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Rosehip Seed Oil
Posted by Mdfabone (Suburbs, Il) on 07/20/2016

I've had melasma around my mouth, around my eyes and across my forehead which was 4 times darker than the rest of my face for more than 10 years. I've tried everything from fade cream which did fade it but it came back within a few weeks, to acv, peroxide, onion juice, potato juice, castor oil the list goes on and on. Nothing truly help until I tried Organic 100% pure Rosehip oil(rosa canina oil).

I 1st tried 100% organic pure rosehip seed oil (rosa rubinginosa oil) which is a light color, used it twice a day for 6 months, it was a nice moisturizer but did nothing for the melasma. So I wanted to try another brand of rosehip oil bc of the review I read from the previous EC post. I decided to try the Organic 100% pure Rosehip oil (rosa canina oil) which is a dark amber color, little bit thicker, richer and better overall quality oil and great moisturizer than the rosa rubinginosa oil. Wow, what a difference. I used it twice a day and within 3 months my skin tone started to even out nicely, I don"t have to cake on the foundation anymore I can go without. The melasma is so light, its not noticeable.

I think that the origin of the oil makes a huge difference. The rosehip oil (rosa canina) source chile, andes mountain vs rosehip seed (rosa rubinginosa) there are others like rosehip oil (rosa mosqueta) etc. But make sure its 100% rosa canina.