Nasal Obstruction Remedies

Bi Yan Pian
Posted by Blindedbyscience (Wnc) on 08/01/2014
5 out of 5 stars

I've had a worsening blockage of my nasal passages for 2 yrs. Finally it became painful at work, I wondered how I could continue my job. I suspect I have swollen and stiff passages with a chronic upper infection. It alternates sides, only one blocked at a time, really crazy. I don't go to doctors(just work with them). I started this Chinese medicine the day I had to work 6 days in a row. I took one dose a day and from the first day it alleviated the symptoms so that I didn't notice them without apparent side effects. Although when I took them before bed I felt restless so I wouldn't advise that. I'm not cured but so far I guess I was shocked how well this worked. I'm going to look into other TCM. Hope it helps you. Bi Yan Pian or Xanthium and Silor.