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Posted by Sandy (Bangalore, India ) on 04/09/2008
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Reply to Lisa.

04/08/2008: Lisa from Santa Fe, New Mexico writes: "I've read all your suggestions and thoughts about melasma. I must admit, this is the most feedback I've seen thus far! I too suffer from this disgusting patchy face look. I have it on my cheeks, forehead and upperlip just like most of you. I've tried creams, OTC and prescription, the only thing that faded was my money! I've tried Apple cider vinegar and currently trying a cream with "tepezcohuite" a mexican remedy. So far its been 3 days and I know I must give it some time, I wanted to wake up and see instant results but thats dreaming. I plan to give it 4-6 months of fair trying. I'll keep you posted on how its working for me. if all else fails, I'm interested in the hydrogen peroxide remedy. Has anybody heard about laser tx? I'm getting desperate that I'm thinking about that route. I'm at my wits end with melasma. I feel people are concentrating on my melasma rather than me"

My aunt had melasma. She started doing Kapalbhati pranayam and the melasma reduced within a few weeks and went away completely in a couple of months. In India, yoga master Ramdev Baba's style of doing kapalbhati Pranayam is the most popular. Here is the link to see how it is done: Bhati Pranayam

If you do it, do write back in a month to let us all know if your melasma has faded. Good wishes! (I do kapalbhati everyday for other health benefits and like Ramdev Baba says, it seems to cure all problems.)