Raynaud's Disease Remedies and Supplements

Acupuncture and Yoga
Posted by Cured (Washington, Dc) on 01/15/2011
4 out of 5 stars

I am 38 and have started running low on adrenal horsepower at times; related (I believe related) troubles are Raynauld's in the winter and dry eyes. I work out very vigorously 6 times a week, recently ran a marathon, and work a great deal every day. I got tremendous relief to all my symptoms from a combination of weekly acupunture (esp. focused on qi and kidneys), daily different types of yoga (restorative and vigorous like Bikram), weekly espsom salt baths, and daily meditation and the emotional release and clarity about one's purpose it gives. My circulation is great, Raynauld's almost gone, and energy terrific. I feel 15 years younger, literally. And I am calm and have an entirely new level of self-awareness. Magnesium is very important, as well.

However, hard and/or long workouts 3-4 days in a row sneak up on me and the symptoms return. Also aggravating, I have discovered, is high consumption of tofu, dairy, and daily protein shakes, taking advil, working late on the computer, and Doing what you don't enjoy.

I was reluctant to try yoga for years and never thought about doing acupunture. Now I swear by them. Give them a go and be amazed - and get off that computer by 9pm!