Nocturnal Urination (Nocturia) Remedies


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Posted by Holly (Millersville) on 11/07/2017

Nutmeg helps me during the day to keep down the number of trips to the loo. Have not tried this at night...but perhaps it would help you. 1/4 teaspoon is all it takes.

Nettle root is another herb that is helpful to older men who have prostrate issues, which can include frequent nighttime urination. It comes in capsules.


Pickle Juice

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Posted by David (California) on 08/11/2015

I get up as many as 6 times a night. I started to take pickle juice just before bedtime for leg cramps (about 1 1/2 oz), but found that it also reduced my nightly visits to the loo. I think it is the salt, vinegar and herbs in the pickles that makes it work. Not scientific, but it is worth a try.

Pumpkin Seed Oil

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Posted by Muhsayy (Las Vegas) on 09/22/2017

Guys, as simple as it seems, pumpkin seed oil works for nocturia. No pharmaceutical drugs need. I recently had bouts of nocturia (surprise! ). It got so bad that I was reluctant to go walking or driving any distance away from home. After researching the condition on this site and others, I decided to get pumpkin seed oil. In the meantime I got some raw unsalted pumpkin seeds from the supermarket, and the condition is history. In either form pumpkin seed oils work, and immediately!

Pumpkin Seed Oil
Posted by Elisabeth (Oceanside, Ca) on 02/20/2016

There were several studies performed using pumpkin seed oil (PSO) in the treatment of overactive bladders. The studies confirmed that PSO did in fact "significantly reduce the degree of Overactive Bladder System Score...and are effective for urinary disorders such as OAB in humans." (

Having struggled with OAB for the last 10 years, I was beginning to think I would simply have to accept the fact my sleep would continually be disrupted due to this issue. I did try various products to solve the problem, one a very expensive herbal product touted for women but at approx. $45 per month felt this to be too expensive. The other was saw palmetto which my husband regularly takes and is very effective for him.

I purchased a bottle of a popular brand of 1000 mg soft gels of PSO (at a cost of $11.24 at my local store) and started taking 2 per day. Wow! What a striking difference after only 1 day. Instead of waking to the urgency of a bathroom call several times in the night I woke only once and that to a gentle pressure. The successive nights were similar and one night I was able to simply ignore it and actually fall back asleep. Mind you, I have only been taking this for 7 days while the studies were conducted over a longer period. I definitely will continue to take this product (also has other health benefits, I.e., anti-diabetic, anti-inflammatory) and perhaps increase dosage to 4 mg per day and then taper off back to 2 mg per day.

Replied by Nick

Now foods version is packed on pumpkin seed oil. Recent studies show that for men doing strength training, Saw palmetto may be a DHT blocker which would be a bad thing. I may try it if I can get some sleep though.

Replied by Pamela

Hi Elisabeth,

You said you took 1,000 mg a day of PSO, but then said you went "down" to 4 mg a day and then 2 mg a day. I'm confused. I read it several times.

Thank you,


EC: We think she meant 4 capsules a day, not 4 mg per day.


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Posted by Lim (Singapore) on 06/29/2019

I am in my forties and used to visit the toilet 2-4 times a night until I started to take 11-14 dried raisins each day.

From that very day I started taking raisins in early June 2019 (I do skip some days), my condition improves. Now, I visit the toilet 0, 1 or 2 times at night. Hopefully, that will continue to improve.

Rice Vinegar

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Posted by David (San Diego, Ca) on 11/18/2009

I am 80 and bothered by frequent nocturnal urination (as often as every hour). After taking 2 tablespoons of rice vinegar, the frequency is 2-3 hours.

Any info on rice vinegar usage?

Replied by Ron Mccann
(Saskatoon, Canada)

Had Nocturia really bad.I was having to get up 4 plus times a night to relieve myself. Did all the normal stuff- no caffeine (coffee or tea), no chocolate, no fluids at night, etc, etc. with no effect. I had to keep my fluids up as I am on a high fiber diet. I was drinking up to 2 liters a day of caffeine-free diet root-beer. Cutting back on this intake did not work. This diet soda contains Aspartame sweetner- which I later read was implicated in bladder irritation that can cause Nocturia. Quitting that soda entirely and substituting water did not work. I tried fruit juices as a substitute but it didn't work either, and I was consuming much too much sugar. Two weeks ago I switched to plain old regular BEER - 4 cups (1 liter) over the course of the day and evening, and I made up the rest with with the diet root beer. It worked. Immediately. The nocturia ceased utterly. Go figure.

Replied by Laura
(Maryland, US)

That is so weird because I have been trying to cut back on beer and that is when my nocturia really got bad! I am happy to hear about the grapefruit juice and rice vinegar, I will see if that helps!


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Posted by Francis (Africa) on 06/19/2014

Re: frequent urination... It appears salt works. I have managed to reduce night frequency to one and I am continuing to carry out more tests.

Replied by Carolyn
(Madison, Wi)

Francis, how much salt are you using?

Replied by Luke
(Atlanta, Ga)

Worked Temporarily

I've been having to get up every hour for a couple of years. A book suggested that salt + carbohydrate would alter the interstitial fluid. I made a salt brine of Himalayan salt in filtered water (try youtube). A little experimentation showed that if I take 14 drops salt brine + 2 teaspoons maple syrup (or raw honey) with a water chaser on an empty stomach --- my bladder will fill at half the rate and gradually increase in speed again. It provides me temporary relief.

Replied by Charity
(Faithville, Us)

Some people use nutmeg during the day to cut the urge but you would have to read up on it and not overdo it.

I use charcoal capsules at bedtime for many health issues and it really helps my body calm down and rest. I have pain coming from many different directions and it can be hard to stay asleep. Charcoal is in the digestion isle of pharamacy, if you are interested.

Sleeping on Your Back

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Posted by JB (Qld, Australia) on 07/09/2021

I have struggled with nocturia for about 20 years. It got even worse recently after surgery for endometriosis. Finally, I discovered that when I sleep on my back it seems to take the pressure off my bladder and pelvic area in general. I've been getting up less before falling asleep and staying asleep until about 6-7am. I place a bunched up shirt on my pillow next to my neck for neck support. Hopefully over time my bladder will get used to going less frequently.

White Kidney Bean Extract

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Posted by Snorton (Westlake Village, Ca) on 10/12/2018

Recently someone mentioned a friend having problems with frequent nighttime urination. I hadn't thought about it before but I would get up several times at night myself. In fact, I had been getting up for so long that I couldn't remember when it started. I also realized that when I went out shopping, I would plan for locations where I could visit a restroom. I just put it all to drinking too much coffee during the day. I visited the Earth Clinic site and decided to try drinking grapefruit juice before bedtime to see if it helped. It did! But it was somewhat variable in helping.

One morning I awoke and realized that I had slept through the night but I hadn't had grapefruit juice the previous evening. In thinking what I had done different that day, the only difference from any other day is that I had taken a carb blocker (white kidney bean extract) before lunch. So I stopped the grapefruit juice and experimented with taking the carb blocker once a day. I tried three different brands of carb blocker, all with the same result: no nighttime visits to the bathroom. In fact, my bladder was not overly full in the morning and I urinated less during the day. It also seems that I drink less liquid during the day. It appears to work but I have no idea why.

Replied by Joan

What is a carb blocker, please?


The carbs are turning in to sugar and changing your sugar levels. That's why the carb blocker works.

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