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Posted by Shemika (New Brunswick, Nj) on 05/05/2010

I have written before because I found out I had a parasite infection in my head in Aug of 2008. At that time I cut out sugar and by April of 2009 I stopped eating meat as well and became a strict vegetarian out of desperation to get rid of this problem. Some of the remedies I tried caused other problems as well.

I was trying a sea salt remedy which was working quite well until I substituted sea salt with excessive amounts of these over the counter salt pills which I now understand this type of salt just kills your cells causing you to look older. I tried MMS (miracle mineral supplement), which seemed to work but they only grow back and I have heard it is a pool cleaner or something and I don't recommend it any longer. Any use of drugs for the problem also had devastating side effects such as hair loss and worsening of the condition.

Before all this all of my life I was a heavy meat eater and always looked young for my age. I am a type O blood so I don't know if that really means I must eat meat to be healthy but that is what I read. But after coming down with several parasite infections, one from a restaurant and contamination from trying on a wig at a beauty store I come down with this horrible infection so I want to be vegetarian at least until I am fully cured if not for life.

However the worst thing that has come from vegetarianism has been the development of melasma over my lip and cheeks and blotchy skin. A couple years ago prior to becoming a vegetarian I had blotches on my face (not as bad as now or with it over my lip) and from your site and other research I found out it was from a copper overload because I was taking all this excess chlorophyll and green supplements. It all disappeared when I did Teds remedy for Candida where you take the stuff for chelating plus I was doing oil pulling at the time. My face cleared up beautifully but I had no idea it was melasma.

After becoming vegetarian in 4/09 not knowing what to eat or liking vegetables all that much I ate a lot of nuts and green stuff which contributed to skin blotchiness again due to the high copper but still not over my lip. Then, to make matters worse in Oct of 2009 I tried the mini beet program and about 2 weeks into it I noticed for the first time in my life a dark discoloration over the top of my lip which was horrifying and ugly.

After listening to the promoter talk about the mini beet program I heard him say that the beets release estrogen and I later read that the release of excess estrogen is usually what causes the melasma over the top of the lip. I don't blame the mini beet program but feel the vegetarianism had made it easier. So at least I understand it.

I am so devastated and feel very self- conscious and ugly now. I have had some terrible experiences because people have noticed the difference in my looks and can be so cruel and shallow.