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Agnus Castus
Posted by Shirley (London, UK) on 07/29/2012

Last year I read the book "PMT-Reversing the curse" which advocates using Agnus castus as well as specific dietary changes to cure PMS.

I am someone who every month contemplated suicide due to the severity of the mental symtoms I regularly experienced from PMT - mood swings, short temper, anxiousness, extreme fatigue, weepiness - I often felt like I had been injected by a chemical that affected my brain the week before my period started. I also have had bloating and swelling - puffy face and eyes as a regular occurence at period time and often I just could not face going out of the house.

After following the plan in the book for 3 months I have no bloating, I feel "normal" and not like I have turned into some mad women and besides a little cramping the day my period comes on I feel normal during my period for the first time ever. I would recommend this book to anyone sufferring mood swings and anxiety/aggression etc at period times - it is the only thing that has really worked for me.