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Posted by Pj (Lfp) on 09/03/2012

First of all, blessings to you all for sharing your pains and solutions. If it wasn't for your generous thoughts, I would not be posting today.

My melasma began about 10 years ago. After reading the many posts on this site, most helpful was by Maria of Dallas in regards to an inside/outside approach. My melasma is 50-60% lighter today. The only diet change I made was to STOP drinking black tea (advised in reducing melasma). I switched to non-caffeniated to help get the grapefruit seed extract down.

Here's the treatment I designed for myself with YOUR help, and today has been exactly one week.

-1 ____ Multi Vitamin

-1000 mg of Vitamin C

-3x per day of 15 drops: Grapefruit Seed Extract (liquid). I use mint or chamomile tea to get this down as it's very bitter and I'm unable to take with water.

-Before shower, on a cotton pad, mix apple cider vinegar (50/50, diluted with water) with liquid grapefruit seed extract and rub on off - DO NOT scrub or you'll burn your face causing extra stress which darkens the skin. Just rub on very generously and let it dry - like a toner of sorts. Your melasma turns darker at first when you apply the apple cider vinegar, and then lightens upon drying. I leave on until I feel a slight stinging feeling, and then immediately rinse off in shower. After shower, I reapply ONLY the apple cider vinegar and let dry. Then I use Castor Mineral Oil an massage into face. Afterwards, apply your daily lotions, make-up (Bare Minerals make-up is great as it includes sunblock in all products: concealer, foundation, veil so you get multi-layer sun protection) etc as usual. I also apply extra sunblock throughout day and use a hat when outdoors.

-Before bed, wash face to remove make-up. I use cleanser. Then apply apple cider vinegar (50/50 diluted with water), again followed by Castor Mineral Oil massaged into my face.

This has been my daily routine for 7 days now, and I've seen 50% improvement.

Ingredients you will need: Grapefruit Seed Extract in liquid form, Multi-vitamin, Vitamin C, Apple Cider Vinegar, Castor Mineral Oil, cotton pads, sunblock, hat,

I really hope this is helpful to someone as you all were extremely helpful to me.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Maz (Melbourne, Australia) on 02/01/2011

Hi... wanted to provide an update on my progress with remedies for melasma.

My current regime is:

Scrub face twice daily (or more if can fit in) with Apple Cider Vinegar... Stinks... Rub in undiluted to the affected areas until cannot bear the stinging anymore... scrub hard.

Taking following vitamins daily:

1 zinc tablet, 1 selenium tablet, 1 vitamin b3 tablet, 4 vit c tablets, 2 pure msm capsules

Castor Oil ..... massage onto face after apple cider vinegar scrub.

Something is happening - some areas have lightened a lot, other areas are lightening but not so quickly.

I have had comments that I look 'fresh'

I'm not sure what is helping whether it is all of the above or one thing in particular.

I am not seeing the 'miraculous' overnight success that other have talked about. This is the most encouraged I have ever been though. I will continue this regime for at least 3 months to see if there is continued improvement.

Good luck to everyone fighting the same problem

Cheers, Maz

Multiple Remedies
Posted by JDW (Beverly Hills, MI) on 05/19/2009

I am 41 years old suffering from Melasma. I turned to the internet to find remedies to help with my problem. I have it on my cheeks and I am writing on this forum to help anyone out, because someone has helped me. Here's what I tried that did NOT work. First I had 4 IPL (Intense Pulse Light) treatments. They did not work and in fact, made the problem worse. I now have lines going down my face where the laser treatment was on my face. As I said, I turned to the internet and I found that many people who suffer from Melasma may have copper overload. Personally I had never heard of this before. I am working on my master's degree in nutritional science, so I always look for the internal/external connection. Here's what I am doing now that IS working. Internally here is what I take daily. Supplements: 3,000 mg of MSM, Priobiotic (whatever brand you choose, look at the dosage, usually 2 capsules). 2000 msg's of Vitamin C with rosehips, Calcium, Zinc, Magnesium (combined supplement)1000mg so far. Iron supplement (just one tablet) and I eat a ton of leafy green vegetables and as many natural foods that I can. I try to avoid processed foods as much as possible.

Here's what I use for the external that really seems to work. Exfoliate with clarisonic brush, use a favorite toner that works with your skin type. You can use Hydroquinone 4%, it works for me, but it makes me nervous, but it does work for me. I also used Meladerm, works well and no HQ. I do this every night, I never go to sleep with my makeup on!

I think the key is getting the proper nutrients inside and exfoliating every single day and it does take time but after months I am truly seeing a significant improvement. Put it this way, I don't want to cry now every time I look in the mirror. The IPL treatments put me over the edge that it made it so much worse. Now I am going to try the Grapefruit Seed extract and see what that will do for me. I know that in my younger years I was on the birth control pill, so I know hormones play a role, but my diet of sugar and junk food in my 20's and beyond has had an effect on my skin, I am sure. Now I am just trying to undo some of my past damage and I know I will get there with patience and time.

I just wanted to write to see if I could help someone else fight this annoying problem.

Good luck and I hope something I've said here helps.