Osteopenia Remedies

| Modified on Apr 25, 2021
Osteopenia Remedies
Posted by Gertjr (Madison) on 09/02/2020

Just a general question:

I have been told that I have osteopenia (bone thinning) and 'high' cholesterol. I know that leafy greens will help both issues. I think my dairy kefir will help both, too. Anything else? I avoid raw because of my ibs-d but can do a small amount. I supplement with gelatin and whey protein, horsetail, niacin (helps sleep, too), zinc, raw vitamins, D3 + K, raw calcium, triple calm magnesium. I do all my own cooking, avoid carbs and fried/fatty foods. My downfall is ice cream and, since my husband passed recently, have over indulged. This will now stop. I lift weights 3 times/wk and twice/wk I swim at least a mile.

My summer garden was a failure (due to hubbies illness), but my fall garden is coming up great and I'll have fresh brocolli, cauliflower, spinach, peas, kohlrabi, carrots and beets fairly soon. So, what should I add? Avoid? Sleep is still a big issue for me, but somewhat better since I'm following Art's melatonin protocol. (Thanks, Art) All you folks here at EC are great and so helpful. Thank you all.