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Posted by Reina (New York, Ny, Usa) on 03/11/2010

Yea!!!!, thank you, gracias, merci, Grapefruit seed 125mg capsules x 4 and msm 1000mg x 4 and Vit C 100m x 4 and liver clean herbal capsules x 4 and since i am a true believer in my chinese herbs, i drink one that they sell for pigmentation and put 300mg of chinese pearl powder in my morning green smoothie and today was my first day on the GSE,MSM,VITC,liver clean at about 3 hr intervals and tonite, MY MELASMA ON MY UPPER LIP is outrageously lighter...after i washed off my makeup tonite i started to cry i am so shocked and happy.....this is a huge miracle as I have suffered from this problem for about 3 or 4 years now. I did microdermabrasion, laser, obagi, electrolysis, every medication on the shelves of every store in manhattan and nothing absolutely nothing ever had this lightening effect. it's as if i sat out under the moon instead of the sun.

i also use the derma roller on my skin for about 2 weeks now and it had not had this effect.
after i use the roller i apply castor oil and do a acupressure type massage and then apply msm lotion and then dmso on my face.

i am a raw vegan foodie and drink black coffee in the morning to get angry enuf to practice law in nyc. i am also a big fan of cacao (chocolaholic) not milk chocolate-the real stuff.

i am a long distance runner, am 51 and look 35 and spend loads of time in the sun.

no matter what i did i could not get rid of the dark spots that first started on my lip because of the waxing and then all of the other procedures to get rid of the hairs on my lip which i believe started because of minoxidol and then menopause which started at 49.

my hair started thinning at about 37 and now i have a full head of very long hair but it found its way to my eyebrows (which i like) and my lip which i do not like.

so i am now relegated to using that teeny tiny razor, uggh, very embarassing to admit, and thus the stain....have not used the minoxidol for about two days, since i learned that rubbing my nail beds together for 5 mins a day, stopped the hair loss when i use the flat iron.

whew, i know that is a lot of info but i am so happy i cannot stop writing.

Thank you for existing Earth Clinic. Thanx community of very beautiful givers on this site. If anybody needs anything from me reach me at [email protected].

BTW, i am olive skinned but with the yellow undertone, latina, brown hair and so very humbled and happy. i can't wait to go out, i had been staying home because of shame and thought everyone was looking at my lip.