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Posted by Tiara (Pune, Maharashtra, India) on 12/23/2011

Hi! My thanks to this website and all the members who have shared their remedies for ovarian cysts. I have cysts in both my ovaries for almost 2 years now. I've been taking homeopathy medicines since 8 months due to which the pain has subsided but the cyst remains!!!

I'm gonna try the ACV & Molasses this month and will revert back, hope it works!

Thank you all....

Replied by Tiara
Pune, India

Hi All! I was taking blackstrap molasses (2 tbl spoons) apple cider vinegar (1 tbl spoon) in glass of warm water, morning & night for 2 months but discontinued later due to travel. Though I continued with some yoga & exactly after 5 months my ovarian cysts have disappeared.

I truly trust the blackstrap molasses & apple cider vinegar & I'm planning to take it on alternate days even though my cysts have gone.

We need to wait to see the effect. Best wishes to all......

Replied by Ew
Rockville, Md, Usa

Hi Tiara, that is terrific news about shrinking the cyst. That is such an encouragement. May I ask how big it was when you started?

Posted by Shonn (Hope Hull, Al) on 05/16/2011

Went to the ER after an excessive bleeding and pain episode after sex... Was told I had an ovarian cyst on my left ovary size of a bird egg... Was given provera for the bleeding and pain pills. Now the pain has subsided, want to know if it is ok to resume sexual activity and will it prevent me from having more children? Will the remedies listed here hinder me?

Posted by Emaa (Saudi Arabia, Makkah) on 02/17/2011

I have ovarian cyst of 10 cm before after watching this website I was taking Apple Cider Vinegar and beets molasses and aloe vera juice but now it become 16 cm I m really worried doctors said we will do surgery what to do plz any one tell me.

Replied by Karen
Randolph, Nj

Look into iodine - stop consuming any caffeine or chocolate -

Posted by Lissayvette (Hayward, Ca, Usa) on 11/02/2010

Can someone tell me how to cure cervical cysts. I dont have medical insurance thru my work and had to have go to the county hospital to get a Pap and the Dr. referred me to have a pelvic sonogram. The nurse called a few days later and told me I have cervical cysts but she didnt know how many or how big and that I couldnt talk to the Dr. by phone or email but I could in person but not until Dec 22 when she made me an appt. I have been bleeding for 3 months about 20 days out of the month and cramping. It affecting every aspect of my life ( exersise, work ( had blood on my chair one day) sex etc. Not to mention I feel like an emotional wreck. Any suggestions on how I can get rid of these holistically.. Organic foods, vitimins etc.. Thanks, Lisa Oh Im 42. 3 kids 19, 16 and 9 and my tubes are tied.

Replied by Christal
Austin, Tx

You could be having the cysts due to the tubes being tied, I have a close friend who got hers tied and apparently its a common side affect, She ended up getting a historectomy( sorry for the spelling)... You need to get on some iodine, bentonite clay (the edible kind, not aztec clay) and change your diet. Raw milk is a must if you can get some do it. EAT MEAT, Our bodies need good fats and I would suggest taking some dandelion root tincture, you can get that at a healthfood store, also take apple cider vinegar and blackstrap molasses in the milk, for this you take 1 cup Organic or Raw, preferrably raw milk, blend with 1 Tablespoon of Unsulphered blackstrap molasses and drink, immediately after take 1 tablespoon of Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, abvoid chocolate and caffeine and I would suggest getting on some good magnesium oil as well, spray onto the bottoms of your feet before bedtime, one to two sprays is sufficient, it will make your feet itch so I suggest getting a lava stone or something to scrub the dead skin off with. Also get on a good multivitamin and make sure your eating PLENTY of DARK LEAFY GREENS, try to eat most of your food raw, of course not meat but you know what I mean, raw fruits and veggies. Hope this helps! You should also go see a Naturopath in your area, they will be able to do much much more

Green Tea  

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Posted by Janelle (Austin, Tx, Usa) on 09/11/2010
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Worked Temporarily

I've been struggling with an ovarian cyst that an ultra sound found on my left ovary. I started drinking green tea for a month and the cyst shrunk significantly, I couldn't feel it anymore. However, I stopped drinking the tea and the cyst is back. I also noticed a little cyst on my right breast near my arm, it is painful to the touch so I think its just a swollen node. I've also noticed some swollen lymph nodes under my chin. I'm exercising regularly and loosing some weight, but not too much. I've come to the conclusion that I'm detoxing too fast and my lymph nodes are getting overwhelmed. I've also learned that I have an iodine deficiency that is causing an under-active thyroid, which is causing a hormonal imbalance and slowing my weigh loss. There in lies the reason why my cysts keep coming back and are hindering my success in becoming pregnant. I've been searching for alternative treatments and it looks like I will be taking some sea kelp pills to get the iodine I need to help my thyroid and get the hormones back in balance. I will also be adding the Apple Cider Vinegar 2 teaspoons with 8oz glass of water 3 times a day. I've already ordered some PH testing strips to test my alkalinity and some Apple Cider Vinegar with mother from Amazon. I'll post my results in a couple of months.

Replied by Veronica
Austin, Texas

Hello, just wondering how this has worked for you. I was just diagnosed and the Dr. said I could possibly lose my ovary. Thanks!

Replied by Tata
Los Angeles, Ca

Go to an oncologist for the breast cyst and lymph node. That is not normal and may be malignant- don't wait!

Replied by Memsy
Nigeria, Fct Abuja

Hi, am Memsy from Nigeria. I did pelvic scan & the result shows that I have ovarian cyst on my right ovary, which is measured 4. 0 x 3. 7. Please I want to know if Forest Green Tea With Mint can help in treating it.

Heat Application  

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Posted by Shrink Big Cyst (Constitution, Oregon, Usa) on 10/07/2014
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Greetings. My suggestion for instant relief of almost any pain, but especially a big cyst, is to apply HEAT! From any source. My choice is to wear a hot water bottle; I underestimated the healing benefits until I relapsed into 2 out of 10 health for the last week. My genius husband thought to use a back brace to leave me hands free. A large purse could probably work well. Now, I strap it on two or three times a day. I can also lay on my stomach with the hot water bottle on my spot; I can lay on my stomach for the first time in eighteen months! I apply castor oil on my belly, wrap the bottle in a towel, and have faith that the oil helps pull out toxins.

My question is when the cyst bursts or tears, other than the pain, is a relief of breathing felt? When my three babies were born the water leaking was instant relief. I currently feel in the last month of pregnancy, like I am carrying a 6 pound baby; I felt worse in the last 18 months, like sometimes I am carrying our 10 pound son. Do women experience heavy periods with clots or does the cyst dissolve slowly into bowel movements?

I look forward to reading more posts about the science and the process of healing, especially I want to know about maintaining cyst-free. I thought different times in the last 9 months since the removal of my IUD that I was cyst free. I juice fasted for a total of more than 70 days, in 7-10 day periods and felt relief. I am proactive with a 80% raw and 100% vegan diet. I supplement with herbs, warm teas, and iodine. Does anyone have experience with deep tissue massage, could I penetrate the cyst and poop it myself? I hope... What about acupuncture, acupressure? Thanks for your time and consideration.

Herbal Tincture  

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Posted by Chel (Toledo, Ohio) on 09/21/2007
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I am suffering with the same problem I found a website that gave a recipe for healing of ovarian cyst that this person says the cyst disappeared in only a few weeks. The purchase of these items cost me about $60 from the health food store.

Ovarian Cyst Tincture
l teaspoon each tinctures of burdock root, vitex berries, red rasberry leaves and motherwort leaves.

1/2 teaspoon each tincturers of prickly ash bark & ginger rhizome.

Combine ingredients. Take a half a dropperful 2 or 3 times daily.

Replied by Aquarelle
West Coast, America

Great herbs; Thank you. I am going to try this.

Susan S. Weed, a well-known herbalist also states that Chickweed tincture (made with fresh chickweed only, not dried) is excellent for shrinking ovarian cysts. It isn't readily available, but I had my local herb store commission an herb grower to make it for me. If you are an expert herbalist type it does grow fresh in many regions, but be sure you know how to identify it should you make your own tincture.

I am going to continue it along with the other herbs you describe.

Juicing Remedy  

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Posted by Adsy1900 (Arlington, Tx) on 08/23/2012
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The Recipe To Rid The Body Of Ovarian Cyst
Prepare a mixture of 5lb pre cooked beets, 2 lbs of carrots, half a bottle of non alcoholic wine and 2 jars of molasses, by juicing them all together. Take one shot glass before a meal, three times a day for 15 days and then continue with the rest of the batch twice daily, once before breakfast and once before dinner. You will probably find that your cycle is heavy for the first couple of days. Also no alcohol must be consumed during this period. Women who tried this mix found their cysts disappeared within a few weeks.

Kundalini Yoga  

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Posted by Shine (Bethelhem, PA) on 01/18/2008
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Hormone balance almost seems like a life long quest for most women, but I think I found a great cure. It also made my re-occuring ovarian cysts disappear. Kundalini Yoga all the way! It changed my life. Don't be discouraged by fear, most instructors give options for flexibility and experience. You can also take breaks. It will realign your chakras, in-turn balancing your hormones. Once a week will even make a big difference. I also find Siberian Ginseng to be very helpful.

Molasses, Aloe Vera and Beets  

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Posted by Cloud9 (Lübeck, Germany) on 06/08/2016
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I was diagnosed with a 4 cm cyst on my left ovary that was causing severe pain 6 weeks ago. I immediately started drinking about 200 ml freshly squeezed beet juice mixed with 1 tablespoon aloe vera juice and 1 teaspoon blackstrap molasses every morning. After about 1 week of drinking the juice my pain was practically gone. Two weeks later the pain and severe bloating was back. I was very frustrated but continued to have the juice. The pain then went away again. Then, last week during my period (the second period I had since the diagnosis) I noticed that my period was heavier than usual and bits of tissue were coming out.

Today (6 weeks after the diagnosis) I went in for an ultrasound. The cyst is completely gone!!!

Replied by Helen


Where does one buy blackstrap molasses in Germany? I'd love to know. Thanks much!

Replied by Cloud9

Hi :) I've bought mine from a Reformhaus. I think they all sell them!

Replied by Abigail

Please can I have the pictures of those things (herbs) you used for your cyst please

EC: Hi Abigail,

Here are some image searches on Google that will help you locate these items in your grocery store, health food store or online.

Blackstrap Molasses - Bottles of Blackstrap Molasses are usually found near the sugar in USA grocery stores
Aloe Vera - what the plant looks like
Aloe Vera - the juice supplement people often buy

Hope this helps!

Posted by Vani (Singapore) on 11/10/2013

Hi, I have 1 cyst measuring 7.8cm in my left ovary and 2 cysts measuring 4.3cm and 4.6cm in my right ovary. I have been taking beetroot, molasses and aloe vera 1st thing in the morning, once a day. I don't feel any changes in the sizes of the cysts so far. but within 3 days after taking this I felt good. I started feeling like increased blood count and it's circulation. and yes inceased energy level. within 6-7 days, pain in ovaries is gone. today is the 10th day of taking this tonic, I woke up at about 4.30am in the morning and am still awake until 11pm. energy level has increased. I have been having only vegetables, wholemeal bread and fish for the past 15 days. no sugar, no rice, no refined flour and no coffee. I have been taking vit B complex and vit C and drinking almost 3 litres of plain water per day, for the past 1 month.

My questions are - is it too early to expect changes in the cysts? I understand that I have to do this treatment for 40 days. at night I started to feel that, the cysts are softer. but by morning they become harder. do I need to change my diet? if I do castor oil pack, do I need to get cold pressed castor oil or normal castor oil will still help to shrink the cysts?

Replied by Serene
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Hi all, I've been trying this tonic for almost 1 month. but I'm having dark brown discharge for 10 days. I only had normal menstruation for 3 days in between. Is this normal? Should I continue this treatment. Someone please tell me.

Replied by Angi
New York, Ny

I had Overian cyst last year and I got completely cured. The only thing I was taking Apple Cider Vinegar and Baking Soda first thing in the morning with empty stomach. I was taking 1/4 tea spoon baking soda and one spoon ACV. It took me almost 9months to complete cure of my overian cyst. I am still taking it couple of times a week to prevent my self. I changed my diet and doing excercise. You can also watch video on you tube for cancer cure they use baking soda. ACV and Baking Soda completely wash out your system or any other digestion problem from inside.
Good Luck.

Replied by Serene

Hi Angi, thanks for sharing this remedy. what was your cyst measuring before you started this treatment? were you following any diet or particular food to avoid?

Replied by Lily
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Hello. I just wanted to share with you guys my experience with this tonic. I put all the ingredients of this mixture together and drank it one night after looking through the forum for kidney stone remedies. I woke up in the middle of the night with the worst most violent case of diarrhea and I was feverish and shivering and felt like I emptied the entire contents of my stomach that night. It was the most bizarre thing ever but I remember the pain I felt in my abdominal areas (especially the right where my kidney stone was discovered)was relieved! This was a couple of months ago but it was such an intense experience that I was too frightened to do it again. Now I'm having strange vibrating sounds and pain in my left side going down into my ovary and I'm thinking of doing the same concoction again to see if it could help. I'm extremely bloated, look like I'm pregnant. Theres a feeling of uncomfortable bloated-ness in my stomach and theres these vibrations going down to my left ovary. Does anyone know what this might be??

Replied by Mama To Many

I am wondering if you used a lot of beets the first go around? They can cause a strong detox reaction.

If you try it again, I would use much less beets.

Activated charcoal might be an option for the bloating/gas.

~Mama to Many~

Posted by Stlolo (Missoula, Mt) on 01/18/2012

Can I please get the molasses recipe for ovarian cysts? My daughter age 15 has a 1 inch cyst and is in a lot of pain. Dr. said ibuprofen and prescribed tylenol with codeine. She is still in a lot of pain. Would like to try this to see if it can help her.

Replied by Annie
Davie, Florida

Hi everyone, so glad I found this wonderful site. I have not gone yet to the doc but from the symptoms I am having I believe I may have a cyst. So worried but I will be going to the docs soon.. Heavy feeling lower discomfort in my left.. Painful periods ect.. I am so hopeful that I can find natural remedies and not have any surgery if they find something.. We will see.. Good luck ladies and will be reading to see where I should begin.. Reallly worried but I this site gives me hope that maybe natural remedy is the way to go.. I know I will at least have to have an ultrasound and take it from there.. Annie

Replied by Reshma
Sunrise, Florida

Could I substitite wine with something else in this juice?

Posted by Kathy (Fort Lauderdale, Florida) on 10/10/2010

I have been taking the aloe, molasses, and beet remedy for ovarian cysts for 45 days with no success. I will continue till the aloe and molasses are all gone. Please pray that this remedy would work for me. Thanks, Kathy :o)

Replied by Joycelyn
Saint Louis, Missouri

Hey Kathy, I'm Joycelyn from Saint Louis and I am also in the process of being healed of fibroid tumors. I stumbled upon this site by accident but I will tell you that I have been to many other sites, even You Tube and they all say the same thing. Beets, molasses, and the aloe vera and it's working. Also the castor oil patches. What they also included though (which I did not read as much here) was to eat organic foods especially vegetables and fruits and cut down dramatically your intake of meat until you are healed. If you must eat meat they recommend mostly fish and secondary chicken. I believe that these were your missing elements. Our attitude also plays a very big part in our healing. Kathy believe by faith that you are healed and you will be!

Replied by Emaa
Saudi Arabia, Makkah

plz tell me how to make beets, aloe vera, and molesses juice please rply soon.

Replied by Abi
Madison, Wisconsin

please fill me in on the recipe, just battled the ignorant Dr.s to giving me a ultra sound to find a 5 cm cyst.

Replied by Jess
Birmingham, Al

I take the herb Red Clover for ovarian cysts. It has worked wonders. No more prescription birth control for me.

Replied by Worried Amanda
Tampa, Florida

Here's my story. Im 34, never been married, no kids. Had a laparascopic surgery in 2000 to remove a very large fibroid tumor and at least one cyst as well as some cleanup from very severe endometriosis. I think I got it from my mother. I had it since I was very young. Anyway, after the surgery, for years I took birth control pills nonstop so no further damage could be done. Unfortunately, I developed a blood clot which went to my lungs and nearly killed me. I had my dvt misdiagnosed several times by doctors and by the time it got really bad and I realized what was going on, the clots had infarcted in my lungs and the damage was done. I had since been pretty good but not able to take birth control. Life went on, career success etc.

Last september, I finally met the man of my dreams. We both really want kids one day and hopefully it will work out between he and I to where that will be something we will try for one day. (we are not married) Anyway, just recently I had some serious pain and started bleeding very heavily and not on my cycle. I went back to the same doc who did my surgery in 2000. She did a ultrasound and found a huge cyst the size of a grapefruit on my right ovary. The tests were so hard to see due to scarring, the bleeding, gas etc that they couldnt even see the other ovary. I have now been walking around with a huge mass in my belly and have had stabbing pains. Saw her again yesterday and she said that the cyst has to go and that she would need to do cleanup on severe endometriosis. My organs for reproductivity are still present but I am not sure how possible kids still are. She gave me some hope but I am still very scared. I want a family more than anything. I cannot take hormones to try to shrink the cyst so surgery is my main option. It will happen in 4 weeks unless my pain gets way worse earlier.

I have now started taking a bunch of supplements and am trying the molasses and apple cider vinegar aloe remedy to see if it might help make a miracle. I so want to be a mom :(

Anyone have this bad of everything and still manage to be able to have kids? Im really worried here...

Replied by London
Sandusky, Ohio

Sweety, try the "water soluble Vitamin E" U get at Walmart. I cant say the name brand here, but its very important to get "water soluble kind, its the only vitamin e that has helped my reproductive system. Take 400 IU 1 to 2 caplets moring and evening. Start with that, a multivitamin, and FOLIC ACID, very, VERY important. Does wonders for your reproductive system. Please wait on the surgery and try the herbal route first, U have nothing to lose at this point. GREENS, greens greens, buy a green supplement (kind of pricey but worth it) and make smoothies or shakes. Also, green tea extract would be good too, along with several cups of Jasmin green tea thru out the day. Change your diet, (ofcourse) more water, and more fruits, veggies, -teas. Herbal suppositories. Research them online. Vaginal suppositories and douches. Ive heard of many women helping themselves with that.

There is a website that I cant say on here, but this website sells a kit to unblock the fallopain tubes. It includes an herbal tampon, and douche(chamomile tea wash) Juicing is also an option. Some women just bombard themselves with herbs to try to get pregnant, but I would do tons of research on the web. There are forums for women trying to get pregnant, that have been successful, just research. Also, there is somthing called the "maya massage", (massaging your abdominal area to get the blood flowing, and break up scar tissue, and there is a dvd available. Altho I would not recommend something so invasive in your state right now. You need to focus on getting that cyst to go down.

Replied by Amy In San Diego
San Diego, Ca

Worried Amanda, I had cyst problems thru out my life. My first daughter I had at 30, I had her early, but no problems. Lost one baby and than I tried for 6 yrs. I had same problems as you. I ended up going to a fert Dr and did IUI (put sperm directly in me past cervix) but I ended up with twins at 36. I wouldn't worry about the getting pg until you get yourself better. By not removing the large cyst you may do more damage to your ovary. I would listen to Dr.Advice. And I have a friend that has only 1 ovary and she still got pg! Life works in strange ways. If I wouldn't have lost my 1 baby I would of never had my twins.. Believe me.. sometimes its worth the wait! I wish you luck.

Replied by Brad
Mentor, Ohio

My fiancee has a 7 cm cyst and a fibroid growing on her uterus, she is in a lot of pain. I took her to the ER and they found these and said take motrin? It's not working and we are unsure what to do. If someone could email me or post the recipe for this I would be grateful. bradglicken(at)gmail.com

Replied by Rimi
Daressalaam, Tanzania

hi all! I am 36 years old and have a 7 yr old son. I used to have painful period but never took it seriously until I missed it last month. I thought I was pregnant, as on our son's request for a younger one we were trying. Then, when I took the strip test two times it was negative, the concerns rose. I went to the doc. Who send me for ultrasound, which showed that I have 2 cysts, 1 each in both ovaries and also a fibroid. The doc gave me a paracetamol, a hormone tablet and another tablet for what I don't know. The symptoms persisted and I went for a second opinion to a chinese doc. after going thru the 1st day of acupunture my breast tenderness has gone but yet no relief from the pain and heaviness in the pelvic.

I came across your site and will be trying out the remedies suggested with an open mind. Hoping to be cured at the earliest.

My concern is when will I be having my normal periods again, as I want another baby.

please respond.

Replied by Keisha

I am 28 & just found out I have 2 cysts 1 on each ovary. I want to try the molasses & apple cider vinegar but I'm worried because I am epileptic. I'm currently on keppra! Does anyone know if the home remedy would cause any harm. I plan on getting organic molasses & ACV.

Replied by Thyroidlady
Pittsburgh, Pa, Usa

Hello Everyone, Today I got a call from my doctors office they told me my ultrasound showed a septated ovarian cyst, and that I would need another ultrasound performed. I am thankful that I find this site today. I am going to try the remedies above before the ultrasound is performed. I will let you know the outcome. Thanks for the support.

Replied by Imelda
Dubai, Uae

To Worried Amanda from Tampa: it's been a year now since you have posted your condition, I would very much like to know if taking the molasses and ACV worked for you? I am growing helpless with my condition. appreciate your update. Thanks a lot!

Replied by Michelle
Brooklyn, Ny

Hi tiana, congrats I'm just wondering if u are still drinking the beets, aloe vera and molasses during your pregnancy? I want to try it but I think I'm pregnant. Can u let me know!!!

Replied by Tina
Ontario Canada

Hello I was wondering what is alkaline water?? Where do u get it??

Replied by Mike 62
Denver, Colorado

Tina: Raw organic fruit and home brewed water kefir made from artesian or spring water are the best alkyline waters. They contain kangan water that radiates far infrared waves. Artesian and spring water are good. Do not drink reverse osmosis water or filtered water from the treatment plant. These processes are not natural. Do not buy a water ionizer.

Posted by Lisa (Dixon, Il) on 06/02/2010

I have recently been told I have two cysts on my right ovary. I had my left ovary removed about 11 years ago for the same reason plus endrometriosis/black cysts. I have to see a GYNO in August but I know what I'm going to hear- the same thing I heard before. Try the pill and possible surgery. I don't want to go that route. I read about the beet/molasses/aloe vera treatment and have started it. Can I take them separately to still be effective and what can I do to get rid of the swollen uterus? It is sooo uncomfortable. I am also taking vitex 3x day. I am a thin person but feel like I'm three months pregnant. (no fibroids found) Will this remedy take a lot of time to see results?

Replied by Merryanne
Orange City, Florida, Usa
120 posts

I would like to add one or two things that I think would be good for you healthwise,,continue with what ever health remedy you wish to try,,,but also, start reading ALL food labels, do not eat or drink anything with soy in it,,,read your animals feed, do NOT give any soy products to human or pets,,,google toxic soy research,,,it is killing pets and people,,do your research before you make a judgement call,,,then cook all of your own food from the start,,make your own bread with whole granins not useless stripped flour,,try to buy organic if you can,,,eat very little meat or dairy,,,you might want to try a vegan diet for 6 months to cleans your body of all toxics from poison-fed animals,,merryanne in fl

Posted by Mar (New York, Ny) on 02/04/2010
5 out of 5 stars

MOLASSES, ALOE VERA AND BEETS - Yes it does work!!!!!

I had a 5cm cyst on my left ovary. My doctor gave me a 2mth window time to see if it would go away by itself. So every day for one month, I drank the juice of 2pounds of raw beets, one leave of aloe vera (the inside) and one bottle of molasses. I drank this mixture every day 3 times a day again for one whole month. When I went to get a check up on the cyst it was GONE.

My doctor performed an indovaginal sonogram and a a c125 blood test, and they both showed that the cyst was gone. Good luck and try it. Everytime you drink this remedy think positively, truly imagine the cyst drying out. Have faith that it will disappear.

Replied by Floatinglotus
Chicago, Il

I'm glad to hear that combination works! I want to try it as I just learned yesterday that I have an 8 cm cyst on my right ovary. Just for clarification, were you drinking a whole bottle of molasses each day or was the total combination of 2 lbs beets, 1 aloe leaf and 1 bottle of molasses divided over the 30 days?

EC: No! Here's a better description of the remedy

10/17/2009: Adriana from Pembroke P, Fl replies: "Thank You Brittany.!!

For all of you who keep asking about quantities... Brittany gave the quantities in here post of 4/17/2009. Here they are in case you missed them:

"With all three ingredients you put all equal amounts in a small bowl. [1]I first mash the beets (1 or 2 slices of the canned beets) with a fork. [2]Then pour about a tablespoon full of aloe vera juice on top of that.[3]Then I take about a tablespoon full of molasses and cover that, mix it, then eat it. You don't have to have a blender to mix it."

If using raw or slightly steamed beets, just grate them on a cheese grate. Use gloves."

Replied by Saf
London, Uk

Hi all,

just wondering where I can buy sugar beets in the uk or online? I've looked everywhere but ive had no luck so far. Please reply if you know as i am having surgery next week which i am not tooo keen on.


Replied by Lisa
Dixon, Il

Question for you all: Do I have to take the beet, molasses, aloe vera juice mixed together or will it still work if I take them separately? The combination about makes me gag but I can tolerate them separately mixed in juice. Thanks for all your help.

Replied by Kelly
Orlando, Florida, Usa

Will it be safe to take this mixture forever? I don't want to stop taking it and then they come back again :(

Replied by Angelia
Memphis, Tn, Usa

If u take them one at a time, wouldnt u be getting the same effect? It will all be in the same place. Right? I gag easy also.

Replied by Name
City, State

For cysts quit eating chocolate and drinking coffee, they throw off your hormones. Also be kind to your liver and kidneys, they have to process and regulate hormones.

Replied by Emaan
Madinah, Saudi Arabia

how to make beet root juice plz tell me.

Replied by Francisca
Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France

Hi, I own a masticating juice and it is very easy to make any kind of juice, be it fruit or vegetables, even herbs. You can Google masticating juicers and get more information. As they turn quite slowly they keep all the enzymes alive, the juices also keep a wonderful color even if you keep them 24 hours in the fridge, they don't oxidize. If you throw the pulp in a few times you get all the juice out of it and actually the juice becomes a smoothie without containing too much pulp which many people don't like and to be honest I don't like either!

Replied by Iamdday
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

So far so good! Only 1 day of this mixture: 1 tbsp of each... Organic unsulphered black molasses, organic aloe vera juice and organic beet juice in a glass last night, this morning and tonight and my bloating that I had for about 4 weeks have subsided immediately. (touch wood) I had a pap on Monday and an ultrasound on Tuesday. I was told that I have a cyst on both my ovaries (left: 2cm and right: 4cm) since September and this is because of Endometriosis. I haven't felt this good in weeks. 2 surgeries to remove cysts and I refuse to go for a 3rd time and I want kids one day. Too much surgery in the same area will mess you up with scar tissue which is what you are trying to eliminate. I am also adding 1 tbsp of apple cider vinegar and 3 iodine drops to 1 8-once glass of water 3x a day and irregular bleeding I had for about 2 weeks has ceased immensely. Wish me luck... I know these cysts will be smaller if not gone just like the other success stories on here. I'll post my results on how I feel in a month. Thank you everyone. Oh! Vitex tablets and boraga oil (omega 6) help with circulation of periods too.

Replied by Bensonjewelers
Florence, Ky

Most ovarian cysts go away on their own without medicine. They are an accumulation of blood cells. If you are post menopausal that is a different story.

Replied by Yolanda
Austin, Texas

Do you have the exact recipe for the beet juice and how much you take each time?