Natural Remedies to Treat Pneumonia

Turmeric and Garlic
Posted by waynosgirl (Utah, USA) on 11/24/2019
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Around a year ago, my husband got where he could not raise his left arm above the shoulder. He did not think too much about it as he has an old injury of the shoulder blade. Then about 8 months ago he noticed swelling at the top of his left leg where it meets the groin that has gotten progressively worse. We don't have insurance and he refused to address the issue medically.

Then about 2 weeks ago he was unable to pull in a sufficient amount of air, so i took him up to our medical center because I was thinking pneumonia, which they agreed was the problem. They put him on a strong antibiotic, and water pills. It immediately began to improve, we also asked for and received medication to use in a nebulizer.

He lost over 8lbs in fluids from the water pills in about 9 days and his breathing was good. During follow up, we had the leg issue checked as well, and they sent him for a ultra sound-also for a ct scan of his lungs as they had some questions about what his x rays at the time we initially went in showed. they think but are not sure that the leg issue may be swollen lymph nodes. We have not gotten test results back on those yet [ct scan or ultra sound]. He was told he could try discontinuing the water pills and see if his breathing is still good without them.

He was off them 2 days but today was noticing a small amount of issues, so took one. Also today, he noticed that he can raise his arm up above his shoulder again. Because of the lymph node issue I have been giving him turmeric tincture and 1000mg of garlic [capsules] a day - hoping the turmeric would help with the inflammation and the garlic because it is a blood purifier.

At the time of this post, he has been coughing up really yellow phlegm today. He wasn't coughing up anything when the pneumonia started or b4 last night. The other thing we have noticed is when he does not take the water pills, his urine is much much darker yellow whereas with them, it is a clearer yellow.

Before he first started the water pills, the urine was a cloudy dark yellow, but when he was off them the 2 days it was just darker not cloudy. I'm not sure if there are several individual issues going on here or if its more of a chain reaction of causes. Can anybody give me their thoughts on which it might be? Or help in any way with possible treatments or avenues to pursue? He turned 60 this year and has a history of letting old physical injuries [many] heal on there own, neither of us have a lot of faith in mainstream medical care even if we could afford it.