Effective Natural Remedies for Managing PCOS

Blackstrap Molasses
Posted by Jasmine (Ontario, Canada) on 11/25/2014

I have known I have Polycystic Ovary Syndrome since I was about 20; my doctor finally agreed about two years ago. I had irregular cycles (usually once every 4 months or longer with horrible cramping and heavy bleeding) since I got my cycle at age 14 until about five months ago (I am almost 26). Once I even had constant light bleeding for 8 months straight.

My cycles have really started to regulate over the last five months (ranging from 35-40 day cycles but gradually becoming shorter) and I believe it is due to a number of reasons. I started seeing a naturopath doctor about a year ago and over time we have found what works. I am taking Omega supplements, 6 grams inositol daily, vitex twice a day, a whole food prenatal, and a BSM drink a few times a week when I remember before ovulation but after ovulation I make sure to take it everyday.

I was having very bad cramps when I came across BSM on this website and found that it almost eliminated my cramps in less than an hour! The first cycle I began taking it my period went 9 plus days to 5 days and this has continued since.

I believe the inositol and vitex have been essential for helping my cycle and I will continue to take these. Inositol has also been a huge help with regulating my mood especially around PMS time. I also drink a homemade green smoothie everyday.

With my cycles regulating since starting BSM, I can't help but wonder if that has been the final magic ingredient for me.

At first I could not bear the taste of BSM. Now I take BSM as a warm drink. I use a heaping tablespoon of unsulphured BSM and two teaspoons of raw cocoa powder (also has lots of health benefits). It almost tastes like hot chocolate.

Thank you Earth Clinic for multiple cures I have found on your website. I hope my story is able to help someone else.

Blackstrap Molasses
Posted by June (KC, KS) on 02/05/2008

I've been taking BSM (black strap molasses-Plantation brand from the health food store) for about a month now. Two and a half years ago I had my hormones tested and results showed I had too much testosterone, too much estrogen and not enough progesterone. (also low cortisol) I've had polycystic ovarian syndrome my whole life (I'm 37).

After trying to heal my body under the guidance of a nutritionist/chiropractor following the S. P. diet books (just using the initials of the book name here) my hormone imbalanced grew even more out of control. I gained about 25-30 pounds (the chiro and books told me this is supposed to be "normal" as your body heals it's metabolism) and the result was increased bleeding that did not stop.

So, for the past 2 1/2 years I've had to deal with heavy, lingering bleeding. Rx drugs are not for me, so I have been trying to solve this with natural remedies. I managed to lose the extra weight I gained following the SP diet, thank goodness. This helped lessen the bleeding. I lost more weight with diet/lots of exercise and ACV. The bleeding didn't completely stop, but more or less just lingered on and on. Still, it was a big improvement over what I had been suffering.

Then I got my new job where I am sitting a lot, started eating lots of goodies over the holidays, and...no surprise...gained some weight back. As most of us know by now fat = estrogen. Too much estrogen with not enough progesterone to counteract it (due to lack of ovulation) means excess bleeding. And, I started bleeding heavier again. I was ready to pull my hair out and really disappointed in myself for gaining weight back after all my hard work and success.

So, I came to EarthClinic and read about BSM. Once again, so many women said they had good results from it I could not ignore their advice. After taking BSM for about 2 weeks my bleeding STOPPED!!! No lingering, no spotting, nothing!

I tried several ways of taking it...on my granola first, which was totally disgusting. Then I finally tried it mixed in warm water and drinking it like tea. It's actually very, very good this way. My recipe is 2 teaspoons mixed with about one cup warm water morning and night.

After missing the night dosage for a while (during my bout with the flu) I noticed a little spotting returning. I don't know how BSM will affect me altogether, whether or not it will help me have a normal cycle, I just haven't taken it long enough. But I do know that the awful incessant bleeding has stopped and I am so relieved!

Thanks everyone for your suggestions and feedback. Without it I would never have tried BSM.