Acidic pH Remedies

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Holly (Anacortes, Wa) on 11/18/2011
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I hve been drinking 1 tablespoon Apple Cider Vinegar twice a day for nearly a year. My health is good, my skin feels best while drinking this. I dilute it some and drink it through a straw to bypass my teeth. However when testing my urine with a ph strip in the a.m., I am high on the acid side; 5.5. Sometimes during the day that number will climb to a 6.5 or 7. Sometimes it stays the same. Why aren't I getting an akaline/normal reading? Thanks.

pH Tester Tools
Posted by David (Springfield, Tn) on 10/04/2011

What kind of pH strips do you use/where do you purchase these, for testing acidity/alkalinity? Also, is your urine what you test? If it is urine that is tested, should you test it first thing in the morning, or when during the day? Thanks

General Feedback
Posted by Jess (Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada) on 10/02/2011

Hi.....I received my gastroscope results from my family Dr.... My spec. Dr. has not contacted as of yet, 2 weeks ago.... My stomach is inflamed, I have hypyloric bacteria, hiatal hernia and metaplasia (a form of cell changes)... I believe I am acidic, a lovely spot for these events to happen... Went to the health store, bought PH strips and working on getting 7. 5.. Balance... Mostly focusing on alkaline foods... Big difference in urine and sputum testing. Question 1... Which is more accurate?... My urine testing is higher alkaline which is great. I did the ACV and BS with your measurements, however noticed this a.m. on your posts that it lowers B/P....Mine stays pretty much 90/60 range... Hereditary genes I think... This a.m. it was 82/ I am thinking no ACV..... I took the prescripition for Hypyloric Bacteria last year, not working and my Dr. wants me to go that route again. I have alleviated some stress issues, started yoga , deep breathing last week...... For my discomfort I use DGL, a licorese and mastica chios twice a day.... I am 61, 130 lbs............ I have stomach pain... Where do I start Ted?............ I am new to this site and I thank-you...Jess

General Feedback
Posted by Debbie (Melbourne, Australia ) on 10/02/2011

If you have an inflamed stomach, and don't want to take antibiotics just try the natural antibiotic route. Research that. I would start with lots of raw garlic (chopped up really small) and maybe have it with lemon juice and olive oil and make a nice salad dressing if you don't want to have it by itself. Also onions are good. Organic coconut oil is also anti bacterial/anti fungal so 2 tablespoons of that would be beneficial.

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Posted by P (Middle Of, Fl) on 10/03/2011

Grapefruit seed extract is a great antibiotic.

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Posted by Jessica (Chicago, Il) on 10/03/2011

Garlic... Kyolic Aged and 3 cloves RAW garlic every day. Aids blood pressure and cholesterol.

Avoid the following oils: hydrogenated anything, Canola, Soy, Vegetable, Sesame.

Replace with Hemp (only cold or warm, never cook w/) and Coconut - but limit your oil intake because Coconut oil also has saturated fat, but shouldn't raise your cholesterol levels into a danger zone. Also could be an underlying problem from adrenal fatigue.

Hemp also has your omegas & protein.

Hope it helps.

General Feedback
Posted by Jessica (Chicago, Il) on 10/04/2011

[There are] digestive enzyme specifically for balancing your gut's pH. Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) will also eliminate stomach issues and balances your body's pH. ACV relieves heartburn, indigestion, sour stomach, food poisoning, dehydration (hang over) etc. I drink 1tsp-2tbsp depending on the situation.

Apple Cider Vinegar, Sea Salt
Posted by James (Tulsa, Ok) on 07/20/2012

To alkalize your PH eat english walnuts, Omega 3, will turn your strips dark blue, evey time I drink a glass of water I add about 1/3 teaspoon of baking soda and 5 drops of h202 35% food grade hydrogen, peroxide, for breakfast my wife and I eat activea yogurt mixed with two tablespoons of flax meal, two tablespoons flax oil, blue berries, and walnuts, keep your walnuts out in a bowl and grab a few every time you walk by, I was eating ACV and honey but for me it is acidic, citrus is acidic, I'm 83, play golf twice a week, mow and weed eat two acres, bike and walkout on the road, treasdmill and stationary bike indoors and yes I use seasalt.

General Feedback
Posted by Suseeq (Sydney, Australia) on 01/15/2016

Hi Darcy I was reading an old post of yours about treating your dog for bone cancer. How is your dog, and what did you treat your dog with . could you share this with us please?

Orp Readings
Posted by Miket (Cary, North Carolina, United States) on 08/17/2011

I just bought a pH/ORP combo meter. The ORP piece of the combo meter is factory calibarated. In taking a few urine readings, most of those readings (8 in total) were positive which ranged from 2 to 200 with only 2 readings that were negative (-15 and -19). This didn't make too much sense as for the most part I am feeling well with the exception of some brain fog issues. I started to panic a bit thinking I was a walking cancer time bomb waiting to explode... To further research, I called the vendor and asked them about negative ORP readings and their response was that the platinum probe needs to be oxidized by dipping and storing the meter in distilled vinegar solution for about 3 days initially. However, I was just reading one of Ted from Bangkok's responses to Hasan in the "ph_questions" section where he mentioned that we want to ensure that the ORP meter is cleaned and stored in a KCL solution to "prevent" oxidation. Now, I am very confused.... Has anyone run into an issue like this? What is everyone doing to ensure their ORP meters are indeed providing accurate readings (positive or negative)?

Orp Readings
Posted by Rhhince (Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada) on 09/30/2011

I also have a hard time keeping the ORP meter reading properly. What I have done was to use pure distilled water that sat a day to two and calibrate the meter for 265. I use the ORP meter as a reference point only from where I am at. So if I started at 135 and 150 which I did in the beginning of drinking my homemade mineral water, my urine PH climbed as well as the ORP even if it wasn't that accurate. It is quite relative. In the beginning, first three weeks, my average urine PH was 5.8, now 16 weeks later I am average 7.3 for the last 8 days and climbing. The ORP is -194. Even though it is not accurate, it is still and indicator. I calibrate my ORP meter using distilled water every 3 weeks. Hope that helps, cause I had the same thought.

Orp Readings
Posted by Pone (California, US) on 07/10/2014

I am really confused on how to get an accurate ORP reading on urine. What can be done to calibrate the ORP and make it as accurate as possible in the range of -200 to +50?

I get a positive 15 reading on my urine and the sites that explain this say it is quite bad. Then again, the meter appears to be horribly inaccurate in this range so does the reading mean anything at all?

Is there any specific brand of ORP meter that is particularly accurate for urine measurements?

Orp Readings
Posted by Rhhince (Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada) on 07/29/2011

I did some urinary PH testings of my parents and sister and myself. The readings varied (PH 5.1, ORP -2) (PH 6.3, ORP -70) (PH 7.0, ORP -89) (PH 7.3, ORP -75). The objective I understand, is to be able to raise the negative ORP levels -150 and up on the negative scale. For an individual that could mean raising their PH level to 7.5 to achieve that, the other 7.0 might do the trick, but the objective is the higher negative ORP readings and not so much PH. I read on other websites that PH levels between 6.5 and 8.0 are ok neutral. This may give a range for each individual to work with to obtain higher negative ORP readings. Is this a good way to start? When I started this venture 2 months ago, my 3 week PH reading average was 5.8, ORP 50, the next 3 weeks was PH 6.4, ORP -50, this current 3 week stretch in progress is sitting at PH 6.9, ORP -75. It may take another month with a PH of 7.5 to possibly achieve -150 ORP. The relationship of PH and ORP appears proportional to each individual.

Lemons and Limes
Posted by Rick (Woburn, Ma) on 07/11/2011

I'm still confused. I have read the list of foods that are the most alkalizing and acidifying to the body. Both lemons and limes are listed as some of the most alkalizing fruits. Apparently there is some internal process that treats these citric acids as alkalizers. If this is true, is ascorbic acid, without the addition of any baking soda, an alkalizing supplement or an acidifying supplement?

Baking Soda, Borax
Posted by Guilherme Schroeter (Los Angeles, Los Angeles, Ca Us) on 06/20/2011


I am new here, seek for help about my problem.

Around one year I become tired, with cronic fatigue, something floating inside my eyes, and small things of blood start to appear in my skin, as well something walking inside my skin every single night. I cannot sleep.

I started trying turmeric olive leaf and green tead in tablets (gaia brand) one time a day, plus carson vitamin d3 5. 000 a day (i have weak immune system for years, but treating with antibiotics) - one drop of liquid kelp (world organic brand) - says that have 150 mcg iodine and 59 ml content (2 fl oz). I start as well sun chlorella pulverizes (one pack every day) as well E3LIFE (one kind of organic algae extract liquid)

But what make a diference is 1/2 of baking soda with 1/4 of borax in 3 liters water. I feel more better, but when I tryed add a teaspon of apple cider vinegar (_____ organic) give me "fire" sensation on my throat and later pain in my stomach.

What I ask for any member ted or expertise is,

1) is safe drink borax with baking soda mixed

2) how much dosage per day (drink just one cup or all liter)

3) if is good to mix the apple cider vinegar and how quantity is required for safe.

Is important to say, I got extreme good results without using acv. because I heard something about Apple Cider Vinegar is good regarding make your body alkaline, and on that situation you can combat the parasites, is because I tryed Apple Cider Vinegar too.

The other thing is how I can test my ph, and the best product and where I can find it? if I got the correct ph, is signal that I need stop the treathment, or continue untill I feel good?

thanks for any help


how much I need to drink borax with making soda?

Baking Soda, Borax
Posted by Willy (Los Angeles, California, Usa) on 06/20/2011

i want ask if borax baking soda and apple cider vinegar can also help with poison from chemtrails (barium, aluminium) and fluor cloride on water - if not, what the treatment for it.



Baking Soda, Borax
Posted by Casper (Helsinki, -, Finland) on 09/16/2011

Guilherme, you are suffering most likely from Scabies!! Scabies are tiny mites that live on and under your skin. They make tunnels under your skin and lay eggs there. You said you feel crawling and have blood spots. It's the mites. This is a very common problem, but not many people know to diagnose this correctly. Get rid of the mites and you will get well again. Search the internet for natural scabies cures. There are many different options to treat this. It's a bit of hard work.. But it can be done. Good luck!

General Feedback
Posted by Janet (Hertfordshire, United Kingdom) on 06/15/2011

Hi, It was facinating to read your article on regulating the PH balace in the blood for optimum health. I am Auto-immune so never get colds or flu but I suffer from Osteoarthritis, Osteoporosis, Globus and Fybromyalgia. I also take a low dose of Thyroxine because I am hypothyroid. I don't know my PH balance levels in my blood but it is clear from reading your article that I need to regulate it to be well.

Thank you for the work you are going to help people.

Apple Cider Vinegar, Magnesium Hydroxide
Posted by Roger (Colorado Springs, Colorado) on 06/06/2011

I see that there is a lot of talk about adding baking soda to ACV. The whole point of adding sodium bicarbonate to ACV is to turn the mixture neutral. When you do this, it means that there is going to be a bunch of sodium in the mixture. This is not necessarily bad. But, if you take 7 parts of ACV and add 2 parts of Milk of Magnesia (MOM) or magnesium hydroxide, you can turn your mixture to neutral PH and get a really good night's sleep.

If you take too much magnesium, your stools will disintegrate. That is how you know that you have taken too much.

General Feedback
Posted by Mary (Mukilteo, Wa) on 01/25/2011

Would someone post the address of a picture of a ph meter? I have looked at different type stores and have not found one that is similar to what I think is being described on the site. Thank you

General Feedback
Posted by Tom (Regina, Sk) on 01/25/2011

Any image search site is good. I use If you just hold your mouse cursor over any image, it'll magnify and show details, like the site that product is available on. Some are several hundred dollars, but just look around.

General Feedback
Posted by Linda (San Francisco, Ca, Usa) on 12/29/2011

No need to spend hundreds of $$ for a pH meter unless you want to. I use the "pH Checker" meter made by Hanna Instruments. It's fast, accurate and easy. You can find it many places on the web including Ebay, it's ~$30.USD



Baking Soda, Citric Acid
Posted by Zoran (New York, Usa) on 10/30/2010

I have been using lime and baking soda for about two months now and my urine PH is fine 7-7.25 but I cannot get the saliva PH above above 6-6.25. As per Ted, I know this not good and I need some more guidance as to how to fix this problem. I also have been taking daily supplement of Vitamic C as well as potassium citrate. I hope someone can help me. ( my 7 year old son has the same problem, urine PH is always higher than that of saliva and it should be reverse. Thanks for any help.

Baking Soda, Citric Acid
Posted by Lia (Lindsay, Ontario) on 10/02/2011

Vitamin C, lime and potassium citrate make your body more acidic. So stop intake of them if you wish baking soda to have good effect in alkalinizing your body.

Acidic Urine
Posted by Heavenlightly (Huntsville, Alabama ) on 09/02/2010

OK so 02/16/2010: Bill from San Fernando, Luzon, Philippines:

So Bill I read your post and was wondering if you changed your diet much or maybe you already eat a "healthy" diet. I am wanting to get rid of aches and pains, sinus allergies etc and my son has a Jock itch that he has had for a few years now. Also ringing in the ears which I believe is candida related. So I will be trying the pH balance and other stuff you mentioned for the Jock itch and see how that goes. I don't have a problem eating more raw but was wondering if that is what you did or not. If this helps I will be letting all know. Thanks and God Bless You All

Acidic Urine
Posted by Sainohio (Virginia Beach, Va) on 11/26/2011

Just waned to know about this:

2 tablespoons Milk of Magnesia
2 Tablespoons 3% Hydrogen Peroxide
1/2 teaspoon Borax(20 Mule Team)

Is this ingested or use in a topical application?

Ted's Remedies
Posted by Tantrictemple (Ny, NY) on 07/28/2010

Ted dear, at the top of the pH page, you wrote: "The usual dosage for me is 1/2 teaspoon (of potassium bicarbonate), 1/2-1 teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate, now if my pH is very acid, I add 1/8 teaspoon (of potassium carbonate). " You wrote potassium carbonate twice for this recipe, for the second one did you mean to write "citric acid"? Thanks buddy!

Hydrogen Peroxide, Borax
Posted by Lorica (New Albany, Indiana) on 05/21/2012


I thought I was eating pretty healthily with lots of fresh fruits & kitchen-grown sprouts, but I was always too acidic with resulting fatigue. I used baking soda effectively but it can cause dizziness & damage the kidneys over time. One day I tried some hearts of romaine - I didn't know they are not bitter like regular romaine, which I don't like, until someone told me.

Amazing! If I just eat a bit of that several times a day, even the whitish part, I'm quite alkaline. Putting ground parsley on food also helps a lot.

I suspect spinach would be very alkalizing but too much of it can be a goitrogen - I. E. a danger to thyroid health.

pH Tester Tools
Posted by M (Mukilteo, Wa) on 02/17/2010

Ph Tester Tool

I would like to know how the tester works. Do you use it for saliva and urine both? And if you are squeamish can it be done? Thank you

EC: Hi, M.

Are you referring the Ph test strips like these?

or Ph Meters like these:

pH Tester Tools
Posted by M Bare (Mukilteo, Wa) on 02/19/2010

I was thinking of getting the tool listed in the second list that has a meter box, wire and stick.

What system to use it?

The thought of putting it in mouth for saliva and into urine stream bothers me.

I have Pennsyvania Dutch background and clean is not really clean until it has been cleaned more than it needs to be cleaned.

Thank you

pH Tester Tools
Posted by Linda (San Francisco, Ca, Usa) on 12/29/2011

M Bare, the answer to your dilemma is this:

Use one very clean container for urine and another (small) very clean container for saliva. Test the substance while in the container, and clean the meter probe between and after using.

As a last resort, some folks use tiny disposable cups instead of having to wash containers. I consider disposable containers a waste, except while traveling.



pH Tester Tools
Posted by Citygirl27 (Richardson, Tx, Usa) on 06/05/2012

Sterilizing: For sanitizing anything plastic, we used a microwave steam sterilizer. No tablets or chemicals needed, it just uses water only. Steam sterlizers are found in the baby section of stores. You can also get sterlizer tablets there to dip whatever you want to sterilize but that is more fuss and mess than the steam method. For metal tips, an alcohol swipe provides assurance.

Alkaline Urine
Posted by Cindy (Cochrane, Wi) on 02/16/2010

to Bill from San Fernando - would you share exactly what you did? thank you.

Alkaline Urine
Posted by Bill (San Fernando, Philippines) on 02/17/2010

Hi Shaun...Well, much thanks for that, and I guess we must be doing something right.

My outlook towards the medical profession and the big pharmaceuticals is remarkably aligned to your opinions on this. But that may be because we're both British.

But please don't get me started on this subject...I would become very boring !! I have also learnt much concerning all the lop-sided deceptions and goings-on within the world's pharmaceutical industry, which are best truly described, in my own loopy way if you like, by some favourite quotes by Mark Twain:

"Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect."

"Denial ain't just a river in Egypt."

Be Well,


Alkaline Urine
Posted by Bill (San Fernando, Philippines) on 02/22/2010

Hi Everyone...The importance of bicarbonates within the digestion, nutrient absorbtion and respiration of nutrients into the human body is difficult to understand and it seems that some opinions seem to be promoting mistaken or inaccurate conclusions.

If we just consider the importance of human digestion wrt bicarbonates -- when food enters the human stomach, this becomes a very acid medium, consisting of hydrochloric acid secreted by glands in the stomach. Its purpose is to both initiate protein digestion in an acid medium, to convert the slightly alkaline saliva medium to a fully acid medium and thus to kill any dangerous or bad bacteria in the food.

The stomach contents or chyme are then passed into the duodenum for the next stage which is initiated by secretions by the pancreas and liver. The pancreas secretes many enzymes -- tripsin, chemotrypsin, amylase, lipase, lactase, maltase, sucrase etc -- that can only work and do their job in a neutral to alkaline medium. Also secreted with these enzymes are bicarbonates in solution to completely neutralize the hydrochloric acid in the stomach chyme mixture so that the enzymes in the duodenum have the correct medium to work in for proper digestion to occur.

The liver secretes bile via the gall bladder which is used to break the fat down into convenient droplets for easier digestion and absorbtion. The bile also reacts with the excess alkali or bicarbonate to form a convenient "soap" which aids intestinal perstalsis in moving the hardened faeces down the intestines.

The bile mainly consists of chemically broken down haemoglobin, hagocytes and cholesterol which is excreted by the liver into the intestines.

The digestion and absorbtion of nutrients further take place in the jejunum and ileum. The colon functions to reabsorb water and vitamins as well as providing an area to store waste before excretion.

Therefore, in terms of just digestion, it is easy to see where digestion can all go wrong because of excess acidity.

If you either eat very acid junk foods OR are low in body bicarbonates, then when the acid stomach chyme gets into the duodenum, the hydrochloric acid will not be neutralized with a weak or insufficient secretion of bicarbonates from the pancreas, so the chyme will remain acidic, the duodenal enzymes will not work because they need a neutral to alkaline medium, and so the chyme or food just stagnates within this acid medium, rapidly encouraging all sorts of bad anaerobic bacteria, virus, fungus to take hold and to be absorbed and attack the body via the intestines.

To see a good explanation of why bicarbonates are so important for respiration, see this simple essay - with a very useful diagram by Mark Sircus which helps to explaining the vital importance of bicarbonates:

Alkaline Urine
Posted by Julie (Nc) on 09/18/2014

Your body should be 6.1-6.8. On p 14 your urine should be 6.5-7.0. Dairy is killing me yet the doctor wants me to eat it. My pH goes down every time I eat yogurt no more for me.

Alkaline Urine
Posted by Ella (Usa) on 11/01/2017 4 posts

Hi Bill,

I desparately need your advise as I have been taking Ted's remedies baking soda/potassium about 2 weeks, just baking soda 1 week, and ACV + BS for 1 week total 4 weeks I still have sour taste in mouth after meal. I feel more sour during evening. My sour taste 1 day has less and the next day has more. It has been like this for the whole month. At 3rd week of BS and potassium I have experience abdominal pain so I stopped it and use only ACV /baking soda and it started burp alot and become indigestion have food comes back up in my throat and still have sour taste after meal. I also take magnesium 200 mg in a glass of water. I still feel someting in my throat. So I took a break no more ACV and baking soda. The indigestion become worse and burp alot more. Have foods come back up in the throat. I tried tumeric root capsule for 2 days while I stopped the ACV/baking soda and I have burning chest pain. Not sure if that is the cause. So I stopped and try aloe vera but I have mild burning chest pain. I don't know if there is Candida or not. I have coating white tongue on and off through the day and my white tongue is thick in the morning when I wake up in the morning. My tongue seems to be sour. Have heartburn, GERD. Only symptoms is sour taste after meal, heartburn, indigestion, and was constipation before go every 2 days and now go every day but have to push hard. Also anemia very low on ferritin, low iron, low vitamin deficiency. I checked blood test. My sodium bicarbonate is within the normal range and potassium is on borderline normal range. I am currently taking aloe vera and probiotic. It seems the sour taste is there. No change. I tested my saliva is 6.5 or 6.8 through out the day. However, my urine PH is 6.0 first pee in the morning and 2nd pee in the morning is 7.5. Afternoon the urine PH is 6 for the rest of the day. Please provide your feedback as I dont know what to do. I lost alot weight as I am only eating boil chicken breast, noodle, and veggie for the past 7 months. I have not eat any sugar for 7 months. I don't' know what is wrong. Please help.

Alkaline Urine
Posted by Marsh57 (Denver) on 01/22/2018

Hi Bill, do you recommend a specific company for hair analysis? I'd rather select a recommended resource than not. Thanks for your great wisdom and help on EC.

Baking Soda, Citric Acid
Posted by Ali (San Francisco, Ca) on 01/24/2010

Re: Does citric acid leach calcium from bones?

In the recommended 1/4 tsp baking soda (aluminum free) and 1/4 tsp citric acid in 1/2 glass water at least, twice a day to help alkalize the body,does the citric acid leach calcium out of the bones when the body? If I have long-term severe vitamin D deficiency and achy bones is citric acid use still safe on bones?

Can you consider putting a Paypal link to donate to EC or to the main/top individual contributors? If there already is one on the EC website, I didn't see it, maybe somewhere on home page? I am thankful for the help and little donations can add up to help further research? Thanks.

EC: Hi Ali. Thanks for asking - we do have a Donate link at the very top of every page (next to the Give Feedback link).

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