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Posted by Wendy8181 (Metairie, La, Usa) on 01/18/2011

Hi, I have been battling with what I thought to be melasma for about 10 years now and with what I thought to be athlete's foot for about 5 years. I have one spot on my foot and one spot on my hand that flares up often, especially with stress or if I eat any sugars or breads at all. It is difficult to always eat a perfect diet. I take probiotics everyday, but it only seems to help it. It never goes away.

And with the melasma, I'm now reading that tinea causes hypopigmentation. Is it possible for me to have both melasma and tinea as I think I have both the hyper and hypo pigmentation on my face. I have been taking about 10,000 m? per day of MSM with about 3,000 vit C for about a month. I think I've seen some fading of my melasma, but my skin is still very blotchy. I don't think I've seen the success most see on that MSM protocol which makes me think the tinea and hypopigmentation is a big problem as well.

How can I truly treat both at the same time and be done with both issues for once and for all. The itchy feet wakes me up in the middle of the night when it's flaring and is so miserable. And the hyper/hypo pigmentation is such a nuisance. Thank you.

Posted by Angelina (Lincoln, NE) on 03/07/2009


I started using MSM about 3 weeks ago because I have had melasma for over and year and was desperate to find a cure. I heard that MSM can help with melasma so I tried it. So far I love the way my skin is soooo soft and my skin looks clearer. (acne is getting better and my melasma is slowly fading) I THINK!!....BUT I monitor my monthly cycle and this month I did not ovulate. So I have been trying to research what could be happening to my cycle. I can't find a whole lot. Please tell me if you know why this could be happening. I am going to continue using it and see if I ovulate next month. Otherwise,,,NO side effects at all....Love it.