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Melasma Remedies

Posted by Jenny (Nh ) on 12/06/2016

I just wanted to let those of you who are suffering from melasma know that you can fix it!

I have been contracting the dreaded upper lip and blotches on both sides of my cheeks slightly since mid 20's. Last winter I became very ill with the flu AND mono ( usually very healthy ) and felt fatigued ALL THE TIME. After I thought I felt a bit better, I drove cross country. The sun was beaming down on me through the windshield the entire time (which I never thought to wear sunscreen while driving). Anyway, I arrived at my destination and new town for the summer with even darker and uglier patches (probably the sun and clearly my health was a bit shakey). Needless to say I was horrified with my skin! I never want to wear makeup and had to pour it on everyday to hide the ugly brown blothes! I went to an esthetician and she told me I had melasma and that it is incurable (great). She talked me into getting a really expensive chemical peel which made my skin look okay for maybe 2 days until I went on a hike with my dog for even a 1/2 hour. I was getting fed up. I didn't believe the sun could make a symmetrical brown mask on my face and knew it had to be something more as I was still feeling fatigued. I did TONS of research. I started juicing..which sort of helped.. I've been taking MSM, turmeric, vit C, Vit D, apple cider vin toner morning and night, also started using castor oil as a face wash (which makes your skin feel so good and glowy! ). I just started taking probiotics and I can already see my lip completely fading. My energy is sky rocketing also. Clearly I have some autoimmune issues!! I suggest you all start taking probiotics because I think they are working the most of all as they help regulate intestinal function which in turn helps out your entire mind/body!! Sorry for the rant but I know you all understand how tough having this problem is! Do the right thing and buy some probiotics.