Raynaud's Disease Remedies and Supplements

Dry Brush Massage, Coconut Oil
Posted by Dianna (Austin, Tx) on 01/05/2009

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01/05/2009: Aricepatty from Dayton, Ohio, USA: "I have been suffering from Raynauds now for a couple of years. I have been unsuccessful in finding gloves or shoes that keep my fingers/toes warm enough so that I do not loose circulation and they turn blue/black and white. Of course, the only thing that my specialist recommends is to keep warm! Well that's hard in Ohio! So I avoid, if possible, going out in cold weather, swimming and air conditioning. Are there any remedies that I can try that will help relieve or eliminate this problem or the symptoms? So far, I have tested negative for RA and Lupus, so it appears that my Raynauds is just by itself, thankfully."

Have you tried dry brush massage? You take a natural bristle brush and massage your skin before a bath. Brush your whole body - ESPECIALLY your hands and feet. This really helped me when diabetes was giving me numb and cold hands and feet - do it til your hands are red and you can see the blood moving under the surface and they feel warm. After I had done this just a few times the numbness went away. Eating virgin coconut oil made the cold hands and feet go away too - when I stop taking the VCO my cold hands and feet come back. The combination is perfect for me. Try it - it can't hurt. Djh/Texas