Acidic pH Remedies

Parasites, Mold, Candida
Posted by Carolyn (Hobbs, Nm) on 09/13/2009

Question for Ted about parasites, mold, and candida

I have some questions about the body's ph. If you keep the urine ph between 6.5 and 7.0, can parasites, candida, and mold live in that? Or do we need to do something else for those things. I have GERD and am keeping my body more alkaline by drinking the ACV and baking soda, and minerals. Will that take care of the hpylorie, candida, mold, and parasites if I have those also?


Baking Soda, Sea Salt
Posted by Sarah (Los Angeles, Ca) on 08/01/2009

OK- so i really want to start alkalizing with baking soda and also want to include sea salt in my supplements, but never do it because can't stand the taste of either substance dissolved in water so just don't take it. Bought some gelatin capsules, am wondering if i can put baking soda and sea salt dry in the caps then take them with a big cup of water and let it work out in my stomach? Does anyone know if this is effective as drinking or a good substitute? thanks!

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Posted by Drew (USAFA, Colorado) on 07/09/2009

I was wondering, most dechlorinators I have found have to do with aquariums or ponds. If I add these to my water is it okay to drink it afterwards? Also, you said you add Hydrogen Peroxide to your water. Why is that? Thanks.

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Posted by Joe (Interlachen, Florida) on 06/02/2009

Quickest and safest way to fix PH level?

I found this site last Saturday while looking for something to help me with severe sinusites, which lead to panic attacts.Bought some ACV and have been drinking it,(2xTSP in 8oz of water) every 4 hrs. Quite an improvement but I am still on meds, Trust God will get me of the meds. After reading about the body PH level I got some PH strips, my saliva test out at about a 5, light yellow. How do I get my PH up to around 7.
Thanks, Joe.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Katie (Pasadena, CA) on 05/25/2009

Serenity, I think you should probably get yourself some pH strips and start figuring out what's going on in your body before you try any more app cid vin. Add baking soda might help but I've also seen the side effects reported by a few women who add it.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Serenity (Oswego, Il) on 05/25/2009

Does anyone have any idea? I am drinking the ACV and now my tongue has white coating, and I am belching up sour liquid. My throat is raw from the sour taste. I just dont know what to think about this. Should I stop the ACV? PLease could someone help me with this issue

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Serenity (Oswego, Il) on 05/25/2009
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I was taking acv everyday for several weeks and came down with an uti. drank a stronger dose and had blood in urine. Went to Dr and checked my urine and ph level was 6.5. took antibiotics and it cleared it up. Now... should i be adding baking soda to it seeing that i am acidic? And why would i even get an uti when i was already on acv drink.i also hear that when a person has anxiety problems like me, it could be caused from being too acidic. Can someone please help me decide what i should be doing. Thank you so very much

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Posted by Greenbeanz39 (Clarkston, Washington) on 05/20/2009

Can someone tell me how to do a ph test? I'm not sure where to find a kit perhaps? Also, what is the appropriate ph for saliva or urine? God bless all the smart people who take their health in their own hands.Thank you for a wonderful site, I never take allopathic medicine, but can spend alot of money in my cooky natural experiments. It's nice to know what really works for other people,makes my experiments much more affordable!

EC: Lots of information regarding the subject on our pH page!

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Posted by John (Boca Grande, FL) on 10/30/2008

I don't think there is a combination of remedies that should be taken every day. Each person's body is different. People do home remedies to treat their particular ailments so it seems counterproductive to combine them in the hopes of a cure-all. I rotate remedies depending on the signals I get from my body. Blackstrap molasses - too sugary for me to take on a daily basis. Apple cider vinegar is probably the safest one to take daily, but even then you should give it a break. Just my two cents.

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Posted by Peter (Newcastle upon Tyne, Tyne ) on 10/30/2008

There are alot of wonderful testomonies on this site however I wonder if anyone has collected the best remedies and incorporated them into a safe preventative daily regime. For example is it possible to have a single morning drink with borax, H202, ACV, COCONUT oil, Black.S.M, Baking soda etc... Also a demister with Borax, H202 sprayed on the skin, Kill the Nano Insects. I heared Diamatious Earth will kill the bed bugs. I also hear that bentonite clay, psyllium Husk and Activated charcoal make a great detox drink. Anyway if you have a daily Health Regiem please give the quantitities you use as it is very possible that curing an illness would be alot greater quantities than just preventative.


Reader Theories
Posted by Ron (Tavernierr, FL) on 10/17/2008

After being obsessed with my chronic atril fib for some time now I have studied and studied the problem and have determined the enemy is our food, our diet, cooked food with little or no nutrition with additives that are making us sick and creating an acidic condition inside the body. It is this over acid condition that creates the problem. Cancer can not exist in an alkaline body, parasites and fungus can not live in an alkaline proper ph body, yet they thrive in a highly acidic body such as our diets create today and that is what is causing many of us to be sick. Doctors give us drugs that create even more acid and haven't got a clue about what i am talking about. Apple cider vinegar works because it alkalizes, baking soda works because it alkalizes. These are temporary measures that give temporary relief the end result will have to be a major change in diet and lifestyle for all of us. Any time food is cooked to a temprature of 118 degrees or higher enzymes are destroyed and nutrition is lost. A raw food diet will help many of us. I believe the acid in our case has accumlated around the heart causing our problem, eliminate the acid and eliminate the problem. That's my theory and i will let you know how my condition comes along since i have chronic never ending atril fib that almost gave me a stroke and put me in icu a year and a half ago.any that doubt what i am saying can just google body ph and you will see much has been written on the subject. No chronic degenarative disease can be corrected until the body ph is corrected

Ted's Remedies
Posted by Keith (Vancouver, Canada) on 07/02/2008

re: effect of alkalized system. I am not trying to convert anyone, but in my view one of the greatest healers of this century was Edgar Cayce. He never seemed to be wrong in his diagnosis, and he said that if a person could keep their system alkalized, that illness would disappear. So this is certainly in sync with what is suggested here.

Posted by Ujwala (Mumbai, Maharashtra, India) on 04/13/2008
5 out of 5 stars

hi, I have been recommended lemon shot ie. juice of 2 lemons+equal amount of water for flushing off excessive acidity from the body and as a good neutraliser as lemon turns alkaline post digestion. After visiting your website I have found that you recommend ACV much more than Lemon. Kindly reply as which one is better option. what are the precautions to be taken when we use both of them. Thank you. regards. Ujwala

pH of the Stomach
Posted by Ted (Bangkok, Thailand) 383 posts
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Your position is that of the conventional medicine. However, you seem not to be aware that the pH of stomach varies. The stomach pH is not always 2 all the time. It varies between 2 - 6. This has been known for hundreds of years. When drinking water, pH does not get reduced in the stomach. The liquid goes quite quickly through the stomach. The stomach will produce a pH at two when a person is hungry. Most foods such as bread has a component of baking soda. The intestines creates bicarbonates to reduced the acidity. In many cases intestines get irritated whenever the body cannot produce the needed bicarbonates, creating the condition of bicarbonate deficiency, thus causing the irritation. So using baking soda does not create intestinal irritations as claimed by the person below. I was a student of biochemistry and my professor was able to prove that a large majority of the U.S. population has a bicarbonate deficiency which causes the leaky gut sydrome. Apparently, the stomach was unable to neutralize the acid created by the stomach acids because the body's imperfect chemical factory to produce enough bicarbonate to reduce such alimentary irritations.

It was also proven in laboratory conditions that before a virus or a cold conditions, the body's stores of bicarbonates get severely depleted, and there is a mathematical relation between bicarbonate deficiency and susceptibility to colds. The reason, as explained by biochemistry professor so clearly: the body's could not maintain the buffer so adequately making one's body very susceptible to infection.

pH of the Stomach
Posted by David (USA) on 06/13/2005
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Yet again a bit of scientific information has led to so called scare intensity in populations.. I am a nutritionist and a biochemist dealing specifically in conductivity and acid/base balance.. I do agree that certain foods exhibit either a positive or negative balance on the body, esp. with regards to pH..what i have question marks about is the fact that the pH of our stomach and parts of our small intestines are acidic, and therefore need to be acidic in order to break down and absorb nutrients effectively..Also i would not recommend whatsoever self administration of compounds in order to maintain pH levels within a so-called "desirable" range, does any of your readers know of the deleterious effects of these compounds on the cells lining the throat, alimentary cannal, stomach etc..The pH of your stomach is about 2, so any of these compound's pH will be effected from the stomach on..The reason why the stomachs pH is 2 is in order to break down foods, making then suitable for absorption in the small intestine.

Accurate pH Reading
Posted by Ted (Bangkok, Thailand) 383 posts

Yes, strips are not accurate. Urinary pH changes very quickly even within 1-2 hours after eating so you don't have to wait that long. This sound like testing them for doing a blood tests. In blood test you must fast for at least overnight. However, urinary pH is fast acting. Also normal salivary pH is frequently over 7. The mentioned method might work for urinary pH. However it is very difficult to know how far off the mark since most urinary pH varies between 5.5 to 7.5. While the mentioned method will tell you reach it, in practice, getting over 6 is usually acceptable. However, there are exceptions such as serious conditions as cancer or flu, in which you have to get them over 7.0 - 7.3 to kill or destroy the virus or cancer.

However, i prefer to use digital pH meters since you can calibrate with greater accuracy. At least here in Thailand, the price of a pocket digital pH is the same as the chemical methods, it was rather easy for me to go digital pH. Obtaining a digital pH is easier than getting chemical versions for most people since you can get them at a garden shop or pet shops also

Accurate pH Reading
Posted by Anonymous (Mt. Vernon, Washington) on 08/10/2005

you can get an accurate pH reading by using one drop bromthymol blue in urine and saliva. Reading should be between 6.4 and 6.8. Take the test 1.5 hrs. after eating. Test after eating foods to see how your body reacts. Strips aren't as accurate.

Posted by Cindy (Lavonia, GA) on 08/26/2007
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Whole Fruits cured my acidic problems. The Acidic problems of today are because we under Alkalined! If you go search for Alkaline diets, they will give you a list of Acidic foods and Alkaline Foods. You will see immediately why you are having Acidic problems. Once you concentrate on eating Alkaline Foods for a few days, you will see that your acidic problems are gone. Once your system is back in balance, then you eat like you like and just correct when need be. But the most important thing is that Whole Fruits, which are Acidic, are ALKALINE once in the stomach!!! One Cantaloupe or an Apple does it for me.

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