Natural Prostate Cancer Treatment

Posted by Jolene (Fullerton, CA) on 12/11/2008

Recently I was told by a Holistic Health practitioner that an herbal formula called, Zyflamend was great for arthritis.I was surprised that within 2 days I felt a dramatic difference, my pain was taken from an 8 on the pain scale to about a 3! What a blessing! I use 2 zyflamend a day and when my pain is really bad I use 3-4. I also read online that Zyflamend has been studied by Columbia University on Prostate Cancer. I guess when you calm inflammation a lot of good things happen in the body.

EC: Reported Side Effects for Zyflamend include heart palpitations and dizziness. Please research before you buy!

Zyflamend Ingredients:

* Rosemary, (leaf), 100 mg supercritical extract and 50 mg extract (23% total phenolic antioxidants [TPA]-34.5 mg) 150 mg |
*Turmeric, (rhizome), 10 mg supercritical extract (45% turmerones-4.5 mg) and 100 mg ethanolic extract (7% curcuminoids-7 mg) 110 mg *Ginger, (rhizome), 54 mg supercritical extract (30% pungent compounds-16.2mg, 8% zingiberene-4.3 mg) and 46 mg ethanolic extract (3% pungent compounds-1.4 mg) 100 mg
* Holy Basil, (leaf), extract (2% ursolic acid-2 mg) 100 mg
* Green Tea, (leaf), extract (45% polyphenols-45 mg)(contains 10 mg naturally occurring caffeine- 1/10 coffee cup equivalent) 100 mg
* Hu Zhang, (Polygonum cuspidatum), (root and rhizome), extract, (8% resveratrol-6.4 mg) 80 mg
* Chinese Goldthread, (root), extract (6% berberine-2.4 mg) 40 mg
* Barberry, (root), extract (6% berberine-2.4 mg) 40 mg
* Oregano, (leaf), supercritical extract (0.8% TPA-.32 mg) 40 mg
* Baikal Skullcap, (Scutellaria baicalensis), (root) hydroethanolic extract (17-26% baicalein complex, including baicalein and baicalin -3.4-5.2 mg, and 0.4-0.9% wogonin - 0.08-0.18 mg)