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MSM, Vitamin C, Grape Seed, H2O2
Posted by Lynn (Atlanta, Georgia) on 08/11/2011
4 out of 5 stars

I tried a modified form of this since I have a problem with taking vitamins (it has something to do with the coating that they use).

I have Melasma and rosacea (terrbile combination). I was taking Triluma for 3 years and it was starting to become less effective. Then, they stopped making Triluma and I was desperate.

I only take the following:

500mg Vitamin C x 1 per day

1000mg MSM x 1 per day

150mg Grape Seed Extract x 1 per day

wipe my face down 1x a day with hydrogen peroxide

My skin improved about 70%. I had a real problem on my upper lip with the melasma. It is still just faintly dark, but not to the point of embarassing. My girlfriend had to work out of town for two months and we hadn't seen each other during that time and I started using this combination. After she saw me after those two months, she thought my skin looked great. It looks very reguvinated.

It probably would work better if I took more vitamins, but I am happy that I am saving $750 a year on prescription medicine and having to go to doctors. Also, who knows what that medication was doing to my body.

I still make sure I always wear a hat outdoors and wear sunblock.

Thank you so much.

MSM, Vitamin C, Grape Seed, H2O2
Posted by Maz (Sydney, Australia) on 01/18/2010
4 out of 5 stars

Better - msm, vit C, hydrogen peroxide, grape seed

Hi Everyone...a quick update on my treatment of melasma. This is day 3 and i can see some improvement -just enough to get a little excited!For me this is like a miracle after all the diasters of creams and lasers. I know there is some improvement as a lady at work told me today I looked 'glowy' today. No one has said that to me in years!

This is the regime I have followed for 3 days:

3000mg of pure MSM - bought at pharmacy
3000mg of vitamin c
2x 100g of GRAPE seed (capsule form) bought at pharmacy
Dab hydrogen peroxide on to affected areas - evening only
Apply Glycolic exfoliator - leave on for as long as can stand as burns like crazy after the HP

(The glycolic exfoliator is from Skin Doctors and is called Rapid Peel - I tried it before on its own and it didnt work)

By no means has my skin cleared up but I am going to keep going with this system and see how I look in a week.

A bonus has been I am full of energy from all the supplements!

Thank you and good luck to everyone with their treatments

Maz :)