Natural Remedies for a Pelvic Organ Prolapse

Kegel Exercises
Posted by Jeanniew (Marinette, Wi) on 03/22/2018
5 out of 5 stars

I was diagnosed with a prolapsed uterus over 30 years ago and was told that I had to have surgery to correct it. Looking it up, I found that surgery would only last for so long and the problem would be back. I decided to try kegel exercises instead. As I'm doing the kegel exercises, I'm pulling my stomach back and up (towards my spine). At the same time I massage the abdominal area to get things moving around and back into place. The prolapsed uterus tries to come back every once in a while, and I get back into the exercises. It works every time, and it has NEVER been a problem for me. Give it a try. Surgery is a money-making scheme!

Kegel Exercises
Posted by Anke (Esher, Surrey, United Kingdom) on 01/28/2010
5 out of 5 stars

I had a stage 2 cystocele and it improved about 90% with the following:

Daily kegel exercises, as many as possible. Start slowly and work up to 10-20 an hour. I added a vaginal exerciser for resistance, it made a big difference

Acupuncture, 3 times a week! over 2 months, plus herbs to build blood (had hemorrhaged postpartum which had made me very weak). This made a huge difference but it has to be frequent. In China they'd have daily treatment.

Jin Shin Jyutsu ( a form of acupressure) self help and sessions with the same purpose of increasing the ascending energy which hold organs in place. Work on spleen, umbilicus, kidney meridians etc. This is a good substitute if acupuncture is unaffordable, as you can do it yourself.

Yoga, all inverted poses and forward bends with breath work. I took some private Yoga lessons for this problem and it does help.

And of course good nutrition to nourish blood and overall energy. Exhaustion and depletion can lead to prolapse - in Chinese Medicine it is known as "collapsed qi".

Good luck!