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Top 5 Natural Remedies for Hot Flashes

Posted by Sarah (Washington, DC) on 06/20/2008
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Hi. This might help somebody: I have a weird condition where any iodine-rich food or salt sends me into weeks or horrible, debilitating hot flashes. Avoiding iodine-rich substances makes them eventually go away, though it is hard to avoid iodine, so it sometimes starts up again. I have tested this reaction many times and it is consistant. When I'm having a reaction, taking a very low dose (12 to 50 micrograms) of thyroxine (like Synthroid) usually helps get the reaction under control within a week. I've been to a couple endocrynologists about this and none of them understand what is going on, except that iodine apparently shuts down the thyroid temporarily and it may be that mine isn't starting up again properly after too much iodine. In addition to the hot-flashes, my symptoms are more like hypo than hyperthyroidism, so maybe that's why the thyroxine helps.
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