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Posted by Katzie (Calgary, Canada) on 07/17/2023

I am visiting in Mexico and of course, there is tremendous heat here. This is my 3rd time visiting in July, but this year's is the worst heat & humidity yet.

Yesterday, on one arm I developed some sort of painless rash, which had red raised bumps. It was weird. I came here and tried the Coconut Oil & Baking Soda mixture and applied often during the day. This eventually worked; it was completely gone overnight.

Today, after a shower & dressing, I came downstairs and was told my whole body was covered in what can only be described as "blotches" of red, every pore! I hadn't even had the time to sweat yet and I was fine when I dried off!

So I came back here and after reading posts of people drinking borax or using it in the shower (had already done both this morning), I decided to just take a dry handful and rub it all over me. Worked right away! Must've been the sloughing of skin cells, as blocked pores lead to heat rash, but I use a loofah in the shower every time, so I don't get it really. Starting to think my "exoliating shower gel" wasn't telling me the truth! At any rate, my rash was short-lived. Another use for borax, yay.

Healthful healing everybody!

Posted by Sunshine31527 (Jekyll Island, Ga) on 12/29/2021

I've had hives on my face and neck for about a week. Tried everything I could think of to get rid of it. When I started using borax dissolved in a small glass of water and patted it on the affected areas it started going away along with the itching. I can't believe what a difference it has made. Thank you Earth Clinic for all the help you have given to all. God bless you ...........

Posted by Diana (Ca) on 09/17/2016

I have been drinking borax, about 1/4 tsp in a glass of water in the morning for about a week. Haven't noticed much change yet.

Last night, I was in pain after two nights of a rash with welts and itching on my thigh. Maybe heat rash, but the weather has been cooler. I got up and took a hot shower and rubbed Borax on my skin and the rash on my leg and rinsed. I felt no more itching and pain afterwards and was able to sleep through the night and the welts have gone down to almost nothing. Today, there is no itching and minimal raised skin.

I will continue with a bit of borax in hand to scrub the skin if I feel the heat rash coming back.

I have dealt with heat rashes for the past 10 years and eliminating soap and skin products has had little effect. I bought the borax last week when I finally found a store that carried it.

I'll post updates if I have further problems.