Osteopenia Remedies

| Modified on Apr 25, 2021
Osteopenia Remedies
Posted by Gertjr (Madison) on 09/02/2020

Just a general question:

I have been told that I have osteopenia (bone thinning) and 'high' cholesterol. I know that leafy greens will help both issues. I think my dairy kefir will help both, too. Anything else? I avoid raw because of my ibs-d but can do a small amount. I supplement with gelatin and whey protein, horsetail, niacin (helps sleep, too), zinc, raw vitamins, D3 + K, raw calcium, triple calm magnesium. I do all my own cooking, avoid carbs and fried/fatty foods. My downfall is ice cream and, since my husband passed recently, have over indulged. This will now stop. I lift weights 3 times/wk and twice/wk I swim at least a mile.

My summer garden was a failure (due to hubbies illness), but my fall garden is coming up great and I'll have fresh brocolli, cauliflower, spinach, peas, kohlrabi, carrots and beets fairly soon. So, what should I add? Avoid? Sleep is still a big issue for me, but somewhat better since I'm following Art's melatonin protocol. (Thanks, Art) All you folks here at EC are great and so helpful. Thank you all.

Osteopenia Remedies
Posted by Uncertain (LA) on 04/24/2021

Hey Art, Love your suggestions but are wondering about the sugar in the prunes. I am trying to avoid sugar. Is there anything to replace prunes? You are the best Art.