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Posted by E. Chou (Vancouver, B.c.) on 12/30/2009
5 out of 5 stars

Melasma cure- Vitamins, hydroquinone 4%

ok, I see that as a success story and want to share, but the problem is I cannot pin down what I did contributed to the success, it could be a combination as well. So I will give you all the details and you can decide, or try and see.

I had an IPL treatment hoping to take care of some sun spot, and it lifted a few big patches of dark on both cheeks and forehead. The IPL was done early September. It did remove some tiny sun spots, but wheh you have melasma it's a totally different game. Anyway, I just left it and hopefully it will go away but it did not. Some people said it's the post treatment healing which can take 3 months to 1 year. Anyway by end of Oct (which was 2 months after the treatment) that was no improvement whatsoever. Also in mid Oct I visited this site and started taking a whole bunch of supplements, Vitamin C, E, grapefruit seed extract, zinc etc, for either increase antioxident or balance the copper, which was said being the cause of melasma. Anyhow I still didn't see any improvement until in Novemebr I started a diet that cut out dairy, greatly reduce meat intake, lots of avocado, papaya, lemon, lime, some flexseed etc. One of the key is to reduce the acidity of the body. That seems to take effect pretty fast, I started seeing white patches breaking the dark patches. It goes on for 2 weeks and because I am impatient, I started to use a cream of hydroquinone 4% (tried 2% previously did not work for me), which does NOT require a prescription in Canada, but do in the US. I know the cream doesn't really fall into natural rememdy category, but it does almost totally clear up my patches. The original melasma spots at the corner of my eyes are almost all gone as well. SO whatever it is, it could be just that the IPL injury was healing, or it's the vitamins, or it's the diet, or it's the cream. I am just happy to have clearer skin again. Feel free to ask if you have any questions.

EC: Warning! Hydroquinone is already banned in many countries (the EU, Japan, South Africa and Australia) as studies have shown that it can cause leukemia in rats!