Nasal Obstruction - Editor's Choice

Over the years, Earth Clinic readers have sent us many reports about their treatments for Nasal Obstruction. The editors at Earth Clinic consider the below posts to be some of the most helpful and informative and have named them 'Editor's Choice'. We hope that you will find this useful.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Posted by Mary (Arcadia, Ca) on 02/05/2017

Responding to Sheree's post from 2010 in the baking soda section for nasal obstruction -

Please try snorting some Apple Cider Vinegar. I used to have very bad sinus attacks. I used to use a sheet to keep on blowing my nose then it would become blocked. It finally went away on its own then about 1 year ago it hit me like gangbusters again after more then 30 years. I didn't know what to do so I put 3 drops of ACV in the palm of my hand and mixed it with water, I snorted it up my nose and after a few minutes my nose became unblocked. It burned a little but I felt great. Even the pains in my body went away. Hope this helps you. Please take care.