Raynaud's Disease Remedies and Supplements

Lemon Water
Posted by Sykes (Bradford, West Yorkshire) on 06/11/2016

I tried Apple Cider Vinegar for a long time for my SEVERE Raynaud's and it did many benefits for overall health but very little for my Raynaud's. I have the CURE for Raynaud's and I have completely got rid of it for good by using a very very simple natural remedy.

To give you a little background info, I suffered from really bad Raynaud's and poor circulation especially in my hands and feet. Both would turn extreme bluey purple easily and I was ALWAYS cold even when everyone else was boiling. I tried everything, herbal and medical but to no avail. Fed up of numerous visits to the doctors and paying large sums for useless medication I ventured on my own journey. I ate healthy, the greens, the smoothies, litres of water and hours of exercise but nothing helped.

One day I thought why not add the humble lemon to my water as I was fed up of drinking plain water and thus started drinking lemon water and by God I realised I was getting warm. Change happened so fast I didn't even realise that drinking lemon water regularly cured ALL my circulatory problems and now I am always sooo warm that I have reversed my problem.

Doctors are amazed at my cure and after years of medication, Raynaud's and my bad circulation, I am the warmest person alive!