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Top 5 Natural Remedies for Hot Flashes

Posted by Tracie (Willow, AK) on 11/24/2006
5 out of 5 stars

I'm in the process of experimenting with iodine to cure fibrocystic breast disease. I've had cysts since I was 13 and am now a menopausal 48 yr. old. (Can't even dicipher a self-breast exam since I'm so lumpy) I started with some kelp tablets and increased all the way to 8 per day. At that point the quantity of lumps was lessened but then a couple of them enlarged and were really sore. I then changed over to Iodonol tablets (iodine/iodide) and now the cysts are getting smaller and for the first time since I can remember, my breasts are beginning to feel like they are supposed to. My hot flashes have lessened also, which is curious and I wonder if the iodine is the reason.

Posted by Vandana (Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India) on 08/05/2006
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i tried taking powder of turmeric -- it has been a great thing for the skin and my menopause symptoms are going smooth. Turmeric is best of all the spices -- good for all the ailments basically inside the body and physically also.

Posted by Leanne (Conroe TX) on 03/21/2006
5 out of 5 stars

Hi, Thank you so much for your website, because my whole family is healthier and happier due to the natural remedies that I have found here. I am so very happy that I came across this particular remedy, as you can imagine. It was a bit by accident because I had bought my 16 yr old some protein drinks by Bolthouse Farms because, after reading the ingredients, I was impressed by how natural the product was and it also had added vitamins and minerals. My son is playing sports and growing really fast (6'5") now, so I wanted the best for his body. The drink has soy protein in it, and I had heard that soy was one of the best sources for protein. My husband & I also drink it off and on after working out, and the taste is great (believe me, I don't work for the company even though it may sound like I do!) But one night I decided I would warm a cup of it up and drink it before I went to I did, and I have not slept this good in a long time. I have not had one hot flash since that first night of the warm drink, and I am sleeping in a more deep sleep than I have done in years! I then remembered that I had read a few months back that in countries where women do not suffer from hot flashes and other menopause problems, it is because they have a diet high in soy. Then it all made sense to me as to why the before bed soy drink had helped me so much. It did not really help my menopause symptoms till I did the warm drink at night. I don't know if it will help others like it did me, but I am going to keep drinking it! Thank you so much.

Posted by Rose (New Mexico) on 02/20/2006
5 out of 5 stars

It was getting to the point where I could not enjoy going out to eat or spend any time with my friend due to the sweats that left me wet from from my head, neck, arms and under my breast. It was so uncomfortable that I felt as if I was going to combust from the heat. Only a women can explain the feeling and how awful it makes you feel. A glass of soy milk a day stopped them, and if I did get one it was very, very mild.

Posted by Diane (Palatka, FL)
5 out of 5 stars

I believe there must be a link between exercise and hot flashes. I was plagued by hot flashes day & night, then started riding my horse for 2-3 hours daily, 4-6 times per week, suddenly I noticed I was no longer having them, but then when I got too busy to ride, they immediately returned; started riding again,. . . hot flashes subsided again

Apple Cider Vinegar and Baking Soda
Posted by Alice (Lincoln, CA) on 10/06/2007
5 out of 5 stars

I was feeling very bad in many different ways (mostly from anemia) when I found your site. The most pressing problem I was having was high blood pressure and water retention that had come on quite suddenly and was making me feel like I might explode. The DR gave me meds, of course, they really weren't working (avg BP 160/95 with meds)and I thought I should try other methods rather than have him raise the dosage, and besides, why was I suddenly having this problem?

I had tried ACV along with my mother many years ago when I was a teenager to help with winter athritis and sore throats, but I had forgotten about it. So after reading about it on your site, I immediately started by having 2tbls ACV 1/4tsp baking soda and a little agave nectar for sweetner in a mug of hot water. Within a couple hours of my first mug I was up and about feeling better. My grown son could not believe the transformation. He happened to come by for a visit right when I was drinking that first dose and I changed right before our eyes. I'm so glad he was here to see it so I know I'm not imagining things. I continued using it at least twice a day. The first night I felt so good in my skin, it was wonderful. It took several weeks to get off the BP meds, I had only been on them several weeks before starting ACV so I think I had not become dependent on them. Other people should be very careful about changing their BP meds, DR should monitor this. The water retention problem got better and better each day and finally disappeared after a couple weeks. Last BP check at DRs was 135/85, not bad.

Amazingly, and without me expecting it, my hot flashes that had appeared with a vengence at the same time as the high BP, completely disappeared at that first mugful. It took me a couple days to realize it, but I have not had one since, not ONE hot flash since, and they were rolling in just about one an hour, and believe me they were very thoroughly HOT.

I very patiently waited before writing in to you, and it is over 5 months later now, and I have my mug once a day or more, even while staying away from home (I have been sad to leave organic ACV behind in hotel rooms because I don't know of a good way to travel with it by air). I believe my digestion is better and elimination more regular though I would not have said before that I was particularly troubled in that area. It helps my overall sense of well-being. I can certainly tell if I haven't had some for a day-- I just feel off without it.

I have to add, though, sometimes my ACV doesn't sound good, it kind of hits my stomach funny, gives me a hollow feeling, and sometimes I feel like it heats me up, not quite a hot flash, but not desirable for someone who's had too many hot flashes. I don't know what this aversion is all about, but I manage to make myself have some, even if just a more diluted version of it and in cooler water. I am always glad that I did. After reading more, I think I will try the baking soda in water alone, or the lemon juice with baking soda in water next time the ACV just doesn't sound good.

Thank you so much for this site. I am determined to continue trying things until I feel like I remember I once felt--really well and useful.

B Vitamins
Posted by BRENDA (Matney, USA) on 09/13/2007
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Eliminate Caffeine, Drink Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Diane (Modesto, CA) on 04/01/2008
5 out of 5 stars

For 2 years now, I have been able to avoid hot flashes by not having caffeine. I even had to stay away from having too much decaf coffee otherwise the small amount of caffeine in the decaf would cause me to flash. Shortly after I started taking ACV (2 tbsp. 2 times a day) for joint pain, I had read that people were having success with it helping hot flashes. I decided to try drinking regular coffee again and I am still hot flash free! The ACV is wonderful!!!

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