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Posted by Sara (Ochlocknee, Georgia) on 08/15/2007
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I found that msg caused my legs to become nearly paralyzed after eating something with msg. Also I had chest pains. I have done a lot of reading about msg and found all the dangers. I was noticing for a year or more that after I would eat a meal that my legs not only became nearly paralyzed but they would begin tingling, stinging and burning or being cold. I had read that rosemary was an antedote and have used it after eating and found that in 15 or 20 minutes that there was some improvement. I am glad to read that there are other alternatives too. It makes me so angry to learn that our food chain is so inundated with msg.

Replied by Wilda
(Woodville, Texas)

Had acute respiratory distress 2 times after eating Chineset

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Posted by Joanne (Tallahassee, FL, USA) on 05/05/2007
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Like PD, I dicovered a connection between Chinese food and my migraines. It was MSG. I've had migraines from Kentucky Fried Chicken, Pizza Hut, and an ever growing list of prepared foods to the point where I don't eat them much anymore (better for my body anyway). I found the best way to avoid them is try to avoid MSG, but it's very difficult, so I also take magnesium (400 mgs) a day. It seems to help keep them down, although lately I've been getting a lot of them but I think it was dietary because I was eating junk. *L* I'm going to try the ACV and see if that helps.. But if Chinese food triggers you, it just might be MSG.. good luck!

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Posted by KNOWLEDGE IS POWER (Perth, Australia) on 04/06/2007
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Have heard two comments now regarding Oxygen Therapy or Hyperbaric Therapy. I am about to give this therapy a go. Also just wanted to say that I think this website is a fantastic forum and agree that the use of Splenda and Aspartame are huge culprits of outbreaks. I haven't had an outbreak for approx 4 weeks now, however I had a chinese dish today for lunch (around 1.30pm) and found out it contained MSG after eating it. I am now experiencing the tingling and itching sensations (now 11.05pm) which are my warning bells going off, so I've taken 2 l-lysine tablets. Not sure what exctly is in MSG but I'm about to search the net for some answers! Will be embarking on the Oxygen Therapy and low carb/high protein diets as protein contains natural l-lysine. Will keep u posted on how it pans out!!

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Posted by Hiral (Chicago, IL) on 01/07/2007
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MSG causes dizzyness and lightheadedness after eating chinese or japanese food. I must agree that MSG is really harmful. Growing up I mostly ate daily cooked Indian food as I am Indian. More recently I have started to eat "out" more and the first thing I noticed after I had this really good tasting fried rice at a Japanese place was that I felt lightheadedness, somewhat dizzy and unable to concentrate. I didn't think much of it until it happened again on another day after eating the same food. A friend of mine told me that it could be MSG. I was curious and I looked it up and it turns out many Asians from the Indian subcontinent or Southeast Asia are definitely reactive to it. When I first had the fried rice, I was unable to determine why it tasted to good. It was definitely not sugar and not salt, it was something different. It just made me want to eat more and more of the rice. I avoid all prepared foods unless I know the ingredients. All Doritos and other bags of chips contain some form of MSG. It is ridiculous how many different foods have it. I now only eat at places that claim to add no MSG but that doesn't mean anything since if the sauces they use already have it then they technically haven't added it themselves. Anyway, it is something you should avoid. All the Indo-chinese restaurants that serve "manchurian bhagis" are nothing more then a brown sauce full of MSG. Why do you think it tastes so good and you can't stop eating it?

Replied by Nemesis
(New York, New York)

With all these toxins being dumped on the masses, its amazing so many are still alive and kicking. Where I live, there's so many people and so many kids. I wonder when this stuff finally kicks in, will it be like people gradually dying earlier and blamed on them for their poor lifestyle choices? Or will we have pandemic levels of sudden deaths in the next ten years. Or is all this just to weaken our immune systems so when a pandemic strikes, humans become a minority?

What I don't understand is all the underground bases that are said to have long-term shelters. The government was said to buy out many of the long-term food storage products from several online companies. Are they planning to take a vacation when a pandemic occurs or if things get out of control, do they plan to nuke the masses and come back after the "waste" is removed and the land is safe again?

Where can I get a golden ticket?

Replied by Artsy
(Shelburne, Ontario, Canada)

You only know the half of it nemesis. Look up fluoride if you haven't already and what it does to the pineal and thyroid. The pineal is thought to be our third eye. (Third eye blind?) I suppose you're aware of terminator seeds and the huge seed vault they have in the arctic. And don't forget chemtrails. We get hammered here everyday. Be sure you have some heavy metal removers in your personal arsenal against the nwo.

Replied by Heidi
(Ogden, UT, USA)

to Nemesis from January hit the nail on the head: there is a push to see the world's human population reduced by 80%, and MSG, fluoride, flu vaccines, and other are the first push to that goal: get us fat, and get us foggy-brained, then they can destroy us more easily.

Replied by byebye
(Colorado Springs, Colorado)
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Since I was a child I have had reactions to excitotoxins. Worse in the last 7 years. For a couple of years I was covered with a hot stinging hot rash on my neck and around my eyes, feeling terrible. The allergist said none of my tests showed to much of any one food to be the cause. Than one day my bother said, quit the sugarless drinks, and flavored chips. I did and I got 50% better. I than read the excitotoxin books and now only get reactions though still miserable when I eat out or overlook some ingredient. (at least once or twice a week).

The doctors have mainly given me cortisone to put on my skin. Now I just found out that I have a blood clot in my eye. I know it has something to do with excitotoxins or my overuse of cortisone. I always gain alot of weight during my reaction times. Is it the toxins or the corts causing that. Someone knows but any research out there is buried. $$ I saw an author interviewed on late night comedy channel and he nailed it when he said that our society has gone over the edge in that only corporate $$ values rule.

Question, what to do, I do not want any syndrome, I just want to be healthy.

Replied by Librspr
(Lutz, Fl, Usa)

And when 80% of the population is gone, who's going to grow the food, produce the clothes, provide the services (like laundering and washing dishes... And cooking)? Seems like the ogliarchy, plutocracy and tyrant-archy have been MSG'd, too: can't think clearly, no concept of consequences, no understanding of slave or serf revolts... if that's where they THINK they're going.

Since families who have been in the U. S. For several generations are, by the world's standards, the craziest and most violent total population since the Imperial Romans, I presume the entire population of the U. S. Is technically "under sentence of death" by deliberate slow chemical poisoning. Of course, so are most of Them. Well, we know (don't we?) what lead and mercury poisoning did to the Imperial Roman upper echelon!

It's not "May we live in exciting times", it's "Look, you're stuck in exciting times, too, Caligula! "

Replied by Theresa
(Linlithgow, Scotland Uk)

MSG debate. Been trying to find an antidote as have recently had 2/3 scary times as a result. Once whilst on holiday in Malta and did think I might end up at the local hospital. I am disgusted that there is so much used in our food, and yet I never eat fast food or prepared food and am careful about the stock cubes etc that I buy. Does anyone out there have any idea how much L-glutamine or Niacinamide (B3) to take and is it just if you have an effect of the MSG please? Thanks for the website, most useful and kind of a relief to know I am not alone in these dreadful reaction. PS. I had viral meningitis 2 years ago and I feel this may have made me more susceptible.

Vitamin C Megadose

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Posted by Teena (Melbourne, Australia) on 07/26/2018 235 posts
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Vitamin c megadose for severe msg sickness:

Sharing my experience with msg toxicity. Easy to narrow down the culprit, the only thing I ate that day was a clear soup with veggies, and a couple of dumplings. Husband was fine, he doesn't really have 'clean' diet. So his poisons are there, doing their long-term damage, but the immediate effects are hidden. Recall thinking this is too tasty to be just pork and spices. That day, nausea, lethargy, head pains. Bed early. Next morning, weakness, nausea, lethargy. Head pain, lower back pain. Concerned about kidneys. I am bedridden. Trying to drink enough water and resting. Think I just need rest. No. My entire four days off work I am ill. Finally forced to go Dr because I am due back at work.

Discussion with doctor, I have msg poisoning, head pain, lower back pain. I am worried about my kidneys. Educate doctor on excitotoxins, Dr says kidneys are fine, how does he know, he hasn't tested my kidneys, but explains no blood in urine, reason for pain is excitotoxins have attacked nerves. I am very relieved my kidneys are ok, and now know I need to restore my nerves. Offers antibiotics for virus, which we agree I don't have, antibiotics don't work for virus, and damage gut, and tells to take Ibuprofen, which damages gut. But he has forced my brain out of it's fog, because I've had to respectfully disagree with him.

Go straight to chemist, select least harmful vitamin c, (sorbitol but at least no aspartame) start chewing tablets in the store. 2000 mg to start. Then 1000 mg an hour. Then every half hour. 2000 mg. I eat them like lollies. It takes a day and a half to see improvement. And another day and half to be 'well'. Bowel tolerance was not reached at this high dose, further confirming depletion.

But the worst part of this poison was the effect it had on my brain, my thinking, which I did not know at the time. The reason I know my brain was affected, clouded? The answer lies in the Taurine and GABA, large containers, bought specifically for their msg neutralising properties, sitting in plain sight on the kitchen bench. I also could not think of the vitamin C, my go to, even though I was out and awaiting delivery. This is the scariest part, if msg can do this amount of damage to brain, nerves, immediately, what extent of damage over one's lifetime?!

Best to all looking for better health.

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