Natural Remedies to Treat Pneumonia

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Eunice (Sherwood Park, Canada, Alberta) on 11/21/2008
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Remedy for Pneumonia: Hi we have tried ACV for 2 weeks now but it is still not going away. Can you suggest any other natural remedies that work aside from hydrogen peroxide?

Flu Shot Prevention
Posted by Ken (London, Uk) on 02/15/2013

Flu shots can indeed be called natural remedies (except for the fillers, perhaps, but they put those in supplements too).

I know many elderly people with heart and lung disease whose immune systems simply cannot take the onslaught of the flu and pneumonia. Flu shots are lifesavers for many of an advancing age.

Flu Shot Prevention
Posted by Cindy (Illinois, USA) on 03/28/2023 403 posts

Money talks. They extracted the science from medicine and filled it with money so people would listen and do as their drug dealers tell them. It's patent medicine. Straight from the days the oil dude discovered he could make far more money selling petroleum an ounce at a time - as tonics and medicine. Once the money started rolling in, the politicians were bought and actual schools of medicine were shut down. Easy peasy.

People listen to money because they want money and actual doctoring by those who've bothered to learn of it but don't drive Mercedes nor indulge their kids with expensive, social-climbing kit aren't allowed to doctor anymore.

People are thrown under the bus to feed egos all the time. It appears to be man's favorite pastime and there's a cost to his sociopolitical, ego-maniacal fetishes.

Hydrogen Peroxide Inhalation Method
Posted by Peggy (Millington, TN) on 10/27/2008

I am writing about the inhalation therapy with Hydrogen Peroxide posted in Jan of 08. I am dealing with the same problem can you tell me the protocol you followed, The same measurements? Thank you so much for sharing.

Hydrogen Peroxide Inhalation Method
Posted by Angela2282 (East Palatka, Fl) on 02/07/2010

I am having the same problem. Persistent cough & wheezing. Would like to know how to do this and how much and how often. Been on antibiotics for 1 week along with Primatene (inhaler), Robatussin, and cough drops. No signs of getting better, actually getting worse. Please someone help, this is miserable.

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