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Posted by Maz (Sydney, Australia) on 01/16/2010
1 out of 5 stars

I've stumbled across this website by chance - thank goodness. I like most of you have been suffering the devestating condition of pigmentation and melasma for over 5 years. It has ruined my self confidence, my social life and my ability to enjoy normal life.

I have tried all the creams, serums, 'beauty' treatments, microdermabrasion, lighteners, brightners, lotions, potions , peels and worst of all Laser and IPL - IPL made everything so much WORSE to the point that now make up doesnt cover it. It just looks like I have big dirty patches on my face.

Since reading all the natural remedies I have stocked up on Vitamin C, MSM, Grape Seed extract, Hydrogen Peroxide and have ordered a product called Meleston off the web.

I pray one or combination of these will give me some result - I will be happy if it just fades somewhat.

Reading about all of you who have been living with this too is such a relief (not that you are suffering but that I am not the only one)

Thank you all for your information and I will keep you posted on my progress


EC: Warning: Read Maz's follow-up post about the Meleston scam here -