Natural Remedies to Treat Pneumonia

Vitamin C
Posted by Skye (Dokkum, Netherlands) on 08/04/2012
5 out of 5 stars

I swear by using Vit C.

Having had asthmatic bronchitus for many years, I was prescribed inhaler #4 when I decided "enough is too much! ". I threw out the inhalers and started using Vit C as per the directions of Linus Pauling and Adelle Davis.

The rule of thumb is to start slowly and get the body used to it by taking 1000mg per day, increasing this every few days or every week until you hit your "body tolerance level". Pure and simple this means: until your bowels start to protest :-) Then cut back by 500 or 1000 mg until you're comfortable. And yes, in case of an illness like pneumonia (which I have had several bouts with) the tolerance level will greatly increase, as the body's own reserves of ascorbic acid are rapidly depleted.

In some cases when having penumonia, I have taken up to 15-20 grams of Vit C in one day and not had irritated bowels. It is a wonderful aid in recovering from illnesses.

However, be aware that there always needs to be an extra protein supplementation as well, as the body loses protein at a shocking rate during any (severe) illness! This will also protect any potential damage done to either body tissues or even the DNA.

A good way to make sure you get sufficient protein during any illness (and it goes down easier than, say, 6 eggs :-) is to make "Tiger's Milk" or "Pep-Up Drink", a recipe from Adelle Davis.

Finally, taking Vit C every day is a great method to protect yourself against any illness, and if an illness does grab hold of you, to make sure it goes away in a hurry. The same goes for ACV honey, which also goes a long way towards strengthening your immune system. Finally, staying away from artificial products and/or chemically polluted products is also a good way to protect your system.

Vitamin C
Posted by Lizzie (London, Uk) on 08/14/2011
5 out of 5 stars

My partner had triple pneumonia last year. This also affected his heart and he was getting weaker and weaker. The doctors could not get rid of it, it just kept coming back. Out of desperation I looked up pneumonia cure on the net and read how one man cured himself by using heavy dosed of vitamin c. We were desperate and decided to try it. The idea is that you take powdered vitamin c mixed in water. Can be anything from 5 grams to 20 grams and keep taking throughout the day until you get close to diareah. You then know the amount to take for the next day. My partner was on 200grams a day! On the first day he took it he was coughing up blood and shivering... Later he felt much better. The next day alot less blood and then after that it completly went away! Was amazing to witness as in the past we would of had to go to hospital and he would have been given an oxygen mask to breath, an antibiotic drip and god knows what else. And would stay in hospital for a week. After this vitamin c episode he did not get pneumonia again!