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Grapefruit Seed Extract
Posted by Promise (New Zealand ) on 07/04/2012
5 out of 5 stars

Hello... I used Grape Fruit Seed Extract in pill and liquid form to rid me of melasma. I am now melasma free and no longer need all my GFSE pills. I have bottles of them and will give them to any genuine melasma sufferers in NZ or Australia if they are happy to pay the postage (if it is NZ it should only be about $10 maximum for all the pills - anywhere in the country I have about 10 bottles of pills). They worked for me and I don't mind sharing. I know how horrible this condition in. If you want them please reply to this thread with your email address and I will contact you. I think the bottles are bout $40 NZ each to buy.

Grapefruit Seed Extract
Posted by Gigi (Brampton, Ontario) on 10/16/2009
5 out of 5 stars

Like most of you, I have also tried every single treatment known to humankind, from IPL to melanage peel (three times to be exact). Initially the melasma would lighten for about a month, then return with a vengence! I spend about $10,000.00 in treatments to help get rid of this problem. Sometimes I would sit in my room and cry for hours as this problem was the central focus on my life, I was truly a mess! I then started searching the net for "natural" solutions, and came across the posts from Marea from Dallas...what an angel this woman is! To share her experience, and solution...I pass on many blessings to her everytime I look into the mirror!

I am also olive skinned, and have used all the lotions, and potions under the sun, and the only thing that worked for me is GRAPEFRUIT SEED EXTRACT, not GRAPESEED EXTRACT. I used (and am still using) the liquid, 20 drops from 3-5 times a day, in a glass of water, and don't eat anything for about an hour. At a separate time I take acidopilis, which is "good" bacteria. I also take MSM caps (1000mg) with VITAMIN C (1000mg), 3 times a day (I take these together with meals). Also before bed I take a herbal liver cleanse liquid (which I purchased at Health food store), one large tablespoon. Actually, all these products can be purchased at the local health food store. I am not sure if I can mention that Nutribiotic was the brand for the GRAPEFRUIT SEED EXTRACT. My melasma broke up initially after about 10 days of everyday use, and it has been about 3 plus weeks, and my melasma has almost disappeared. I do use sunsreen everyday, SPF 30, as over this amount is only a marketing ploy,and is not anymore effective, just costs more $$$$. I also use NIVEA cream as it has Magnesium sulfate in the mixture, during the day. At night I use Retin A 0.05% cream, as it turns over the cells at a faster rate. I know Marea did not apply any type of topical, and found that worked for her the best. Everyone's skin is different, but this is the regime which worked for me.

Also on another note, HQ over long term use makes the complexion ashy, and some users have found that the melasma returns worse after you discontinue use. Also, more hair growth on area where used was observed. I was a user of HQ for years, and it did not work wonders, only got darker after use discontinued. Has been banned in countries such as Japan, and Europe, found to be a carcinogenic. FDA wanted to ban it in U.S.A. but pressure from MD's and Derms who make a whole lot of business from seeing patients who demand HQ. To everyone reading this post, please do not use HQ!

I hope this helps you! Let me know.
Warm Regards,

Grapefruit Seed Extract
Posted by Raquel (San Francisco, Ca) on 05/01/2009
5 out of 5 stars

I tried the Grapefruit Seed Extract, to clear my Melasma, 12-15 drops in water three times a day.. It worked, IT WORKED!!!!!! I'm so happy! Thank you Marea from Dallas.. I've spent thousands of dollars on getting rid of it over the last four years. I tried laser removal, Obagi skin system from a dermatologists office, and every expensive treatment you can buy over the counter.. I still can't believe it when I look in the mirror. It's been a month and there is still some but it's no longer noticeable like it was before. I feel so much better and I don't look like I'm a female walking around with a mustache over my lip anymore.. Thank You, Thank You!!!! - R

Grapefruit Seed Extract
Posted by Misha (Karachi, Pakistan) on 02/20/2009
5 out of 5 stars

Grapefruit Seed Extract
This is for:
Marea from Dallas, Texas

Marea, I have had melasma since I was 14. At 29 it has grown to a disturbing extent. I have tried every medical and herbal/alternative doctor I could find and used every remedy anyone and everyone has advised. (The funniest was when a woman once came up to me at an airport and said to use the inside of a mango seed)

All I have ever noticed is slight lightening of the marks and eventually (due to stress, sun, etc etc) they darken again and grow larger and thicker.

The last medical doctor I saw told me they can ONLY lighten and I have to live with th fungus family and they will get worse if/when I have children,so I should be prepared (life just gets better!). The last herbal doctor I went to told me to be patient. I spent 2 years on her medicine and saw a little peeling after a few months and eventually it all returned...

And then around the end of 2008, I read your thread...
Marea, YOUR GSE remedy is the first time I have SEEN results.

Bless You Marea, I cannot thank you enough. I ordered Grapefruit Seed Extract from America and started with a few drops and as you said, it did play havoc on my stomach. So I was on and off it trying to control the nausea and bloating, and simulaneously I did see breaking up and peeling within the first week. When I increased it to 15 drops in 5oz of water Three times a day, the results have been phenomenal! My back now has huge clear spots where the fungus family had been squatting for years! In other areas I can see dramatic breaking up and watch with amazement every morning as the clear spots get bigger and bigger. (it is on 70% of my back and 30% of my front and sides of my face and scalp..eyuu)

I do get bloated and feel nausea (I wont even get into the ITCHING stories). I have had sleep issues as well. I am thinking it must be the need for an internal cleanse as you had stated. I started taking acidophillus tablets alongside the GSE (but at a separate time of day from the GSE) I now started taking physillum husk in a glass of water (internal cleanse attempt). I could not find bentonite (for a colon cleanse) yet so I have ordered that from America.

After starting the fibre, I felt more nauseous, but the next day my sleep had improved, skin is generally looking fresher (even my under eye bags). Yesterday I felt a strange euphoria. From what I have read, I believe the dead bacteria that was left in my system must have been removed or reduced by the fibre leading to these positive effects.

Do you think you can give some more guidance on the internal cleanse and diet you followed? What kind of acidophillus and how many tablets daily? Can you be more specific on the type of internal cleanse you did and what diet you followed?

Marea, I honestly send you so many blessings everytime I see progress. And whoever founded this forum, thank you!

Clear skin by my 30th birthday..., everytime I think about it feels surreal.
(I must sound like a commercial:))

This is the only place where I found a sincere remedy. Many many thanks :)

Grapefruit Seed Extract
Posted by Mychelle (Irvine, CA) on 07/07/2008
5 out of 5 stars

I've been trying a few of the suggestions and I've noticed a huge improvement using the Grapefruit Seed Extract drops (15 drops in juice and water -because it tastes awful- 5x daily) for about three weeks now. My spots haven't lightened but they've broken up and there are far fewer. I have had melasma on my forehead, cheeks, and a bit in other places and this is the first time I've seen real, I'm-not-imagining-it results. I'm also taking MSM 1000mg 3x a day and Vitamin C. Before this I had tried Cosmelan, IPL, everything! Thanks so much for the great advice, I'm looking forward to when it is completely gone, finally! :)

Grapefruit Seed Extract
Posted by Joy (Columbia, SC) on 07/01/2008
5 out of 5 stars

Hello Everyone - I have decided to give the Grapefruit Seed Extract/GSE a try also, and have been doing so for 3 days now. It is really too early for me to report on how I think it is doing, but I feel like it is working.

I have been out in the sun, and wear hats/sunscreen and it has not gotten any darker. Last summer mine would get darker no matter how much sun protection I used, I was pregnant then. I have had it for going on 5 years now, prior to my pregnancies.

I wanted to write in about the GSE liquid. The lady at the health food store suggested some Empty Gelatin Capsule's and they are the ticket. The GSE is bitter, and does not taste good at all, so the capsules really make the whole experience much better. I am still taking the MSM -2,000mg once a day, and 2 -Cranberry pills 475 mg twice a day pills instead of Vitamin C. And the GSE 20 drops 3 times a day, and plan to increase as everyone recommends.

I will report back on my results in a week or so, but wanted to let everyone know about the Gelatin Capsule's. Keep posting this wonderful information! I want to thank everyone! It has helped so many people including me.

Mine is so much better than before, not gone, but much, much less noticeable and ALMOST gone!

Grapefruit Seed Extract
Posted by Marea (Dallas, Texas) on 06/19/2008
5 out of 5 stars

To Laura from Wichita: Laura, I was using 15-20 drops of liquid GSE extract (the natural citricidal kind) five times a day on an empty stomach (10 drops =100mg for a total of 750mg-1,000mg daily). I started with 20 drops three times a day, for a few days, increased to 20 drops five times a day for a few weeks, then tapered off to 15 drops five times a day. I prefer the liquid GSE because, in my opinion, it is more easily absorbed and perhaps faster acting. If taken on an empty stomach, you do have to increase gradually because otherwise you might experience some mild stomach acidity. I don't know if you will get the same results with tablets or capsules. Just try it and if it doesn't work then switch to liquid and see if it works better for you. Do be aware, though, that the liquid extract tastes very bitter. If you do an internet search on the benefits of GSE you will see that it states it does not affect beneficial intestinal flora; however, I took probiotics at separate times, just as a precautionary measure. I have never tried the MSM. Joyce from Joelton and Ted highly recommend it, and they are both very knowledgeable, so I am sure that would help, too. I wish you the best at resolving your skin condition. I hope it works for you as well as it did for me.

Grapefruit Seed Extract
Posted by Marea (Dallas, Texas) on 05/16/2008
5 out of 5 stars

I share your sentiments about melasma. I, too, was afflicted with this condition, but nothing you do externally will be of great help or even permanent, unless you also address your internal terrain. I started using an herbal liver cleanse, and it took four months before I started noticing improvements. My melasma was reduced by half by the end of six months. However, when I started taking Grapefruit Seed Extract (the natural citricidal kind) for an unrelated condition, to my amazement, the melasma started dissapering at a faster rate than with the herbal treatment. It took only about four weeks to almost completely dissapear. I believe liver spots, melasma, age spots, whatever they are called are mostly related to an internal fungal condition, which the GSE greatly treated and that is why it acted so much faster. I was taking it five times a day on an empty stomach.