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Posted by Sandy (In the sticks, Nevada) on 01/21/2009

Dear Earthclinic Family,

My husband, only 48, has had his Total Free PSA Level test come back with a high level 5.something (I just got off the phone with him and he was upset and couldn't remember the exact number.) His doc says there is a 50/50 chance he has prostate cancer and has scheduled him for a biopsy in one week.

We could really use some advice from any of you that have had experience personally or professionally with this type of problem. I am going to research this on the net, but maybe some of you can help with the following questions:

1. What are the risks of a biopsy?

2. How accurate are these biopsies?

3. If the biopsy confirms cancer, what next? I know the conventional way is to cut, burn or poison. What advice do you veterans of this disease have for us? If you want to write me directly, I have provided my email, just pull out the slashes.

We appreciate any prayers, good thoughts or advice you can spare.
Thank you, Sandy

Replied by Jerry Hampton
(Arlington, TX)

I was diagnosed with prostate cancer with a psa of 5.23 about 6 months ago. I had two biopsies from two different doctors 3 months apart.(they are safe in 99% of the time) Both showed about the same results. The reason for 2 was partly my age (75) and genes that say my life should go well into the 90's. The first biopsy was 12 samples where the second one had 32 samples. Often a biopsy of 12 samples can miss some of the cancer, but mine did not. Both had a gleson score of 6 which is an important number to know about. I have gone into watchful waiting for 6 months and will get another psa then.

I've been getting "google alerts" ever day on ever article written about prostate cancer on the internet. These average about 15 a day. Many of them write about the same subject, but I believe I have learned alot.

The number one thing I have learned is that you have to become your own avocate and seek your own treatment because there are many different opinions out there for treatment and some of them are not the best for a specific case. ALWAYS get a second or third opinion before proceeding with a treatment!!!. If I had gone with the first treatment offered me, it would have been totally wrong. Trying to find the right treatment is like nailing Jello to a tree.

I also learned from many sources that what we eat has an impact on PC growth. I have stopped eating any beef and beef products like milk because every doctor I saw said they know these over time can allow PC to grow. Also other fats except Olive oil. I've gone to a more PC healthly diet.

Replied by Sandy
(In the sticks, Nevada)

Jerry -- Thank you for your response. I think you are totally correct about a person being their own advocate. Also there are so many prostate cancer books and articles out there that a person could drown in them all.

After much frenzied research, we decided to wait on the biopsy and even Dr. C. (who recommended the biopsy) told us we have some time before we need to do this. (Dr. C. said if cancer was found he would recommend taking the prostate out.)From what we have read, a biopsy may spread cancer and the biopsy procedure for prostate is more invasive and therefore riskier than other biopsies. No one told us that there are many factors that can affect a PSA test, including sexual activity, bike riding, etc and even a prostate exam!

We had another appointment with an alternative Dr., Dr. E. He believes that my husband's Vitamin D level is low and believes that could be part of the problem. He went ahead and put my husband on Cipro to see if that will lower the PSA, as the other doc (Dr. C, the doctor who wanted to biopsy) did not even mention the possibility of prostatitus.(My husband had a vasectomy in July and we have read that sometimes prostatitus can occur after this.) My husband went ahead and had blood drawn to check on his Vitamin D levels and will see Dr. E this week to go over the results. Dr. E also started him on a mix of three herbs (saw palmetto, stinging nettle, & pygeum).

Dr. E said that what Dr. C did is standard practice and my husband and I totally understand that he must follow procedure to avoid being sued.

So, we are going to try and change my husband's PSA levels over the next couple of months and if there is no response, we will have the Doppler ultrasound and go from there.

We will keep you posted. Thanks again, Sandy

Replied by healthyu
(Bellevue, WA)

Hello Sandy, My fiancee's PSA test was recently at 8.0. When he was originally diagnosed with a "suspicious prostate" over ten years ago his PSA was above 5.0. He had biopsies both times -- the results were negative. You're correct when you say that high PSA levels can be attributed to a variety of conditions other than cancer. Enlarged prostates can become problematic as you get older and interfere with the ability to urinate, which can lead to other complications (bladder infection, kidney problems). The good news is, your husband is young and still has the opportunity to modify his diet and impact the health of his prostate and overall well-being. Research shows that men who eat Western diets (high meat & dairy consumption) have higher incidences of prostate problems and cancer--my physician friends have substantiated this. My fiancee recently cut out all dairy, red meat and coffee and is already noticing positive results. As an aside, Saw Palmetto and Pygeum have been extensively researched in Europe as effective ways to treat enlarged prostates. That said, there's a plethora of information available on the Web and it can quickly become overwhelming. If your budget allows, I would recommend seeing a nutritionist or naturopath with experience in prostate care. It will be well worth your investment. I wish you and your husband all the best.

Replied by Jerry Hampton
(Arlington, TX)

I hope you have decided to go ahead with the biopsy because I know several men with PSA under 4 that had considerable cancer, but no symptoms. The biopsy saved their life.

This is an update to my prostate condition as I published recently on my website.

I was diagnosed with Stage I prostate cancer on Aug 15th 2008 from a 12 core biopsy. I had a second 32 core biopsy that confirmed the diagnosis on Dec. 12, 2008. My Gleason score is 3+3. I am 75 years old and in good health otherwise. I selected Active Surveillance as my treatment.

Part of the surveillance is to get a PSA test every 3-4 months. The test numbers of my PSA have gone up with each test over the past 4 years, indicating the cancer. I took the PSA again on April 15, 2009 and the number decreased from 5.23 to 3.63, a 1.6 drop. This is the first drop since 2006 and considered unusual, but a very good indicator that my cancer may have decreased.

I credit three things for the decrease:

1. Prayer. I have 6 different groups praying for me and I pray each day that if God has things for me yet to do, He will keep me in good health to do them.

2. Drastic change in my diet.

3. Drinking 2-3 oz of Essiac tea twice a day.


My career for 38 years was as a technical writer or managing technical writers. Another name for a technical writer might be "a researcher" because he spends about 75 percent of his time researching his subject, 15 percent writing and 10 percent doing other things. I learned how to research well and to throw out non valid data. I applied this to my study of prostate cancer over the past 6 months.

Since my diagnosis, I've been getting "Google and Yahoo Alerts" every day. This means I get every new article put on the internet that has the words "prostate and cancer" and "prostate and diet". I average of 15-20 articles a day and read about 5. Many are redundant with different media covering the same subject. These include all kinds of information including the results of new scientific studies. Some articles have some very "twisted" information that is not valid, usually picked up from some old article or something the writer once thought was correct.

A number of articles and 3 medical doctors I've seen agree that red meat, mainly beef, is proven to allow prostate cancer to grow. You can't say it causes prostate cancer but can say it reduces your immune system effectiveness by allowing cancer to grow.

One analogy is: Have you ever taken a wire and bent it back and forth a number of times until it finally breaks? This is what happens to the prostate immune system when you eat red meat and animal fat over time. It attacks the immune system over and over and the cumulative results is the immune system breaks and allows cancer to grow. Even the "lean" in beef is fat. One study showed that 1 hamburger has as much fat as 12 crisp slices of bacon!

I learned that Asians and people that live in the Mediterranean part of the world have much less prostate cancer because they do not eat red meat or the fatty diets. If they move to America and eat our diet, they get prostate cancer, In Japan, some of the rich started eating fat beef in recent years and they are now developing cancer.

I was raised in Kansas and spent most of my adult life in Texas. In both places, the center of my diet was beef and beef products. At times I ate a 16 oz fat rib eye steak at least once a week and 70 % of other meals were with some kind of beef. I used to drink 1-2 gallons of milk a week.


Some New Rules

1. I will not eat beef or beef products of any kind, fixed any way. This includes butter, hamburger, steak, roast, milk or cream, etc. This was hard at first but I'm used to it now after about 5 months of it. I was given a small 6 oz steak at a wedding dinner recently, ate only about 1/3 of it, and decided I did not like it.

2. I will not eat fast food because most of it is fried and full of fat.

3. I will not eat BBQ. The charred part of BBQ is known to cause a number of cancers.

4. I have reduced my intake of sugar foods.

5. I eat more fish.

6. I eat more vegetables, whole grains, brown rice, salads and fruit. Fruit and carrots have become my between meal snacks.

7. I drink more juice, including apple, orange and pomegranate. I use these on my cereal each morning in place of milk. Once you get use to this, you may actually like it.

8. I use only olive oil in and on my foods. No other fats of any kind. I now watch the fat content of anything I buy and have eliminated a number of foods. I have eliminated eating peanuts and peanut butter because of the fat content and damage peanuts can cause the kidneys. I do eat about 20 dry roasted almonds each evening.

9. I do not add sugar or salt to any food.

10. I eat two tablespoons of golden ground flax a day, usually in my morning cereal. My cereal has flax added to it and is very low sugar and no fat.

11 . I drink more water

12. I drink two large cups of Japanese Green tea each day.

13. I drink 2 oz, twice a day of Essiac tea that I make for myself. (read about this below)

14. I have a large garden and often eat right out of the garden. I had peas and broccoli and tomatoes when available daily. If not available from my garden, I buy them. I try to eat one tomato a day or the juice of a tomato.

15. My supplements consists of:

2000 iu of D3 (the most important of all) taken at bet time,

500 mg of buffered, time-release C,

500 mg of pomegranate concentrate,

600 mg calcium,

1000 mcg of B-12 every other day,

500 mg of Flush-free Niacin at bed time,

1000 mg of Omega-3 fish oil, taken twice a day.

Essiac Tea

I learned about Essiac from a medical doctor in Arlington Texas where I live. He is taking it for his prostate cancer. He learned of it from a minister. I have talked to the minister and heard his story: In 1996, he was diagnosed with advanced stage IV prostate cancer that had metastasized in his spine. He was given about 6 weeks to live. He announced this to his friends.That same day, a church member showed up with some Essiac Tea for him to drink. He continued to drink it and within 6 months an MRI showed his cancer was gone. He is now fully retired at age 76 with no cancer but still drinks his Essiac tea each day.

I have read a number of articles about the tea on the internet and found others that are using it. There are many testimonials on the internet of its curative powers. I have drunk about 4 gallons of it at 4 oz a day and will continue to drink it.

I have a brother that has stage III prostate cancer and recently had his prostate removed. He is also drinking Essiac tea and following a diet similar to mine. When he went to buy Essiac the first time, he found a lady that was told to drink it by her medical doctor. She had breast cancer. She believes the Essiac tea cured her cancer. I read one testimonial on the internet of a retired Marine officer that has what is known as Agent Orange disease. He had about given up hope that anything would make him better, but Essiac tea did.

Both the governments of U. S. and Canada have studied it to determine if it can harm a person. Both concluded it probably will not harm any one, with one exception. Persons that have a tendency to develop kidney stones should not take it because one of the ingredients is know to cause kidney stones sometimes. The governments have not tested the tea against any diseases.

Replied by Gavin
(Manganui, Northland, New Zealand)

I'm sure your regime is right. I instictivly knocked off dairy after I had a prostate operation ten years ago. Mainly due to the fact that the incident of breast cancer increase seems to be mirroring that of prostate cancer... A female doctor who fixed her breast cancer by ceasing all dairy.. remembering that in China it was called rich womens disease! As the rich were the only ones that could afford dairy produce and the only ones to get breast cancer. I have had no furthur problems... Just remember that cayenne seems to send prostate cancer cells into suicide mode.

High Intensity Focused Ultrasound

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Posted by Donna (Aspen, CO) on 01/08/2009

Just 3 weeks ago my husband had HIFU (high intensity focused ultrasound) for prostate cancer. He is completely back to his old self, and never felt any pain or discomfort, never had the threat of maybe he would be incontinent or impotent. It was so easy!

HIFU, as it is called, is in clinical trials in the USA, but your urologist won't tell you about it, ours tried to discourage us, by telling us it wasn't approved by the FDA, but after much searching and studing--we knew it was the right decision! No cutting!

HIFU has been used in Europe for 16 years with a 94% cure rate. It would be 100% except if the cancer has spread outside the gland too far, then it cannot get it all, neither can surgery though, chemo is the choice then, but HIFU can be done first.

There are two HIFU machines, the Albatherm only has one size setting, so if your gland is larger than the setting it also may not get all the cancer. But the Sonablade500 can be adjusted to accomodate all sizes and if the gland moves during the procedure then so can the ultrasound beams. The Sonablade500 is made in the USA, while the Albatherm is made in Europe.

Because HIFU hasn't finished clinical trials in the USA it isn't FDA approved, so you must go outside the US to have it done. We went to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. We met Dr. S. Scionti ( ) and his team of nurses, anathiesologist and mechanics for the machine the night prior to the treatment at Xavier Hospital, which was spotlessly clean. The treatment took 2 hours, then we waited for husband to come out of his sleep, and we went back to the hotel, we had dinner out, and life was good! A supra-pubic catheter is installed, it is needed as the doctor uses it to clean him out prior to treatment, then there are tiny particles of prostate that must leave the body and the catheter makes this easier, or they could clog up the urethra. The catheter was a bummer, stayed in 12 days, but I understand you get the catheter with surgery too. Radiation causes other cancers, like bladder and renal.

HIFU is the answer! For complete info here is a website from the Prostate Cancer Research Institute, an independent research charity which explains it:

Dr. S. Scionti is the most experienced in HIFU outside Europe, over 400 treatments. He lives in Hilton Head, South Carolina. 888-874-4384

It just makes me sick that the rest of the world has this easy treatment and we've never heard of it!

The Japanese use HIFU for bone, liver, kidney, pancreatic, prostate and breast cancer.

Humic and Fulvic Acid

Posted by Lynne Smith (San Diego, Ca) on 08/03/2009

Hello and thank you for accepting my e-mail. I have a dear male friend who has been fighting stage 4 breast cancer, then prostate cancer, now spinal (bone cancer) for the past ten years. Chemo and radiation does not help at this point and he is now just waiting for the cancer to attack a vital organ. I was told that the combination of humic and fulvic acid has helped people in the last stages of cancer and I'd like to know if there are any research results in this regard.

Thank you.
Lynne Smith

Hydrogen Peroxide

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Posted by Carlos Hernandez (Fountain Valley, Ca. USA) on 06/04/2020

Writing to thank Deirdre Layne for founding Earthclinic!

I have used many of the treatments and remedies for years with much success. The most amazing cure is Bill Munro's hydrogen peroxide inhalation method. I spoke to Bill when he was 83 years old on the phone. I recommended his treatment to one of my long time friends and it cured his prostrate cancer in about 6 days! I have since then helped over 30 people cure themselves and that makes me so happy to hear their reports!

Baking soda or organic apple cider vinegar also work!

Replied by CynthiaMW
(Los Angeles, CA)

Hi Carlos,

Thank you very much for sharing your experience. Would you kindly expound on the stage your friend was in? My husband was diagnosed with late, stage 4 prostate cancer with metastasis nearly a year ago. He is still here, thriving one day and not the next day. We've been battling it naturally without morphine or cannabis (Ionic Magnesium and lots of massages). We even did the 1-Minute Cure protocol for approximately 5 weeks weeks at 75 drops daily, but unfortunately, it did not cure him, but we could tell a difference the first few weeks of following the protocol. He was walking much better and had a serious appetite. Unfortunately, he ended up in the E.R. as he developed urinary bladder distention, and a catheter was inserted.

We are desperate, we learned it was not genetic and really have no idea how he developed it as we always ate "Organic, Wild-Caught, Non-GMO" we've been athletic nearly our entire lives. The one thing I can say is that we used Dr. Bonner's Pure Castile Soap The Original liquid soap for nearly 30 years and I read that anything from the Mentha family plummets testosterone. I learned Herbs are potent and should only be used when needed and NOT EVERY DAY! Carlos, would you kindly respond to me? Thank you very much!

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Steve (Or) on 10/08/2019

Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy

After my doctor did a PSI test was 3.5 and then two months later for some reason did it at one of the Five Point day were concerned they did it another two months and it went up to 14 V the doctor was saying I had prostate cancer.

I did the heavy dosage - 25 drops of 3% in 8 oz of water three times a day in and went back for oh yes it was 4 months later.

My doctors don't know what happened cuz my prostate was down to 2.1 and they say I don't have cancer no more so I believe in it.

Replied by Jen

Hello Steve... your post is a few years ago... so I hope that you are still reading this page. I was wondering about your comment about 25drops of Food grade Hydrogen peroxide 3 x daily... did you work up to the 25 drops as the author of the book 1 minute cure for all diseases.. OR start with 25 drops and for how long did you take the 3 x daily 25 drops. which must have been quite difficult for both of us here at least struggling with the taste and the after foaming .... hope you have been successful!

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Steve (Or) on 10/08/2019

Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy

After my doctor did a PSI test was 3.5 and then two months later for some reason did it at one of the Five Point day were concerned they did it another two months and it went up to 14 V the doctor was saying I had prostate cancer.

I did the heavy dosage - 25 drops of 3% in 8 oz of water three times a day in and went back for oh yes it was 4 months later.

My doctors don't know what happened cuz my prostate was down to 2.1 and they say I don't have cancer no more so I believe in it.

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by John (Poland) on 06/27/2015

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am currently using HP therapy to cure the prostate cancer. Results are excellent, last month I got a psa factor down by 50 units (from 325), I am very energetic. I'd like to ask a question: Is there a NECESSITY to use probiotics to restore the bacterial flora in the stomach (I drink diluted HP) or (for women) some way to restore bacterial flora in vagina if she is using a HP douche.

I'll appreciate the answer. Thank you in advance,


Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Bob (California) on 07/25/2014

I used the 35% (drops in a glass of water), drank it according to "Benefits of drinking Hydrogen Peroxide, " by Dr. Williams. It cured my Prostate cancer. Also relieved my arthritis and joint pain.

Replied by Dedric
(Euless, Tx)

Hi, how much to take daily?

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Voxpop (Dallas, Tx) on 11/17/2012

hi, has anyone experienced help with prostate cancer using 35% food grade h2o2 orally? thanks, voxpop

Replied by Louwrence
(Rustenburgn, North West, South Africa)

Hi Voxpop, On the net there is instructions on how to use bicarb & molasses to cure prostate cancer. The guy who used the method is Johnson. So just type in bicarb & molasses cure for prostate cancer & you should get to the method.

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Tn.dave (Knoxville, Tn.) on 08/11/2009

H2O2 for Cancer

Don't get too excited about this being a cure all. I have completed the full regimen from 3 drops 3 times a day up to 25 drops 3 times a day and then stayed at 25 times a day for an additional 4 days before reducing all the way back to 3 drops 3 times a day (which is recomended as a maintenance dose) I did this for prostate cancer as a way of "doing something" while the fight is on with the insurance co to pay for treatment. After some 47 days (and those 25 drop days were really hard to take) my latest psa test came back @ 4.2 from 4.4 Not a very good result in my view. It was an option to stay at that 25 drop level for 1-3 weeks for "serious conditions" and then back off. I just couldn't do it.

Replied by Susie B
(Centennial, Co)

My husband did the hydrogen peroxide and thought he felt a difference- good! He thinks it works! However, it has to be combined with a good diet. Dandelion tea works, as does Turmeric, Cream of Tatar. He juices greens, (collards, kale, spinach, along with veggies). He has cut way back on eating Red meat, NO SUGAR, will only eat Wild caught fish and Organic eggs, chicken, etc. He exercises regularly as a way to keep up his muscle mass (former football player). He's very attentive to being around Negative people Who Don't believe that Natural cures can help. We are being bombarded with Cancer all over the TV ( NFL players bringing attention to it, I.e.., pink everything). The Cancer research for breast cancer was Originally Peach not Pink. The media keeps Cancer around us and are constantly filling us with FEAR! Do your Research. You are on the Right path. Loma Linda wanted $300,000.00, to treat his cancer. We couldn't afford it so they said "wait until he's on Medicare and then call us back"! Aren't they in the business to treat cancer, to heal people. Don't the Dr.'s take an Oath. Why then, Only if you have the Money will they help you! Forget it. Take away the Inflammation and your body will repair itself! Don't give up and pass this along to help other people in need! I thank these Natural cure sites for the wealth of information that they pass along! Look up, "THE TRUTH ABOUT CANCER" on the Web.

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Chet (Dallas, TX, USA) on 01/24/2009

I'm interested in hearing from anyone who has had experience with h202 and a high psa or prostate cancer. Thanks, Chet

Replied by Chet
(Dallas, Tx)

PLEASE people when you post replies of a successful treatment tell us how much ACV, CINNOMON ETC TO TAKE WITH HOW MUCH WATER.. THANK YOU FROM ALL OF US.

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Bill Munro (Waterford, Michigan)

I have been inhaling 3% peroxide for over 13 years. And had a bout with Melanoma and Prostate cancer at the same time. At no time would I let anything like a salve be on my open Melanoma because that would take away the oxygen needed to heal from the outside. The peroxide I inhale would supply the oxygen on the inside. I increased the times that I inhale the peroxide into my mouth to 7 or 8 times a day. I used a nasal spray pump. With each inhale I would pump the pump about 10 times. This went on for four months. I now pump 5 times with each inhale and 7 inhales every day. My EKG says I am clean now. Go to down to Hydrogen Peroxide. This is where I started out.

Bill was kind enough to let us copy the following amazing testimonial on hydrogen peroxide from his website:

"Hydrogen Peroxide is the most over looked chemical used by man. New uses of it are coming to light every day. Bad bugs be they, in your garden or your body, they cannot live in an oxygen rich environment.

At 69 years old my muscles were so tight that to get out of bed I would lay on my stomach and back out on to the floor, push down on the bed and stand up. I knew there was something to correct this bad situation. One morning while having coffee with a friend, I noticed he had brought a small stack of books with him. Being curious, I asked if I could look at the books. The one that stood out to me was "O2xygen Therapies". As I was scanning it, it became more interesting to me. I asked him if I could take it home. It was a week before returning the book. Being convinced Hydrogen Peroxide was what I was looking for, it was now going to into my system? The book gave three choices. Put 8 to 10 drops in an 8 oz cup and drink it, four times a day. Next was, put a pint of 35% in the bathtub and soak for 1 hour once a week. Or go to a doctor for intravenous infusion once a week. None of these had any appeal to me.

After a week or two I decided that the easiest, and most efficient way was to inhale the 3% peroxide into my mouth and on into my lungs. I just happened to have a "Nasal Spray Pump" (see sample picture below). I dumped the contents out, put in the 3% peroxide as it comes from the drugstore. Now, how many times do I pump? I settled for one pump per inhale, and 4 times a day. That went on for about a month. As I was laying down for a short rest, I noticed that I was breathing freely. No forced inhale or exhale. That was the first thing that I noticed while inhaling the peroxide. I then changed the time when to inhale the peroxide. Now I inhale 2 times in the morning and at night. While deep inhaling I pump the pump as many times as I can, usually 8 to 10 pumps each inhale. Another thing I noticed was, I sleep all night with my mouth closed. I used to have heart aches that were very uncomfortable, no more.

My wife and I have been inhaling peroxide for 9 years now and no colds, sore muscles, aches or pains. I take no medication or vitamins. I am less than two years to 80 years old. My lungs don't give out when I work in my garden or other things around the house. My house is 160 years old, so the work never stops. Peroxide keeps our oxygen blood count in the high 90's.

One of the first people that used the peroxide as I do was very interesting. He had a low self-esteem. I found out that he was on kidney dialysis. I discussed the peroxide several times with him. Finally one day I went to his house with a nasal spray pump. He opened it and poured out the contents and filled it back up with 3% peroxide. He sprayed it in to his mouth and into his lungs. I said you know how to do it, and I left. Three days later I called him to see if anything had happened. He said that he could breath easier. Four days later he called me, he was so excited all he could say was "It's working, It's working". I asked "What did it do?". He said he was waking up about an hour and a half before normal and that he was coughing up all the bad stuff that was in his lungs. He went back to bed and when he woke up, he said he had not felt that good in years. From that time on his spirit was always good and his voice was up beat.

A couple of people told me after four or five years of using the peroxide they stopped. I ask why and both said they did not get sick, and they don't think it was working. You can make that judgement. One friend of ours goes to the doctor for pacemaker check ups and the doctor tells him the peroxide will not help him but it will not do him any harm. He is using his second pacemaker. He has told me several times; if it were not for his inhaling the peroxide he would not be here today.

Bill Munro
Email at: [email protected]

Read more Hydrogen Peroxide Cures (including detailed instructions for Bill's method).

Excerpt from The National Post for Wednesday, February 3, 1999


"Critical clues explaining why cancerous cells spread, uncovered by a biologist at Queen's University, may have important implications for future treatments, according to a leading international journal. The findings of Dr. Charles Graham and a team of researchers at Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario, published in the current issue of the International Journal of cancer,suggest a link between oxygen levels in cancerous tumors and the spread of the disease to other parts of the body.

"Our research shows that the low levels of oxygen in malignant tumors enhance the ability of the tumor cells to spread," said Dr. Graham. "So by manipulating oxygen levels within the tumor, we may be able to control the spreading of cancer to different parts of the body".

"We took breast cancer cells and put them under conditions of low oxygen and we saw the cells became more aggressive and invasive..."

"To spread, tumor cells must be able to break down and invade surrounding tissue barriers. Dr. Graham's research shows that hypoxia, or low oxygen levels, in the tumor mass plays an important role in stimulating the processes required for metastasis."
- National Post reporter Tom Arnold

Hydrogen Peroxide Inhalation

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Posted by Carlos Hernandez (Fountain Valley, Ca. USA) on 06/04/2020

Writing to thank Deirdre Layne for founding Earthclinic!

I have used many of the treatments and remedies for years with much success.

The most amazing cure is Bill Munro's hydrogen peroxide inhalation method. I spoke to Bill when he was 83 years old on the phone. I recommended his treatment to one of my long time friends and it cured his prostrate cancer in about 6 days!

I have since then helped over 30 people cure themselves and that makes me so happy to hear their reports! Baking soda or organic apple cider vinegar also work!


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Posted by Dano (Idaho) on 07/12/2021

Supplemental Iodine has helped bring down a high PSA. The prostate is rich in iodine. Drs. Brownstein and Sircus have more info on their sites. Raw dandelion root extract and stinging nettle root extract have both been proven clinically effective at lowering a high PSA. Best wishes for healing.

Posted by Dan (Largo, FL) on 09/16/2006

For a really insightful viewpoint on iodine, check out this lecture by Dr. David Brownstein ( about iodine and its deficiency relationship to Breast Cancer. Note he also suspects an unproven relationship between an iodine deficiency and Prostate Cancer.

He mentions that the Japanese diet includes 14mg per day of iodine on the average (coastal Japanese ingest even more.) The US RDA is 150 ugs (micro grams) per day -- about 100 times less than the Japanese eat -- and the recommended upper level for iodine is no more than 1.1 mg/day, and they estimate the average requirement to be 95 micrograms per day or about 150 times less than the Japanese consume.

The 125mg Kelp tablets that I have from Vitamin Shoppe, have 225 ugs of iodine in them. Thus, to get to the Japanese level of Iodine (14 mg/day), I would have to take 62 of these tablets a day! Dr. Brownstein also states that iodine is stored in the thyroid which requires 6 mg/day and is also stored in a women's breasts and required for proper breast development. The breasts require 5 mg/day for a 110 lb woman.

And catch this... Breast cancer researchers have to starve test animals of iodine in order to be able to induce breast cancer in any significant number of them. Hmmm...

Another 2 mg/day of iodine is required by the adrenals, hypothalamus, pituitary, and other organs. Therefore, the total required iodine for a woman is 5 6 2 = 13 mg/day. The RDA is 150 ugs per day, so a woman would have to take 86 times as much as this to achieve the 13 mg/day needed by her body, and even more if she had a larger body or bigger breasts. A man has smaller breasts and his prostate requires somewhat less iodine than a woman's breasts. However, a man's body is generally larger than 110 lbs, so this would have to be factored into the total requirements for a man.

Dr. Brownstein states, "Over the last 30 years, iodine levels have fallen over 50% in the United States. Breast cancer rates have risen dramatically. Thyroid illness from hypothyroidism, autoimmune including Grave's and Hashimoto's, as well as thyroid cancer has risen dramatically."

Since the Japanese have so much iodine in their bodies (they're ingesting 100X our 150 ug RDA of iodine), and iodine is essential for dealing with radiation exposure, it makes me wonder what might happen happen if there were a mishap involving massive radiation exposure in a country such as ours where the iodine level is so pathetically low.

And this may well be an important consideration, as cancer rates have been shown to rise after radiation has been released into the atmosphere, which apparently happened quite a bit with the use of depleted uranium (DU) weapons in Iraq in 2003. Background radiation levels were measured at many times normal in England (click this link - - and check the graphs) just a few days after the fighting started in Iraq. Cancer rates in Iraq in 2001 were about 10X what they were before Desert Storm where much less DU was used than in 2003. The big problem is that the effects are global (see: So, the problem for us is that the DU rounds burn up or pulverize and tend to stay in the atmosphere, allowing the "aerosol of sub micron" size to enter the slip-stream and come back to America to bite us all.

Therefore, we all need to be aware of any nutritional and purification techniques which will handle radiation.

I've just upped my iodine intake to 1.35 mg/day (6 kelp tablets of 225 ug each) and I feel warmer already (maybe this will help me burn off my excess fat even faster.)

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