Natural Remedies for a Pelvic Organ Prolapse

Yoga Exercises

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Posted by Claudia (Winter Park, Co) on 03/23/2014
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I was diagnosed with cystocele about 2 years ago & immediately started searching for alternative healing methods. The first thing I found was a woman who did a special massage technique to help pull up/tone organs & also who recommended lots of Kegels. I've also explored herbs, homeopathy, essential oils, & energy healing--all of these things take time & can be costly, & I tend to be more of an herb person, so I do raspberry tea, & take vitex (chasteberry) & black cohosh for their "women benefits" (I am post-menopausal- hence the onset of my prolapse). Not seeing much of an improvement after several months of doing all of the above, I started searching the internet again & found an amazing book that is written by a women about pelvic organ prolapse. She goes into exhaustive detail about a women's anatomy (compared to a man's), how & why things happen & a non-surgical alternative--her own story is horrendous (she also explains all of the surgeries)--but she found, through much trial & error, a simple solution, basically a "posture" that you have to rethink, retrain yourself to do & a very simple exercise--not Kegels! Apparently Kegels are pretty useless because they only develop the muscles/tissues that help us eliminate, not hold things in! A more effective exercise is similar to a "cat-cow" yoga move while standing. Also, speaking of yoga, which was invented by a man for men, any posture which requires you to bend past 90 degrees (an oblique angle) makes you "push out", which is counter-productive. Do only yoga moves where you are bending 90 degrees or less ("pulling in"); inversions are good, like headstands & shoulder stands-- downward dog is especially do-able for most women--even sitting. I think also, properly nourishing yourself only makes sense, since you hopefully create an environment conducive to tissue improvement & healing (like strengthening capillaries & facia). I began to see improvement once I got serious & into a regular routine of the exercise & always trying to remember to do "the posture", plus doing a small yoga routine of headstand, child's pose & downward dog. I definitely think you have to give your body some type of gravity break! In time I am expecting to not only stop the progression, but to get some reversal as well.

Also, I found the comments about witch hazel very interesting & plan to try that as well! I say, try everything that doesn't sound too wacky! Good luck & lovely healing energy to all of you, my "sistahs".

Replied by Susan
(Easley, SC)

What is the title of the book ? Would like to know more.. Thanks

Replied by Leela

Could you post a link? That would be helpful.

Replied by Carolyn
(Canterbury, UK)

"Saving the Whole Woman" by Christine Kent RN

Replied by Kerrie

What is the book you referred to?

Replied by Linda

Hi everyone,

I just found out I have a prolapsed bladder and rectum and am finding a lot of useful info. Thanks for that. No one has mentioned using a Squatty Potty and I think that would really help, especially if it isn't really the bladder, but pooping that is the problem. Has anyone used one and seen results?

Replied by Colleen
(Maple Shade No)

Please what is the name of the book and what is this posture thing?

Replied by Trish
(Fayetteville, North Carolina)

Linda, if what you have is a prolapsed bladder (cystocele) I would not recommend a Squatty Potty. During the last 2 months, I noticed that squatting made my cystocele prolapse protrude even further and also made it very uncomfortable.

Replied by Trish
(Fayetteville, Nc)


I would like to retract my statement about the Squatty Potty. I have been reading other forums and it has been recommended frequently.

I looked it up today and read many reviews on "A" and it sounds like it will work really well! I ordered one and it will arrive in 2 days. Can't wait to try it out. People say that they thought they were eliminating completely until they got One and now they realize they weren't.

It's like a little stool where you raise your legs up to align your body correctly to eliminate while sitting on your commode. You are not squatting down. Hope this helps.

Good luck to you and God Bless.


Replied by Katrena
(Little River, Sc)

What is the name of the book you are referring to? Thanking you in advance for sharing!!! Katrena

Replied by Cathy
(Pike Road, Al)

You mentioned a posture change requiring a conscious effort and retraining. Can you explain it more?

Replied by Linda

Since you have tried everything, I was wondering if you or anyone else has tried acupuncture? I read that it may be helpful. How about one of those pessary devices? Searching and looking for help.

Replied by Maryanne

The book is mentioned above. Christine Kent.

I have been following her advice since my uterus dropped slightly outside my vagina. The exercises had it back inside in just a few days. I still have a bit of cystocele and am happy to read about the witch hazel ideas.

Replied by Chip

I highly recommend Tashas Hab it Pelvic Floor Exercises. You can feel the difference in a short time and can feel the organs reposition as you do the exercises. She is a great teacher.

Replied by Linda

What is the title of the book? I'm interested in the posture exercise. Could you copy paste the info on that? Or explain it. Thank you.

Replied by Ruthann
(Catharpin, Va)

Could you give the title and authors of your sources, especially the yoga and prolapse books. Thanks

Replied by Dori

What is the posture and what are the yoga exercises to correct one's prolapse?

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