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| Modified on Dec 28, 2023
Posted by RB (Somewhere in Europe) on 12/27/2023 84 posts

As to horseradish, there might be some mistake. I switched from MILD to SPICY (grated horseradish (52%), filtered water, vinegar, rapeseed oil, sugar, salt, citric acid, modified starch, xanthan gum, sodium metabisulfite, and potassium sorbate). I also switched from 15 minutes per day of treatment time to a non-stop 168 hour treatment in a 168 hour period. However, horseradish did not do anything for my melasma.

Posted by Lizeth (Arizona) on 08/04/2023

Hi Jenny, Just got through reading your post and it's as if I was reading my own experience as to how I developed melasma. I developed mine about 3 years ago. It's was during an outdoor outing. I have tried about everything from lotions to potions and even had Profesional intervention (dermatologists) but no results. I have finally just laid back, and kept my skin regime very simply and have just stopped stressing about it. I was hoping you could share what brands of supplements you took since the options out there are countless and not made with quality. It would really help me out tremendously and I would be very grateful. I hope to hear from you soon. Thank you.

Treat for Fungal Infection
Posted by Lizeth (Yuma, Arizona ) on 08/04/2023

Hi there, just read your post regarding the remedy that helped your melasma (applying athletes foot cream) to your feet/foot. How did you make that connection?

Castor Oil
Posted by Dr Howard (CA) on 09/13/2022

For all: Make sure it is cold pressed organic and hexane free. Oil Expert Andreas in Oregon says this is vital. Most oil is processed and rancid! He made a machine that makes oil without heat up to body temp! No grinding seeds destroy DNA.

Treat for Fungal Infection
Posted by Art (California) on 08/17/2022 2146 posts


This post has not been active since February so there is less chance that the poster will answer.

There are multiple antifungal creams available with multiple active antifungal ingredients. I think the active ingredient you are looking for is Clotrimazole as that is the active component in antifungal creams that also inhibits melanogenesis.

Here is a link to typical otc Clotrimazole products :,aps,224&ref=nb_sb_noss_1

Good luck and please let us know how this works for your melasma.


Treat for Fungal Infection
Posted by Sarah (Hawaii) on 08/17/2022

So you put the foot cream on your foot or your actual upper lip? How long did it take for your melasma to go away! I want to try this!

Fish Oil
Posted by Art (California) on 07/31/2022 2146 posts

In early June of 2022, I was having a conversation with a friend who I was already working with to try and resolve hyperpigmentation issues of her skin. Progress was slow and she was asking about different supplements that might be helpful. She mentioned that she was taking fish oil (FO) and it didn't seem to be too helpful, even though she had been taking it for years.

I asked her how many milligrams of FO she was taking. She mentioned that she was taking a 1000 milligrams a day of combined DHA/EPA. I mentioned that that might not be the optimal dose for her based on effective dosages used in studies of FO in humans and suggested she consider upping her dose to study levels of EPA/DHA of 3 to 4 grams per day in order to optimize the benefit to her skin and heart. This would be 3 to 4 times the amount she was already taking. It is the total amount of EPA/DHA in a given FO soft gel that is important, not the total amount of different oils. So even though a FO soft gel may say 1200 mg, the actual EPA/DHA level may only be half that amount. It is important to read the label carefully to know what you are really getting.

Obviously the heart benefit will not be readily apparent other than through testing, but I told her that any additional benefit to her skin should be readily apparent within two months or so. I also reminded her that FO at therapeutic dosing such as she was now taking can absolutely have blood thinning effects and as such she should notify her doctor and have him/her add that information to her medical records for safety. I further told her that the high dose FO, because of its anti inflammatory effects should be additionally beneficial to her anti hyperpigmentation regimen as localized inflammation is a contributing factor to skin hyperpigmentation.

This past week, my friend texted me to update me on how she was doing as it was approaching the 2 month mark at her new increased FO dosing level. She said the following, it appears to be additive to her anti hyperpigmentation regimen as she could see increased fading of dark spots which she said had previously slowed to a crawl and she felt that if the current rate of lightening continued she might be "clear" in 3 months or so. She further said that the increased FO dosing schedule had eliminated "all of her dry skin" issues which she said had been a major problem for her for years. She went on to say that "stretch marks, keratosis and scars" that she has had for years had either faded, significantly diminished or both.

Overall she was very happy and looking forward to continued improvements and she said the improvements are helping her to diligently stick to her current regimen with no slacking. I told her that was good that she is applying her regimen consistently because that is needed in order to obtain the results she is getting and wants.

She told me she would update me later and when she does I will update this thread to update on her progress.

I know this is not of very much importance to many people, but it does offer a significant boost to her self esteem which, imo, is very important in trying to improve your overall quality of life, plus the added health benefit that the therapeutic FO dose is having to her heart is great, especially as we age! It is important to highlight the benefits of FO at useful dosing levels as many studies spotlight a multitude of health effects associated with sufficient intake of EPA/DHA, even for the brain!


Glycolic Acid
Posted by Art (California) on 05/05/2022 2146 posts


In darker skin tones in some people, glycolic acid can sometimes worsen the pigmentation issue because it can create an inflammatory response which can result in post inflammatory hyperpigmentation.


Glycolic Acid
Posted by Nafila (India) on 05/05/2022

Hi all has anyone tried glycolic acid for melasma, please reply

Treat for Fungal Infection
Posted by Ashy (Uk) on 02/02/2022

Hi, thank you for this remedy. I want to try it. Please can you tell me what is the cream's name and what brand it is? Thanks

The Copper Link
Posted by Bebe (Michigan) on 01/10/2021

Your article was a gift to me - meant a lot.

Gave me some insight and understanding about myself and cleared up lots of "unexplained and unsolved mysteries" about my personality.

Thank you so much for the time, energy and detail you expended to create it.

God Bless You.

Treat for Fungal Infection
Posted by Summer (Santa Barbara ) on 08/15/2018

I think the fungal theory might very well be true. My doctor made a big mistake called in the wrong prescription for my plant based hormones, It had a really high dose of estrogen ( high estrogen causes skin darkening and progesterone causes skin lightening) which caused a pH change in my uterus, which caused repeated yeast infections, and then BV. Then I noticed I had facial darkening I looked like I had 5 O'clock shadow! Several visits to several doctors with no answers. I began to look at what could of happen to trigger all of this I called the pharmacy and asked them to tell me what hormones I was on a year earlier and I figured out the mistake pretty fast. I immediately stopped my plant based hormones got a new doctor and I was put back on my original plant based hormones from a year earlier the doctor increased progesterone slightly since it would lighten and brighten my skin my skin began to lighten pretty fast. I also did the stopped staying up late, stopped eating almonds which I ate daily.

I began taking MSM, Vitamin C, glutathione, Niacinamide is B-3, zinc, folic acid, and licorice extract and used a niacinamide based cream on my face which is deadly to fungus! I went on the anti-candida diet and took a natural anti-fungal, used a yeast arrest suppository that had probiotics in it for one month. I think for me it was both hormones and fungal. Happy to say I'm cured of Melasma.

Melasma Creams That Don't Work
Posted by Suzy (New York) on 07/22/2018

Thanks so much for this. I have had melasma for only 4 months and it's destroyed my life.

Posted by Allison (Virginia) on 07/20/2018

Hello, how is your skin doing?

Grapefruit Seed Extract
Posted by Kayla (Pdx) on 06/19/2018

I felt bloated so my doctor changed my hormones and cut back on progesterone, three months later I had five o'clock shadow! I had the doctor add back the Progesterone and all of the five o'clock shadow melasma was gone. Progesterone is a skin lighter! I also did Meladerm Cream while I was waiting for my skin to go back to normal this speeded up the lightening.

As for the people using GSE, this is important the one that is for external use is the ORIGINAL FORMULA GSE is that people used internally. There was some rule that made them change the labeling. The new internal GSE lacks the vital ingredient that the external one has. Do your research before you buy it.

Posted by Anna (Canada ) on 05/29/2018

hi, I would like to know what kind of a licorice powder or oil I have to use and how?

Melasma Creams That Don't Work
Posted by John (Sawtell, Australia) on 10/14/2017 1 posts

hi kerri, this all the same plant just different names

petty surge, milk weed; radium weed, wart weed.

I have used this many times you only need to squeeze a drop or two from the stem of the plant then simply rub it on to the area you want to treat do not use more and do not get it near your eyes, if you put some on in the morning you can you can wash yourself that night without it making any difference to what you have treated. all ways try in a small spot first, as it is possible that too much could burn a little, don't let that bother you, it will take up to a week to start to see the than can use more if need be. its magic no more blemishes no more skin cancer.recently I had black patches on my arms caused by listing to doctors and taking asprin, I started using ozone an found that if I applied ozone to a black patch within about a week I would simply rub the spot and it it gradually dissapear never to return. I have not tried it on cancer spots as yet; as dont have any. (as yet). good luck, john.

Melasma Creams That Don't Work
Posted by Timh (Ky) on 10/12/2017 2063 posts

After briefly reviewing this condition/thread/post, it seems appropriate to consider trying the natural remedy of Black Cumin Seed Oil both topically & internally for this Melasma condition.

BCSO contains the fallowing profile of natural antibiotics:

thymoquinone (TQ) 2-Isopropyl-5-methylbenzo-1,4-quinone, thymohydroquinone (THQ) and thymol. A teaspoon of BCSO plus a spoon of Milled Flax Seed would be major beneficial to clearing bad bugs and debris from both small & large intestines.

Melasma Creams That Don't Work
Posted by Aneta (Colorado) on 10/10/2017

hello Kerri,

Yes, do not use hydroquinone.

my melasma faded to the point where I do not need make up anymore simply by ditching grains, sugar and dairy (3 months).I simply eat meat, veggies and fruits. I use mandelic acid 25% which is made of almonds during winter, and it helps, and 50SPF sunblock.

You need to address your gut and kidney-glucose, heal inflammation.

Good luck!

Melasma Creams That Don't Work
Posted by Kerri (New York) on 10/06/2017

Has anyone found something to fade their melasma as I too have horrible brown patches on my face. I have been using murad Lightning system and I alternate it with his resurgence line. it did help a little. I also have been using glocolic peel I ordered from Walmart. Idk what else to do to get rid of this off my face. It's so embarrassing just looking for anything that will help

Posted by Marianne (Germany) on 09/01/2017

Based on your symptoms, I believe you could have adrenal fatigue.

Posted by Kendal (Tn) on 06/19/2017

What type of MSM do you use? powder or pill and what brand?

Treat for Fungal Infection
Posted by Loll (Madrid) on 06/16/2017

I developed upperlip melasma 3 years ago and it's now fading using athlete's foot cream on my foot!! I had tried everything and I can't believe it's been a simple fungal infection on my lip! My body was storing too much copper which was causing hyper pigmentation! Any bodily infection can cause melasma so you need to find out what it is and cure it. Remember guys melasma is an internal problem showing on the outside and putting these harsh creams on the area only damages the skin.You have to tackle the problem from within to see results.I'm so excited

Eliminating Wheat
Posted by Need Help and Encouragement (Virginia) on 04/12/2017

I have done two rounds of paelo detox, working with a nutritionist on eating ketogentic and taking vitamins that are missing in my body for about 7 weeks now. Haven't noticed any fading on my cheeks. How long will it take and am I on the right track?

Vitamins, Prescription Cream
Posted by Maya (Washington Dc) on 04/01/2017

OMG, I just saw this post. I literally got Melasma after fraxel (laser skin resurfacing) and it ruined my skin. I am so heartbroken becasue the day I went for my fraxel, my niece said your skin looks so beautiful why are you getting fraxel? I am hopeful I will be able treat my damage. I am reading like crazy and coming up with an action plan. I will kick this pigmentation off my face.

Melasma Creams That Don't Work
Posted by Larissa ( Maryland ) on 03/15/2017

Thank you so much for your info! I used hydroquinone too and made my melasma even worse! Now I have horrible dark patches that can't be covered with heavy foundations. 😞 I am devastated, I feel ugly, I don't want to go out of the house, do you think msm may help? Have you tried it topically too?

Again thank you so much!

Posted by Larissa (Maryland ) on 03/15/2017

Hi, I started taking msm capsules on Saturday, how long should I wait to see any kind of result? I am taking capsules of 1000 mg each, thank you so much, right now I feel devastated and without hope 😞 . Do you think msm in cream would also help?

Rosehip Seed Oil, Squalene Oil
Posted by Marina (Syracuse Utah) on 01/25/2017

I have suffered with melasma for almost ten years. I seriously have tried everything. It has made me feel so depressed and frustrated, lately it's even been more depressing because it has appeared above my upper lip.

With my last visit to the determologist with yet another set of medications. That did nothing except burn my skin. I started to research different oils that have helped people. I have to say they've been such a great help. From the rose hip oil to the one I think works the best frankincense and even sandalwood. The have faded my melasma a ton and worked way better than tri Luna. It's worth a try I promise.

Melasma Creams That Don't Work
Posted by Alisa (Reno, Nevada) on 12/20/2016

Do not use fades everything away...puts you on top of the world ....then comes back darker and more...Devastated me into trying msm, vit c, zinc, magnesium, potassium and aloe juice...Hopefully works as I'm at wits end...also going to start grapefruit seed extract...we will see...I have nothing to lose at this point.

Melasma Creams That Don't Work
Posted by Alisa (Reno, Nevada) on 12/12/2016

Hydroquinone and tretoin is only temporary and my mealasma came back worse....beware. Fix your hormones which is major cause.

Posted by Jenny (Nh ) on 12/06/2016

I just wanted to let those of you who are suffering from melasma know that you can fix it!

I have been contracting the dreaded upper lip and blotches on both sides of my cheeks slightly since mid 20's. Last winter I became very ill with the flu AND mono ( usually very healthy ) and felt fatigued ALL THE TIME. After I thought I felt a bit better, I drove cross country. The sun was beaming down on me through the windshield the entire time (which I never thought to wear sunscreen while driving). Anyway, I arrived at my destination and new town for the summer with even darker and uglier patches (probably the sun and clearly my health was a bit shakey). Needless to say I was horrified with my skin! I never want to wear makeup and had to pour it on everyday to hide the ugly brown blothes! I went to an esthetician and she told me I had melasma and that it is incurable (great). She talked me into getting a really expensive chemical peel which made my skin look okay for maybe 2 days until I went on a hike with my dog for even a 1/2 hour. I was getting fed up. I didn't believe the sun could make a symmetrical brown mask on my face and knew it had to be something more as I was still feeling fatigued. I did TONS of research. I started juicing..which sort of helped.. I've been taking MSM, turmeric, vit C, Vit D, apple cider vin toner morning and night, also started using castor oil as a face wash (which makes your skin feel so good and glowy! ). I just started taking probiotics and I can already see my lip completely fading. My energy is sky rocketing also. Clearly I have some autoimmune issues!! I suggest you all start taking probiotics because I think they are working the most of all as they help regulate intestinal function which in turn helps out your entire mind/body!! Sorry for the rant but I know you all understand how tough having this problem is! Do the right thing and buy some probiotics.

Posted by Newbee (Wisconsin) on 11/28/2016

I'm a newbee recently joined this website to battle melasma.. I have also tried cilantro as a green smoothie or juice every day .. I did found some improvement but I haven't tried for long.. hope cilantro helps with melasma.. now I have taking vit c, milk thistle, neem, thriphala.. I did not see much improvement. but when I was on cilantro diet I did see some improvement but I didn't continue long ..

Posted by Nicole (Chantilly, Va) on 10/19/2016

She likely means I did this and I saw a noticeable lightening after putting licorice extract on my dark areas after one night. First time I diluted it w coconut oil but 2nd night I just put it on straight and slept w it. It's sticky though and some got on my pillow case. I exfoliate first well to allow it to penetrate more. I also started taking it internally after a few days as it heals acne, stomach issues, and hormone imbalance including the afternoon slump (cortisol drop). It has really helped with all those areas. I'm so pleased with this unassuming bark.

Vitamins, Prescription Cream
Posted by Kaylee (Wash.) on 08/16/2016

My doctor said, if you have fungus on your skin then you have it in your body. I went on a anti-fungal diet, basically no sugar, no grains, no dairy. All organic, non Gmo food. I take selenium, zinc. niacinamide, the GSE the one that is used for external, and high does of lyposomal vitamin C all of these are anti-fungal .

Another great anti-fungal so is coconut oil if kills the biofilm and kills the fungus. A friend came back third world country with some skin fungus so the doctor told her to use Selsun Blue and leave it on the skin for like an hour a day then rinse it off and I think she did this for few days I can't recall the number of days. Selsun blue is selenium sulfide it kills fungus Selsun blue is very strong smelling I put it in zip lock plastic bag but it works. Be sure to avoid around your eyes.

Vitamins, Prescription Cream
Posted by Janet (In) on 08/14/2016

Boo I went back to read how others dealt with this, as I do not have expeience with it. I found this post. We have used tannic acid for many things. It is effective in many therapies. Janet

Vitamins, Prescription Cream
Posted by Boo (Australia) on 08/14/2016

Hi there, great ideas here for clearing up melasma which I've been battling with for a long time.

Just wanted to clarify, Hydroquinone is not banned in Australia. You can get it over the counter at the chemist/pharmacy or high dosages of it with a prescription.

I'm currently on it myself. I have seen results but then it comes back again. And yes, there are risks associated with it too.

My dermatologist says that UV light is the main culprit, - I've found if I miss putting on sunscreen once (eg. putting it on in the morning on a cloudy Melbourne day then forgetting to put it on in the afternoon) my melasma gets worse. However, there is a question as to whether light in general (eg. from lightglobes) is also a culprit. Which would be pretty frustrating if true! 'Coz wandering around in a balaclava is not something I can really get away with most days.....

As already mentioned here, the dermatologist said that friction is also a cause of it, elsewhere mentioned here. So DO NOT TOUCH YOUR FACE! I touch my face all the time so I'm sure this has contributed.

And when using HQ it makes my skin peel so I'm not even supposed to touch my face to get it off so that's just as unsightly as the melasma. So I'm pretty much still a melasma mess. : (

Thanks for all the advice, I think that HQ is not a long term solution so will give the supplements another go. And that fungal infection cream, as there's a browny grey patch around my mouth and chin that looks horrid and makeup seems to just draw attention to it. Just hard to figure out what works and what doesn't.

Good luck everybody!

MSM, Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Cassandra (Switzerland) on 08/01/2016

Hi Veronique, I was also prescribed Azelaic acid - my dermatologist preferred this to hydroquinone-based creams because he felt these were potentially more damaging in the long term / irritating to the skin, especially in summer. It is a natural substance (naturally present in the skin, and occurs in cereals, among other things). I have only been using the AAcid for two weeks approximately and I can't see any real change pigmentation-wise, although my skin has really improved in texture. I have not found it to be irritating either, so that's a good thing. I suppose I'll be able to say more in a month or so. I have also started MSM, am applying sunscreen and trying to keep inflammation to a minimum as I have found that in my case inflammation + sun = trouble... (so apart from the AA, no peels or strong depigmenting creams / serums until autumn for me). Have you had any results so far?

Rosehip Seed Oil
Posted by Priya (Va) on 07/22/2016

Hi, I wanted to give it a shot. Could you please share the link for this product. Many Thanks

Rosehip Seed Oil
Posted by Mdfabone (Suburbs, Il) on 07/20/2016

I've had melasma around my mouth, around my eyes and across my forehead which was 4 times darker than the rest of my face for more than 10 years. I've tried everything from fade cream which did fade it but it came back within a few weeks, to acv, peroxide, onion juice, potato juice, castor oil the list goes on and on. Nothing truly help until I tried Organic 100% pure Rosehip oil(rosa canina oil).

I 1st tried 100% organic pure rosehip seed oil (rosa rubinginosa oil) which is a light color, used it twice a day for 6 months, it was a nice moisturizer but did nothing for the melasma. So I wanted to try another brand of rosehip oil bc of the review I read from the previous EC post. I decided to try the Organic 100% pure Rosehip oil (rosa canina oil) which is a dark amber color, little bit thicker, richer and better overall quality oil and great moisturizer than the rosa rubinginosa oil. Wow, what a difference. I used it twice a day and within 3 months my skin tone started to even out nicely, I don"t have to cake on the foundation anymore I can go without. The melasma is so light, its not noticeable.

I think that the origin of the oil makes a huge difference. The rosehip oil (rosa canina) source chile, andes mountain vs rosehip seed (rosa rubinginosa) there are others like rosehip oil (rosa mosqueta) etc. But make sure its 100% rosa canina.

The Copper Link
Posted by Bee (New York) on 07/14/2016


Hi.. don't give up hope.. I got rid of melasma on bridge of my nose.. I would soak the apple cidar vinegar in cotton ball and apply .. then I would apply hydrogen peroxide on and off for days and days.. sometimes I taped the cotton ball to my nose soaked in ACV.. well it did take awhile. Maybe a few months but finally the skin started to peel and peel off into new skin.. most of it is gone but now I have a freckle there but the peeled skin came off and now the melisma is gone.

The Copper Link
Posted by Phatjap (Uk) on 07/14/2016

Hi there,

I've recently noticed (last few years) symmetrical patterns of dark patches on my forehead, nose bridge and cheeks and have done much research and quickly came to the conclusion it is melasma. I've now had it confirmed by three dermatologists in the town I live, two unable to help, one gave me meladerm, which has hydroquinone in along with two other products, retin A and something else I forget. Now in my 3rd month (and last as one can only use it for 2-3 months) it has hardly changed and is still noticeable. I was so hopeful it would work.....I'm depressed with it, fed up and terribly self conscious. I sympathise with everyone of you, it's a hard thing to deal with, although superficial and non life threatening, it still takes it toll on this appearance sensitive life we lead. In my case, being a male, it's not due to copper or BC and I hope GFSE will work. It seems tricky to get hold of, in my experience there are alot of knock offs on the internet and one can't be quite sure of the authenticity of any product these days, and pharmacies and health food stores don't seem to carry it in the UK, particularly locally. Still, I'm going to persevere and try it and post back with findings. Chin up all......

Posted by Qi Strong (Daytona Beach, Fl) on 06/13/2016


I am a RN and acupuncturist. It sounds like you have more blood stasis causing blood deficiency ( itching) so the MSM would move blood but I don't think your defcient in sulfur as to why yr seeing some results with the MSM but now you need to tonify blood to see everlasting results

Would luv to see what your tongue looks like and feel your pulse.Good luck

Microdermabrasion Treatments
Posted by Sara (Love Lane) on 06/07/2016

If you don't mind me asking, are you on birth control? So many people with Melasma are on birth control, and I'm wondering if that is why I can't seem to remedy it myself while still on the pill.

Posted by Sanju (Vestal, Ny) on 04/30/2016

Wanted to know if we have to take MSM and licorice orally or apply them topically and how.

Rosehip Seed Oil, Squalene Oil
Posted by Gg (Sacramento, Ca) on 03/24/2016

Hi. Thank you so much for sharing your mix if rosehip seed oil and squalene oil. I feel the need to reply to pay it forward. It did wonders to my melasma in as little as one week. It's been a month and my melasma is much lighter. I'm afraid it has peaked and it has stopped getting lighter. I wonder if you discovered any other oil to include in the mix to continue its effect on erasing the melasma? I got depressed with my spreading dark spots on my face and your mix of rosehip seed oil and squalene really helped me. Thank you so so much!!

Skin Lightening Remedies
Posted by Kim (Newyork) on 03/12/2016

For a quick fix, purchase a can of Airbrushed legs (make sure to get the right shade) and spray on the border of where the normal skin meets the dark. Blend around so you can't see where the dark starts and light skin begins. Works like a charm and won't smudge.

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Jo (Cardiff ) on 02/24/2016

What sort of hydrogen peroxide do I need to use ? Where can I get it and do I need to mix it with anything?

Melasma Creams That Don't Work
Posted by Carolvivi (New York) on 01/25/2016

Hi, I have been suffering from melasma for 2 years now. I had a reallly really really dark patch in the upper lip area. In these two years, I have been trying lots of creams, I have been using hydroquinone 4% for more than a year, except in summer months, I have taken grapefruit seeds, MSM pills and two or three days per week I drink Apple cider vinegar with water and also put a little bit on my face for 5 - 10 minutes and then wash it off. I also use sunscreen every day (physical one). It has been a painful process, I was always afraid of being without makeup. I even stopped going swimmimg because I did not want people looked at me with that. I also have been praying a lot to God for this.

One week ago I finally started noticed that my melasma was fading and for the first time in the last 2 or 3 years I went out on saturday and I did not have to use makeup. I am very happy, I feel like I was born again. That is why I want to share my experience because I know how horrible is to live with melasma. I can't tell what is making my melasma disappear but just try cider vinegar, MSM (2 PILLS OF 1000 X DAY), grapefruit seed pills, and some bleaching cream at night.

And always wear a hat with sps protection in the summer and use physical sunscreen. Also, I went off the pill a year ago because that was caused my melasma. Last but not least, if you believe in God, ask him to help you to deal with this, with him there is always hope that things are going to get better.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Victoria (Manawatu-Wanganui, New Zealand) on 01/18/2016

Hi, I totally hear you. Mine developed a few years ago while on a course of the dreaded accutane for oily acne skin. It destroyed my liver and while on this, these horrid patches of dark skin appeared and have darkened over the years. I have it really bad and it can be depressing as people stare and often say, "Have you been burnt in the sun?" So I am going to also start with the suggestions above and let's do this together. I am also going to try the hydrogen peroxide and onion juice mix topically. All the best. Vic

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Mandy (London) on 10/24/2015

I read about hydrogen peroxide. Actually it blocks blood supply to the area of treatment that's why the area appears to be faded. I don't think it's permanent lightening!!

You should be careful since you can damage deeper skin tissue with this approach.

Better would be use a combination therapy I.e. triluma plus monthly peels. that would eventually work for you, if not in six months then in 2 years. But if you absolutely protect your face from heat and light and don't cause any irritation eventually all pigment will deplete from the dermis and your melasma can disappear. It takes patience. Just because creams have not worked doesn't mean they won't work. If only you keep using and keep protecting, eventually melasma will go.

Posted by Barbara (Kansas) on 10/12/2015

I too have Melasma and am tapering off of an anti-anxiety drug. I had hoped that discontinuing it would improve the skin condition. Can you tell which drug (or class of) that you took?

Thank you.

Posted by Rach (Us) on 09/15/2015

I`m sure you probably know this, but you should avoid as much direct sun exposure as possible as the sun darkens melasma drastically, even with very little time out in it. Sad to say but thats been my experience.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Bee (New York) on 08/19/2015

I had some melasma on my nose for a very long time so for awhile now I have been soaking the ACV or peroxide on cotton and leaving it on as long as I can............well I am so happy to report that the dead skin keeps peeling off and off .. It looks like it really had deep layers of skin to get off. (hard to explain) but the skin is getting lighter and lighter. It actually reminded me of a chemical peel.. Still have a way to go so will continue..

Thank you EC and everyone.........

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Billiefingers (London ) on 08/11/2015

What type of lazer treatment did you use? Thanks

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Katie (New Brunswick) on 07/01/2015

I started using ACV; raw, unpasteurized; with the "mother" in it; I suffered from very black melasma spotting over my lips and forehead; I used a skin bleaching cream; carefully; and was able to lighten it up enough that it wasn't so offensive....I can still see faint patches; it helped a lot; I used a neo strata product; and dabbed it lightly on the spots; I started using ACV recently; internally; although use a straw to protect your tooth enamel (diluted in water) and I drink raspberry smoothies regularly to help; you can use raw organic cocoa to protect and heal sundamage from within; good luck; I hate this stuff; I still haven't gotten rid of it completely.

Silymarin Topical
Posted by Art (California ) on 06/22/2015 2146 posts

Based on the following study I made a silymarin topical for my niece and it has helped her hyperpigmentation issues:

Print this study and show it to your doctor to see if he will approve this cream for you. If yes, you might be able to have the cream made up at a compounding pharmacy.


Copper Connection to Melasma
Posted by Es (Nj) on 05/28/2015

ES (formerly from NJ) posting to update here. It has been 5 years since I originally posted here, I've done nothing for melasma at all for years. It went away a few years ago (I had it for about 5 years). It went away when I stopped worrying about it and loved myself anyway. I'm now 6 months pregnant for the first time (at age 40). (Having a wonderfully easy pregnancy, BTW). Anyway, I go in the sun, I don't use sunscreen and I'm fine. I noticed occasionally a mild darkening of the skin on upper lip but it's very very very mild - NOT like it used to be AT ALL, and that would happen sometimes around my period and then just go away. Now, in my pregnancy, I'm fine. In fact, I just checked in the flourescent light of the bathroom here at work to make sure before I post this. I truly, TRULY believe it is mind over matter and our body's own ability to heal itself. But the more you worry and obsess and look at the spots, the worse they will get because your body can't heal while you are focused on having a problem. So... just my opinion... focus on loving your skin and self anyway. I know, it seems hard. I OBSESSED about this for years. But I finally gave up, figured I simply couldn't do any more to try to fix it, and I dropped it. And one day I realized it had gone away... and it stayed away. I'm healthy, but I certainly don't eat a perfect diet. I don't generally use sunscreen. I don't avoid the sun (I garden and ride a motorcycle all the time). But I don't sunbathe anymore either, but that's because I don't dig the wrinkles and also we just don't do the beach. ANYWAY... I used to search and search for hope online and found so little hope at all. So I'm here to share my story with you all and give you hope. IT CAN GO AWAY BY ITSELF. Also, yes I'm pregnant, and NO I'm not afraid of melasma, even though it's common in pregnant women. My body healed itself already so I'm not going to be afraid, I'll have faith in my body.

Best regards to you all!

Cod Liver Oil
Posted by Ronda (California) on 05/21/2015

How long did you take the cod liver oil before it started fading? And how long before it went completely away?

I used to take green pasture fclo years ago, but not for any specific condition. The melasma started after a bad episode on BC pills, so it is hormonal for me.....above my lip. :( It comes and goes over the past 3 years but never really fully gone.

Cod Liver Oil
Posted by Heather (Nj, Us) on 05/20/2015

If u have melasma pls try Fermented Cod Liver Oil. U order it online. I tried tons of stuff and spend tons of $$$. Hid in the house..but Horrible melasma mustache went away immediately after taking the FCLO and physillium husks capsules.

Posted by Melasmafree (Ohio, Usa) on 02/13/2015

You mention gigawhite. Are you using topical products that contain gigawhite? If so please share what they are. Also are you using natural progesterone creams during certain days of your cycle? Are you using licorice topically or orally? Thanks for the info.

Posted by Remsee (India) on 02/10/2015

I read lots of research papers, reviews and undergone all treatments but no results. I just want to know regarding MSM, vit c and apple cider vinegar usage. Which brands of these to be used to get best and fast results. How to take MSM and vit c and MSM in powder form or capsules? Plz reply if any there now, I can't wait, lost all hopes.

Posted by Melzyinoz (Melbourne, Australia) on 02/10/2015

Hi guys, how are you all going? I had tried alot of topical products including Obagi NU DERM to lighten my very dark melasma/sunspots and acne scarring and received good results only to have my melasma return even twice as bad.

I do not recommend anyone of colour using the Obagi system as it will offer only temporary results and increase melanocyte sensitivity..AVOID hydroquinone like the plague if are seeking long term results and health of your overalll skin as it is not natural to totally avoid the sun, and long term avoidance of the sun is not natural or healthy and is just insane if you even try to avoid the sun for your rest of your life!!!

After many topical creams and potions lol..i then turned towards healthy food-derived alternatives, and found giga-white or 'biowhite' a good option for stabilising my sensitivity to the sun. It did not visibly change my melasma but it did reverse the senstivity my skin had to sunlight, meaning my melasma did not worsen and my skin became a lot stronger. MSM and licorice should show results the very next day, as you commence usage as it will indicate you have either a sulphur deficiency or hormonal imbalance..

I noticed the very next day of treatment with MSM and licorice that my melasma was breaking up..and underneath was my original complexion.. I then added ONION JUICE and a greek yoghurt face mask every second day to normalise the skin and have recieved great results. Adding more natural sulphur into my diet has sped up the process of healing my skin.

It is SO IMPORTANT to address the possible causes of your melasma, they can be a long going internal issue..a dietary problem, hormonal or even food allergy reaction. Hydroquionone is a 'quick-fix' that can actually age skin down the track..and it is only masking your internal issues which are the real cause of your illness.

One more thing..I have added in a wild yam supplement and gone on a bio-identical wild yam derived Progesterone cream..adding reishi and licorice and also spearmint supplements to balance my hormones, and not only have I seen an improvement in my skin but even weight loss.

Definitely try MSM as it has been the only thing that has actually faded and broken up my melasma, and I had very black melasma and the typical 'butterfly' discolourations. If you don't see results early on, or experience side effects..discontinue use as it is highly unlikely you have a sulphur problem.

Eliminating Wheat
Posted by Lynnbenn (Raleigh, Nc) on 11/16/2014

I don't know what brought my Melasma on three years ago. I tried everything, I was so discouraged. I couldn't put anymore energy into it. I had already been eating very healthy for years (organic veg and fruits, grass fed beef, free range chicken....) I just by chance cured my Melasma on accident. I read the book Wheat Belly, stopped eating wheat right away. I also started taking vitamin D3 supplements. Actually it is a combination of Vit D, Calcium and magnesium (Trader Joes brand to be exact). I was dreading summer, because that's when it got the darkest. BTW, I had been using sunscreen for 2 years.

Looking back, I know it didn't help, just getting hot would bring it out! This is the first summer I noticed it Was diminishing. It HAS to be the diet change. I am convinced it was my gut health. If you've read anything on how unhealthy wheat is, you know it blocks nutrition absorption. The minute I stopped the wheat and took vitamins, my skin transformed. It can't be a coincidence. I don't even wear sunscreen under my makeup anymore. My friends and family noticed right away. FYI, I only use coconut oil on my face every night. I don't even wash it off. I rub all over, wipe with a tissue. I also use it to take off my mascara. I don't think the coconut oil cured my melasma though, I think I was missing vitamins and minerals that my skin desperately needed! Just had to share, possibly to help someone else :)

MSM, Vitamin C
Posted by Sadia (Norway) on 10/24/2014

Hello please tell me from where should I buy msm and vitamin c? Any website? Is it msm 1000 mg powder? Or tablets? Can a feed women take this? Waiting for your quick response? :)

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Milla (South Africa) on 08/31/2014

I first started to develop melasma after very short exposure to birth control pills. I had a few patches on my forehead and some on my upper lip (so awful.) But amazingly, I got rid of it 100%. When I went on the contraceptive injection for 6 months shortly before getting married, it started again, and it is now on most of my face, a huge patch in the middle of my forehead, on the sides of my temples, above my eyebrows, on my cheeks and upper lip. Many people comment on it, I hate it. So I'm saving up the money to do what I did before.

This is what cured it the first time: I used a product range made in South Africa called RegimA. These are powerful plant based products with no colourants, perfumes, mica, titanium, animal extracts or mineral oils, and they are not tested on animals. They do contain the lowest possible dose of paraben preservatives though, to protect users from harmful bacteria which love to grow in all that yummy plant-goodness.

I got their AHA peel done at a salon. I think I did it 3 times over the course of 3 weeks. It's not like a chemical peel that literally pulls off a layer of skin, it is quite a gentle, gradual peel that just encourages the dermis to let go of old epidermal cells faster than usual. In addition I used their home care products to repair my skin: a night cream which also contains the AHA acids, the wash which neutralises the night cream in the morning before going out in sunny South Africa (very important), a repairing day cream with natural spf 15, and twice a day I used their vitamin C serum underneath the moisturizers, which lightens pigmentation. I also used their natural sunscreen which has NO titanium or other physical blockers, it contains laminaria algae from the South Sea Islands which helps the coral there to stay alive and colourful even in shallow sunny water. It also has LOADS of skin repairing and protecting plant extracts. Very light, no pore-blocking effect, very effective, non-carcinogenic.

It worked like a charm. My melasma was literally GONE for years. My skin was perfectly clear and smooth.

So now that it's back with a vengeance, after the stupid contraceptive injections (which I have since learned are formulated for dogs, not humans, eek! ) I think I will try it again.

To be honest I am a bit strapped for cash at the moment, so I might first try making my own serums instead. I'm going to try a combination of 3 things: Topical vitamin C serum, Hyaluronic acid serum and MSM serum, and see what happens. If anyone wants to try this with me, here are the recipes.

DIY vitamin C serum:

2 teaspoons of distilled water

1 teaspoon of vegetable glycerin

half a teaspoon of L-ascorbic acid crystals

Shake vigorously and store in a dark glass bottle in the fridge for up to 10 days. Apply morning and night (a little bit of redness or flaking is normal, if this happens, reduce to once daily, or stop for a few days, and moisturise your skin well to prevent any scabbing, those will become dark as well and that is working backwards!) PLEASE DON'T USE ASCORBIC ACID POWDER, MUST BE L-ASCORBIC ACID CRYSTALS.

DIY Hyaluronic acid serum:

100ml of very cold distilled water

1 gram of Hyaluronic acid powder

Put into a dark glass bottle and shake vigorously, put in the fridge for 12 hours (it will be a goopy gel when it is disolved.)

Apply morning and night, or add it to your favorite moisturiser.

DIY MSM lotion:

3 heaped teaspoons of pure MSM crystals

half a cup of pure aloe gel

Mix it up and store in dark glass in the fridge. Apply any time.

NOTE: these serums are best made up in small quantities and kept in the fridge. Throw the unused portion out after 7-10 days and make it up new, especially the vitC serum! If it starts to get a little orange it has oxidised and is useless, toss it out. Store bought serums have a TON of preservatives in them, which is better than putting harmful rotten bacteria-infested products on your face, but the best is making it up fresh in small batches.

About the peeling thing: I absolutely do not recommend chemical peels or glycolic peels. They are synthetic and so strong that they need to be buffered with other chemicals to prevent injury, and they peel A LOT of skin off at once, which often causes more pigmentation. Alpha Hydroxy Acids from fruit, milk or other plants are better, but be very careful with this, NEVER use a product with AHA's while you are in the sun, I can't BELIEVE there are day creams with AHA's in them!!! Only use at night, and they must be NEUTRALISED off in the morning, not just rinsed off with water. Get a good quality product which respects these logical principles.

Also avoid mineral based make-up which contains sulphur dioxide as this causes a whole other kind of pigmentation as well.

I really hope this post helps someone, good luck and please let me know if you try any of these remedies and what happens. I will post again when I have tried this for a little while. And remember, beauty is not a mark in the face, it is a light in the heart. Much love to you all.

MSM, Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Moreinfo (Uk) on 07/08/2014

Do any of you suffer from hormonal imbalances like PCOS? Carrie - would you say you are cured? Can you go in the sun now? Thanks xx

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Ezzly (Dublin) on 06/01/2014

I have melasma on my upper lip from laser hair removal and around my eyes from plucking. At the moment I am trying 2 different things Apple Cider Vinegar and alternating with tumeric paste made from milk and tumeric. After less than a week I can start to see blotches where it's fading. Fingers crossed but it looks like it could work!