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Posted by Christopher (Kirkland Lake, ON) on 03/30/2008
5 out of 5 stars

A few years ago i worked in a kitchen environment and a candy store. Ok obviously i had a bad diet... i developped a rash on the side of my hand. water made it worse and perhaps the plastic gloves for candy didnt help. this rash persisted for over half a year and disappeared only by moving up my pinkie. there it became obvious that aside from cracking skin that there were tiny pimple like bumps.

My dad got me cortisone cream and it flared. apparently i found out at that time that cortisone feeds yeast! i got to thinking i had a yeast infection on my hand!!! i did try ACV it brought relief but i think the infection was too deep. Or that the ACV would of worked better mixed with a cream... it would clear to reemerge once the skin became dryer again. I was so convinced it was a yeast infection...

One day i told my dentist what i thought and she helped me get some cold sore medication... nyaderm/betaderm.. just to say it was antifungal!!! after 3 days the rash never came back.... i know its not a natural cure but just to say had i made a something with garlic or you know something antifungal the rash would of left.

since that time ive formed a belief that almost all health problems stem from mycotoxins or fungus/yeast living in human tissue. i still have a coated tongue and in my best efforts have only been able to partially clear it up. sucking on a tablet for candida did clear it up for a few hours, enough for hope but yeah thats expensive.