tree oil, spraying alcohol on things that can't be washed, (exercise equipment, etc. ) and treating my mattress. I've set up my sinks with dispenser soap tea tree oil and bottles of alcohol, and using paper towels to dry hands. Hair is blow-dried and tied up, and I am using combs to scratch my scalp if itchy - I don't want this to spread to scalp as I read that hair can break off. If I'm missing anything, please let me know!

Replied by Don
(Katy, Tx)

Amazingly, Absorbine Jr. Worked for the itch at night so I could sleep. It's the acetone in the product that burns. Not sure if it kills enough topically of the fungus. The other ingredients may help as well.

I started a threefold attack on the ringworm to make sure. (1) Morning - apply Oregano oil with Tea tree oil. This will sting and cause discomfort. When the discomfort subsides... (2) Noon - apply liquid clorox bleach to the affected areas. Also will burn. (3) Before bed - apply Absorbine Jr. Liberally to affected areas. Burns for a few, but itch goes away.

When you notice affected areas healing or looking better apply Castor oil with Q-tip.

Make sure you wash all undergarments in hot water with clorox bleach. Throw away old ones.

Do the same treatment for your feet and toes. I think this is where ringworm spread from in my case.

Replied by Frustrated N Itchy

I returned from Mexico with what I think is a bad case of ringworm. I tried using hydracortisone cream as the pharmacist told me my marks were insect bites. A day later there were more spots and the cortisone did nothing for the itch. I went to 3 other pharmacy's & no one could tell me what the marks were or how to treat them, I sent a photo to a friend who thought it was ringworm. I went back to the pharmacy and they gave clotrimazole. I used this for one day and saw the post on Absorine Jr. I have used nearly a entire bottle today after applying it four times as I have so many spots. All the original spots seem to be drying up and not looking as red which is great. I am concerned though that I seem to be having new lesions coming up every time I went to apply another round of Absorbine today. Can anyone please tell me if they had the same thing happen. Why am I still getting new outbreaks. I have washed all clothing, bedding and towels today in clorox and have been using plastic gloves to apply Absorbine an paper towel to dry my hands after washing them. Thanks

Replied by Adrian
(Huntington Beach, Ca)

I never really post on forums but earthclinic has saved me a lot. Absorbine jr does work, it takes away the intense itching. I had ringworm before on my face. It lasted 6 months and it was scaley, patchy and spreading like fire. This time it had tiny little rings with the same symptoms. I had put some antiseptic on it and it literally gave me a chemical burn on my face. This scabbed over but I was itching underneath and could feel the fungus growing intensely. Due to my scab, I had no other choice but to try to swab some black walnut tincture over it and then applied new skin liquid bandaid. LIFE SAVER, the bandaid helped the fungus from spreading and stopped the itch. I applied this for 3 days after the bandaid peeled off in some areas, it was itching again, the fungus was mad. No creams or medications helped so I was desperate, I had been adding black walnut Hull capsules to heal internally as well. Where the bandaid peeled off, I applied asborbine jr. It helps a lot but after an hour it comes right back and itches.

Finally I just threw some comet or ajax after I swiped with the absorbine jr where it was still moist. This kept the comet ajax on, and believe it or not, I have not had itching for over 5 hrs. I feel that its actually healing. I know comet ajax is dangerous but after months of prior ringworm, I was not going to go through half a year couped in my house so I don't spread it to others. The absorbine jr and ajax comet has been the best remedy for me as it seems to kill the fungus immediately. I will update in a few days. Also remember, I had scabs over the ringworm making this all very difficult to treat!

Replied by Angie

Update - it wasn't ringworm after all. This was confirmed by a visit to the dermatologist's office. The nurse practitioner gave me a treatment to soothe the symptoms, and this is what really worked for me as I waited for it (pityriasis rosea) to fade away.

It was a mistake to self-treat, it only made things worse by causing scarring that took a very long time to go away. I think it can be wise to get a diagnosis and consult a doctor if you can before any self-treatment.